Saturday, June 21, 2014

NOBODY Should Care About The Football World Cup

'World Cup 2014 Brazil' is already going strong. People are betting and obsessing over the end results. The beer is cold and the cheerleaders don't wear panties. It's all good. Let's kill the other team....Yeah....

{insert ill constructed football chant of choice}

What if I dare to tell you that you've been doing it all wrong? Will you get really mad? Whether you get mad or not it's still true. The World Cup sucks and you should not be caring much about it.

So, why does the World Cup suck so bad and why am I such a hater?

It seems that these days anybody who has an opinion is labeled as a hater. Nice. We love that. However, there is a difference between a hater and just a mean person. A true hater is someone who hates the system and cannot find peace while the world is so fucked up. A mean person on the other hand is someone who just hates everything because he/she failed to find a way to install his lazy butt in a secure position with lots of cash and sexual opportunities coming from nowhere.

In other words: a real hater is more of an idealist rather than a jealous person.

The World Cup sucks because it shows how stupid the monkey copies have become. We lose tons and tons of money, energy and human potential on a stupid event which does not create real wealth. Sure, you can watch and test your mind a little bit, but there is no substance behind it and there is no way of justifying the fact that while those footballers are receiving millions, there are people suffering for somebody else's happiness.

Did you know that 'England's £90 World Cup shirt  is made by Nike's Indonesian workers earning just 30p an hour' ? So, once you know that could you explain to me what's so pure about that World Cup circus? Maybe the fact that whole countries have to be robbed and exploited so that some lazy ass 'slave-holder' can watch 90 minutes of people running after a ball? Don't you think that those who produce the real wealth of the world should be the ones receiving most of the money? Once again, what's their to celebrate? The fact that some brain dead monkey was hit by a ball which just happened to pass between two wooden pillars afterwards? Yeah, go hug daddy and mommy and tell them what a man you are.

The reactions of the players after a goal are priceless. We should not blame them, however, they just don't know any better. They scream around like they've saved a life, like they've accomplished something when the only thing that happened is that they've been used as everybody else to satisfy the mean and twisted system.

Fuck da system.

How much does a soccer player make a month? Most of the popular players get paid monthly salaries that could not be matched by ENTIRE COUNTRIES for the same period of time. Does this makes any sense to you? Is it just me who finds this borderline beyond retarded?

'Bread and circuses'

Of course, the whole point of this meaningless and soulless team masturbation around a ball is to distract people and take them even further away from the reality of life. You have to remember my friends that the devil appears as an Angel, not as an evil Redman holding a fork and ready to stick it deep inside your flash. No! The devil is brilliant. You cannot get to this part of the championship by being stupid.

You see something that is supposed to be beautiful and you are deceived by the fake light. You just can't see clearly. That's how the whole thing operates. They show you the goods and you say 'yes' - without ever reading the contract.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Money Is Meant To Be A Distraction

Money is a very useful tool for elite control over people. It's the biggest 'exploit' in the history of the homo sapiens. People spend their whole lives trying to make a living and never focus on anything else. Some succeed, most don't. Whatever the case the essential goal has been achieved - we've been distracted.

According to people more educated than me money means 'one eye' (mono - eye ). There are different ways to interpret that idea. One of the more popular beliefs is that the elite is mocking us because they've blocked our real third eye (crazy isn't it) and replaced it with the need to make money. That way instead of seeing the world clearly, we are only thinking about money. The other belief is that money causes tunnel vision (one eye) and that's all we think about. Whatever the case the end result is the same.

The scam is so deep, it's unreal. All people on the planet Earth are slaves to that system. We are slaves to them monetary system which allows the elite to control the behavior of pretty much everybody. Everything that we do is linked to making money and what isn't becomes, sooner or later.

We have been brainwashed to the point where we don't have a cause to fight for anymore. We are not humans anymore. We are money chasers. If you give people enough money not to work, they don't know what to do with their time. Most will deny but this is actually the case. You may fuck around and overeat for a few weeks. Go on a nice vacation but than what? You stay on your bottom all day? Most will actually do exactly that because outside of the money pursuit people haven't develop any real goals and ideology.

Another magical quality associated with money is its color - green. Yes, I know the money in your country isn't green but you know what I am talking about - the money you see in most movies is green after all. That color was not chosen just like that. Green is the color in the middle of the spectrum and is considered the most relaxing color there is. The idea is once again that money is supposed to make you relax. Let go. If you have 'green', it becomes easier to stay calm.

Note: In English the word money is singular. In many other languages it's plural. It actually makes more sense for it to be plural. Why do you think in English they've kept it in singular form?

So, what do we do?

Honestly, I don't know. Money by itself isn't bad. The problem is how it's used against humanity. It's just paper meant to facilitate exchange processes. It's an artificial idea like our names. We don't have names. The fact that we call each other is a human made game meant to make our lives easier. It's more convenient to have a name. However, by definition nobody has a name in the real world. We are nameless scrubs. The same stays through for money. It's just paper that is supposed to make our existence more organized. It's not, however, supposed to enslave the entire world.

P.S. Fuck banks.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Truth About War

You like war, don't you?

You like your American special forces that go out there and take countries you've never heard of to the ground. After all, they are the bat guys....

You like Hollywood propaganda and war drama movies, don't you? Such love...

Well, you may or may not - but many do. A good example would be Marc Lobliner who is a bodybuilder. In the video below he states how much he loves the U.S. army.

In the video he basically states how much he respects the army and its heroism. It all seems nice and sweet but as always reality is much different.

I personally have zero respect for any kind of military actions that can be avoided. There's absolutely no heroism nor honor in attacking a country when such action can be prevented. The only thing that's accomplished this way is the suffering of millions of people.

Some are going to be killed during the war and others will starve because instead of using the money and natural resources for building homes and food production centers, all the force is used for the creation of weapons for mass destruction.

Do you know how the satanists call the military? They call them 'OUR DOGS' or 'OUR PETS'. Why? Because they are used as such. They are manipulated through propaganda and poorly understood ideas of honor and service to the country.
Here's a quote from the American diplomat Henry Kissinger: 
“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
This is exactly how your rulers see the army. The ironic thing is that the soldiers actually have labels similar to what people put on their dogs. The necklaces you see on many soldiers are referred to as dog tags. I wonder why...

The only time when military actions are justified to some point is when you are attacked and you are fighting for your independence. Unfortunately, the big dogs only attack poor countries which barely have enough to produce anything, let alone weapons.

Rich men love war

Rich men love wars. They usually sponsor both sides of the events. Yes, you heard me correctly. Rich men sponsor both sides of the war and profit from stock market shares, captive contracts and general destabilization of the world economy and values. The ordinary man is used only as meat and regardless of how many medals you have - a soldier is primarily a killer. Badges and medals mean something in the human world but the human world does not mean very much by the looks of it.

Marc Lobliner is super wrong about what he said in the video. First, he states that when you are in the special forces you are VERY SMART and 'an elite level motherfucker and a killing machine'. Later during the video he contradicts himself.

He first states that soldiers are smart and later on says that the troops are not guilty of the brutalities that happen in the senseless wars started by the corporation United States of America. If those guys are so smart, why do they allow themselves to be controlled like 'PETS' by politicians and military generals. Why? Well, you must be a pretty stupid motherfucker to do that.

I don't advise young men and women to lose their youth, skills and potentially life by joining the military. It's pointless. If you want to help your country, become a doctor, a firefighter and a peace officer but not a mad man with a permission to kill which are many among the army men, albeit not all of them.

Of course, guys like Marc Lobliner are going to support the army. After all, he has a very good life for himself. Getting paid to put needles in his rear, driving nice cars, living in a nice house. The system works well for him.

Marck Lobliner, please tell me how you would feel if hundreds of 'elite motherfucker and killing machines' were patrolling in front of your 'desperate housewives' style house and playing with your woman? This is what the guys you like do.

They are not fighting for freedom.

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”― George Carlin

Note: This is not directed only at Marc Lobliner, but at all brain limited 2D creatures born in favorable conditions who support his point of view.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

What is the point of getting married when you don't even exist?

So, you want to get married don't you? A prince or a princess....yeah right.

What does it mean to get married?

In the human world getting married means: spending a lot of money on a ceremony and signing a contract. Of course, there is also the added 'benefit' of 'entering an union with the love of your life' but that's not as important right now.

Question is, how do you get married when you don't even exist?

You are a fake person and you don't even exist. Why? Because the fact that a piece of paper says something does not mean much in the real world. Do you really think THE CREATOR can remember so many names? It seems much more practical to label humans as sheep and call it a day.

The fact that a document says that you are united with someone else holds value only in the world of business. Beyond that - it's meaningless. That makes the act of getting married meaningless also regardless of how much you love your partner.

Most people get married for practical reasons. They want to feel secure that their social debt has been paid and their child won't be a 'bastard'.

But my wedding day was the happiest day of my life...

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. The way I see it you either love someone in the REAL WORLD or you don't.

A piece of paper, a diamond ring stolen from Africa or whatever mean truly nothing. It's humans who need paper work, nature doesn't.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Human Made World - Success Is Not Always What It Seems

There are two worlds that we know of - the human world and the real world. The human world is a world made by humans. Humans have set the rules, the working mechanisms, the laws and the outcome. An example would a kid that receives A for great work at school. It seems nice and cute but what really happens is this: the kid receives an approval that means something only in the human world and nothing in the real world. Nature does not care about your grades. You employer may care, but the real life is way beyond that.

To give you a further perspective I will use the popular company example. What is a company? A company is a business venture which trades money for work. The so-called employees sign contracts which are in fact trading agreements. We trade time and effort for money which we later trade for food and other commodities. A company is company because some kind of a document says so. Outside of the human world there's no such thing as a company. It's part of the legal human world but it's in fact an illusion. Just like the law.

An athlete who has successfully won a medal may be considered a hero in the human world but in the real world his success means nothing. If a bodybuilder wins Mr. Olympia, it does not mean that the person has succeeded in the real world. The only thing it means is that the person has successfully covered the requirements in the fake human world to receive a medal.

People who realize all of that may feel depressed. That's why we want to remain stupid because when you know things you feel sad. Being stupid equals being a kid and kids can be manipulated easily because they are stupid. Retarded cartoons made by perverts seem to be doing that job since the beginning of time.

That's why people who are outsiders always seem to be more interesting. They don't care so much about the human world which is important to us, but we tend to forget about the other world which is without a doubt way more valuable.

It seems that people are constantly chasing rewards coming solely from the human world. That keeps us in a lower state of mind and unfortunately that makes us easily controlled also. When you don't see the big picture you are a slave to the 'averagism'  around you. The only reward we get from behaving like everybody else is that we become just like everybody else.

Some rich and famous people do in fact realize this and either kill themselves or go crazy. Normal people usually ask themselves why would a loaded with money celebrity commit a suicide and the answer is: because of stupidy and lameness or because of failure to fulfill the need for success in the real world with things from the human world.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why CEOs Are Psycopaths..f**k Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the rest....

You can't be a popular CEO unless you are a serious psychopath willing to have sex with aliens, gorillas, dinosaurs and all kinds of things in order to reach the highest realms of success. It just doesn't happen.

Why? Because while climbing the latter of success you are forced to witness a million of injustices, turn your back, close your eyes and pretend like nothing happened. You have to be senseless and ruthless.

If you are not willing to be such a person, there are plenty of humanoids that will be happy to take your place and eat your heart out.

In order for a person to become very rich (millions, billions, trillions) a lot of people have to make a sacrifice.

The money of every single CEO out there is made on the back of poor people from the so-called developing countries. Do you really think Steve Jobs was unaware that people were working 36 hours shifts and being paid 1 dollar day to produce the magic piece of crap called iPhoooony? He was well aware of that fact and didn't care. If he cared, he would have revolted and left his job. He didn't do any of that and stayed until the end while getting his balls sucked by brain dead Apple zombies. That's the exact behavior one has to have in order to make it as a CEO.

The same holds true for all the rich businessmen you see on TV.

It usually starts with the same old story - they started from nothing and became the richest men in the world. Nice, but this never happens and never will.

Every major company has been started by well selected and controlled people with others backing them up. They just want you to believe that their success was accomplished ghetto style.

The next time you read someone's net worth on the Internet and it's in the millions you should know that it was made through stealing - direct or indirect.

What is direct stealing?

Direct stealing is consciously taking something that does not belong to you. When someone is exploiting poor people and selling their work for more without sharing the profit, he/she is a direct stealer.

What is indirect stealing?

Indirect stealing is usually done by people who are too stupid to realize they are stealing from other people. A good example would be the spoiled sport celebrities who are paid millions in order to hit or scratch a ball. They consider themselves successful but they are in fact robbing people without even realizing it.

The fact that someone pays you a lot of money does not mean that you deserve any of it. An example would be Tiger Woods who gets paid millions to hit a ball. He receives the money from his sponsors while the working bees in the factories live in houses without water and electricity. This is indirect stealing.

So...can't you be a good CEO?

You can be a good CEO but it will be very hard to survive living in the satanic environment. You see, those who realize all of this usually either get killed or quit after failing. It's a spiritual battle that's hard to win when the whole world including the blind zombies are against you.

Everything's controlled by the bad people. It's like a bite by a vicious dog - you just can't get out of it without sacrificing a lot. That's why most people don't even bother or simply join the evil forces.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Peculiar Human Connection At The Work Place

The relationship between colleagues is a weird one. You spend more time with them than anybody else and yet they know the least about you and vice versa. It's because of that fake front most people are forced to put on at work. You can't speak your mind and if you were to do so, you are either going to be fired or fired. You are supposed to go to work, do your little thing, keep your mouth shut and smile. That's it. It's simple. What don't you understand? You are also supposed to make it look like you love it. Like it's a dream come true even though your boss makes more money on your back than there are monkeys in the jungle.

Why did that happen?

Separation between people is what makes large groups weak and controllable. By dividing people you can control more of them. When they act against in group you have no choice but to submit. However, when you make them fight each other while you are controlling every one of them - you win.

Everybody's promised to be something. The modern media has convinced us that we are all going to be movie stars, sports celebrities, singers and all kinds of other "Cosmo" like professions which are supposed to be admired. What's up with all those singers these day? Every second reality show and TV format seems to be occupied by singers trying to 'make it in the industry'. What's so special about singing? Isn't that discrimination against deaf people?

I am no saying you can't be a star. You could very well be. Who am I to know that? What do I know, however, is that there's something wrong with the world. I think we are losing the spiritual front. It's all about me and me...

Back to work.

You can't connect with many people at the work place. There's more chance to connect with aliens from Mars than with the zombies fighting for promotions and bonuses. They are going to stab your back if you are honest and tell the truth. Nobody likes the truth, not even me. Especially me. Luckily, the truth doesn't care. It's there like a mountain. You can't break it...unless you are an earthquake but if you are one it really sucks for you.

Back to work.

What happens if you do da thing they call "falling in love'' at the work place? What do you do? The wise thing would be to undo it. There's no point in it. Forget about your favorite movies produced by satanic zombies. Love story is just a that - a story. Ask your mom if you don't believe me. Don't fool at the work place because the predators may catch you and when they do you are going to be fired. An additional bonus will be that the other person will tell everything there's to know about you and everytime there's a measure talk you may be confused (stupid joke is stupid)

Back to work.

What happens if you are exploited and you revolt? The other zombies will most likely not support you because you are putting them at risk and they don't like being put at risk. Why are you trying to sabotage everything and take their bread? Can't you just shut your mouth and do your work? Who are you to have rights? Who are you to be treated like a human being? THE NEXT iPHone has to be made! Don't you get it?

....this is getting too long....I have to go BACK TO WORK...

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Presenting - More Info On Training

For the last 8 weeks I've been posting less posts than usual and partially it's because I've been writing a new web-site that is dedicated specifically to training and nothing more. Many people find and spam every single post with off topic training questions. I don't mind that much because any comment is better than no comment. However, I decided to make a new site that will deal specifically with training. It's sort of ready and is called:

It will contain a lot of posts on steroids - who uses and who doesn't as well as training - how to do the exercises and other basic stuff. 

Don't worry, continues strong but I will still write mainly about philosophy related subjects. Here are some of the articles from that may be somewhat interesting to the average visitor of

# There will be a much longer collection of squat articles that will explain everything you need to know as a beginner.

# I wrote that after receiving an e-mail request. Hope it's helpful.

#A lot of people ask whether you can build muscle with bodyweight exercises.

#A lot of people ask how big can you get naturally. 

#This deals specifically with Layne Norton. It contains an in depth explanation of why he is not natural.

#Same thing with Jim Cordova.

Thanks for the support. I hope I've helped you a little.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Domino Effect - More About Predetermination

Predetermination is based on the Domino Effect which represents the connection between everything and everyone. When one domino piece falls, it affects the next one which hits the next one...etc. One thing leads to another and each situation we are in is the middle place where thousands of other end results meet. 

{why are you reading this post?}

maybe because you wanted to know information about fake natural bodybuilders...

{why do you want to know information about fake natural bodybuilder?}

maybe because as a child you were always the weak one and you want to "fix" some inner weakness...

{and why were you a weak child?}

maybe because you were from a poor family and your parents did not have money to buy enough food?

{and why were your parents poor?}

maybe because......

Let's start at the beginning...

When you are born you are though that "the whole world is in front of you". On theory you can accomplish anything at that age, but this is not the case at all. Who you are has been predetermined long before you were born. You character is not something you choose - the same way your height is not something you choose. If that was the case, everybody would have chosen to own the "coolest character". Your character is affected deeply by factors you don't control. You country, family, neighborhood and the historical period you were born in form your character. 

If you are born in a poor African country, the chances of becoming a famous golf player like Tiger Woods, whose father started him training at a very young age, are pretty slim to non-existent. Chances are you won't even know what golf is, if that was the case. Is Tiger Woods any special compared to anybody else? No. He was just in the right place, in the right time and had the opportunity to get to where he is. Did he work for it? Yes, he did, but he did so because he had the chance to. He was in a favorable environment which facilitated his development as an icon in the MATRIX we live in. He is paid millions of dollars each month to represent NIKE and hit a stupid ball. On the other hand there are thousands of people who work also for NIKE and get paid 1 dollar a day. What did they do wrong in this life? You can try to downplay the role of the environment as much as you want - you will fail. 

When people argue with me about predetermination they tend of oversimplify the matter. Their idea is that if everything is predetermined, there's no need to do anything. That's not the case. The true predetermination is an intelligently created and disguised phenomenon. It's hidden very well at the best place to hide something - right before people's eyes. People live their whole lives thinking they have unlimited control over things they don't. This has both good sides and bad sides. The good sides are that you are more likely to accomplish something, if your self-confidence is higher and you think highly of your skills and abilities. The bad sides consist in frustration and self-hatred. Every day the success of other people is pushed in your face. People you are supposed to love, people like Tiger Woods is what's been accepted as success. When you understand that the reason for their success is mostly predetermined you will immediately appreciate yourself much more. When common people understand that factor, they are no longer common.

Unlike what people think predetermination does not require a static behavior. The fact that most of our lives are sort of pre-planned does not mean that you should do nothing and leave everything to "chance". No. My understanding is that this live is a learning process which can be represented as a train everybody has to travel on. Trains have one direction and are "slaves" to the track. The train goes where the track says. If it goes outside of the margin, there's a penalty and a possible train wreck.

Where is the train going? I don't know.But if life has taught us something, it's that the journey is what matters the most and all roads lead to one CHECK OUT.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Destiny Is Predetermined | We are Preprogrammed By God

What if I tell you that everything that happens to you has been decided a long time ago? 

What If I tell you that you have close to no saying in the outcome? 

What If I tell you that our destiny is predetermined?

Will you get mad?

What we call human destiny is formed by: a) our genetic characteristics and b) our actions which are decided by the first one. 

You don't choose who you are. It was decided by something or someone else a long time ago. You can cry all you want but can't choose your country, family, native town or even the color of your hair. All of this has been predetermined by the formula we call existence. That very same formula is based on the domino effect - you push one unit and everything else follows. 

If you go back in your life and start analyzing how you came to the point where you are right now, you will see that one thing let to another and every little part was important. For example, I can tell you the points that lead to me writing this text at 1 a.m. in the morning Eastern European time.

I've always had problems with my posture. I have pictures of me when I was 7-8 years old and I already had Quasimodo back. When I was about 17 years old I decided to improve my back muscles and I typed: "posture exercises in Google". I found the blog of a girl who was recording her progress on pull-ups and dips. I started training. For the first few years I tried P90X and other home workouts. I developed some strength but I didn't know much about lifting and I was falling for every marketing trick. I remember buying protein powders, creatine, vitamins, fish oil and other kind of useless stuff. Nothing happened. When I was about 22 years old I joined a gym. I started lifting weights and I read a lot more. I've read all there is to read on the Internet about training. Everything. Seriously.

I got to the point where I saw how I was mislead into believing that I could achieve the bodies in the magazines. Didn't happen. I just got fat doing all that bulking. That's why I was so angry and started a web-site: where I bash Rippetoe and many other experts.

Later on I made because I wanted a web-site which was accessible from all places. I also wanted to be able to write about different topics and not just training, although I've learned a lot about life from the lifting community. I believe that the whole world is as fake as the Photo-shopped steroid users on the cover of FLEX magazine and other equally stupid media.

And here I am writing this post because I had poor posture. The funny thing is that my poor posture is due to my introvert character and general lack of confidence. So, it's probably safe to say that if I had the confidence of a King, you would not be reading this.

My whole point is that whatever you do, you can't escape the natural law created by GOD. I believe in GOD, but I have really hard time determining what it is. What I know so far is that he/she/it/them is not the old man in the sky. It's something much more intelligent. It's like a perfect formula and everybody is a part of it. The actions of every human being affect the end result, even though every one of us is solely responsible for his personal choices.

We think we are driving a car but we are not. We are in a train headed to the same place. We have the illusion of free will, but you don't choose anything, not even the pants you bought yesterday. I know you bought them because you liked the girl in the commercial, and you liked her because she reminded you of your ex..I can go on forever...

Don't misunderstand me! I don't think we should all kill ourselves because everything is sort of predetermined. No! We are here to live and to learn. Predetermined or not our lives are ours to live. They are a gift, a learning curve that everyone has to go through. Why? I don't know, but giving up is not the answer. In fact, by telling you that everything is kinda predetermined I wan't you to love yourself even more. I want you to understand that the only enemy we have is our own inner part and all external competitions are worth nothing. 

So, you are good at tennis...who cares.
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Facebook Likes Are A Scam

In April 2011, I started I didn't know much about making web-sites and used WYSIWYG to build it. I was somewhat more passionate about lifting at that time. I was also naive and thought miracles were possible. Like every web-site I decided to to have a Facebook page. I didn't do any promotion and after 3 years I had about 200 likes. 

In comparison I built IronGangsta 1 year ago and with small promotion I reached about 1 200 likes. However, there is not difference as far as user interaction goes. So, 200 real likes equal 1 200 likes reached with legal Facebook promotion. 

My conclusion is that likes mean absolutely nothing for small sites like the ones I have. It's quality over quantity and Facebook is highly overrated.

P.S. I was in a car crash today. I'm fine and so are all the others. Don't worry. At least I got an interesting idea about destiny which I will present in a next post. 

Thanks for the support to all people who visit this site.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

“Ruined by ‘Experts” | Guest Post by Steven Mulraney

Note: You can contact the author at:
I just finished reading The Art of Teaching by Jay Parini ( amazon affiliate link), and about two thirds in, this one line really stood out. It was:

A whole book could be written on the destructive power of masters, who drew innocent seekers into their orbit, only to destroy rather than enlighten them.”

Too many people, knowingly or not, use their status within a community to impose damaging nonsense onto people who are only just starting out. Whether it’s the “17 year old science guy” (17YOSG) who moderates a forum, and doesn’t understand science, or the older guy who is set in his (erroneous) ways.

The “keyboard warrior” 17YOSG has been given greater status over other people, and an air of authority. So, his positions are given the appearance of greater credence and disagreeing with him might come with negative consequences. This wouldn’t be a problem if he were open-minded, understood the subject-matter or had received the temperament that comes with ageing.

A recent example of this kind of person ruining conversation was when I made a post on a forum saying that a specific dietary supplement makes next to no difference in the long-term(a wildly controversial claim, I know). The resident “expert” came right out of the woodwork to vehemently disagree with me, saying that the (short-term) research done on the supplement paints a different picture.

I pointed out that most people are already very-likely covered as far as what the supplement helps with (a position heavily supported by other research), so it’s likely to yield no real benefit, and that real world observations further supports that claim. A great number of coaches don’t even have their athletes use the supplement, because they found 0 differences in the results… as expected.

The small intra-sessional impact of the supplement didn’t result in noticeably better long-term outcomes, because it only allowed trainees to perform slightly more volume*- something trainees usually do more than enough of already. If the 17YOSG actually knew that, and if he also knew that if something doesn’t line up with core science that it’s pretty suspect and needs further work to be done on it (even more-so if it’s exclusively promoted by a shady industry), he’d probably have the same position as me.

He was fed junk, didn’t have the means to self-right, and worst of all was passing that trash onto other people from his exalted dais. And, needless to say, he still holds his erroneous position as will most everyone else who’s introduced to it by him.

As for the older, possibly more established people, there’re a number of corrosive experts here. The most obvious of which being the snake-oil salesmen, or the “bros“. Those people are easy enough to spot and see the trouble with, so I won’t bother covering them here. Who I would like to cover, however, are the “online coaches”, who seem to be cropping up everywhere nowadays. There are competent online coaches, even fantastic ones, but some are absolute garbage.

Will McKnight, in 90 Days to Success in Consulting ( Amazon affiliate link), has a short list of things every respectable consultant should have, and you can use it as a means to filter out undesirables. A few of those things (if I remember right) are: a website, articles, testimonials, a contact page, and a listing of their credentials. You’ll note, an Instagram profile is not among these. If a coach is only available or known on Instagram, and can only sell their services based on pictures, you’ve likely found a bum.

If they can’t provide: evidence of their competence with ordinary natural trainees, a show of commitment to the profession of coaching, and articles which show their understanding of the subject matter, they should be avoided. Best case scenario: their advice will lead to less efficient progress. Worst case? Increased rate of injury or slow copy+paste responses to questions.

Obviously, there are more out there, but these were the ones I felt like covering today… So, questions? Comments? Other damaging people? Leave them below.

*more volume on particularly light sets.

Note : This post is not written by IG.

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It's a shit in a box

Just like in the fake bodybuilding world, the whole modern society has been thought to judge everything by its label. If it shines, it's nice. If there are naked bitches, it's even better. If it's advertised by Kim Kardashian, it's phenomenal. We have become buyers of labels, fancy boxes and value deprived ideas.

The "cool" thing is that we are slaves who love their own slavery and are willing to protect it in any way possible. We've been brainwashed and blinded. We see the cover, but we cannot see nor smell the insane amount of shit in the box. 

It's there trust me.

The saddest thing is that we have lost our identity. Our passions and behavior are being dictated by others. We've been conditioned to love and protect things, we are not truly behind.

The following quote by Oscar Wilde describes the lost individuality perfectly. It's even a little scary. But true. About all of us.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” 
― Oscar Wilde

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Does Money Equal Success? The story of Franz Kafka

The word "successful" has become a synonym for "making" a lot of money. The sports stars making tons of cash are presented as "successful". The famous singers are presented as "successful". Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has adopted this definition. If it makes money, the modern society considers it "successful"'. How sweet....

If a young boy tells his mother than he wants to be a philosopher (not that this will ever happen) she would look at him and say: "Hey, get real. When was the last time you saw a philosopher on the cover of Forbes magazine?" On the other hand if you want to become a footballer it's perfectly fine because footballers make tons of money and everybody is willing to suck their dicks.

Activities that don't make money are not only discouraged but they are also not respected. If your bank account does not have a big dick, you are not successful. In fact, you are labeled as a loser and hater. If you are not making a lot of money from what you are doing, your self-worth is considered to be low. 

In reality, however, money does not equal true success. There are many people with money who are successful only in satisfying their own narcissism. This brings me to the story of Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka is one of those writers nobody heard of when he was alive. He became famous after his death. He actually wanted his works to be burned after he is gone. However, luckily his will was not respected and pretty fast his writings spread over the entire globe. His style is a little crazy to say the least. He uses a lot of metaphors which have dual, if not triple meaning. What's interesting about him is that he didn't do it for the money. He did it simply because he wanted to. If he was alive today, most people were probably going to label him as a loser because he was not making money by selling his books. He was unknown. 

That only reveals that success today (and in the past actually) has become a cheap word used by businessman who like to screw over clients. A few months ago the famous rapper 50 Cent started posting online comments saying how successful he was for selling millions of Reebok sneakers. It's all about money. 50 Cent seems to completely ignore the fact that all Reebok shoes are made in sweatshops and the workers get paid USD 1 dollar a day. There are kids working over-time in factories while 50 Cent is bitching about how much money he's made by working for the same company. Is exploitation success? The same stays true for fags like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates...etc.

Some celebrities actually realize all of this. Many wonder why famous and rich people kill themselves. It's simple - some of them are not so stupid and see through the fakeness and the shallowness and simply cannot live with themselves. As a results they commit a crime against their soul and kill themselves. 

Money is not bad. We make it bad. There is enough money for everybody, but we have been conditioned to accept exploitation as normal and to label poor people as losers. I am not anti-working hard for your money. Not at all. It's needed. What I am against is making money the ONLY measure for success. It's part of the picture but will never be the essence. 
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Arnold's Bodybuilding And Moral Detransfomation

It's time for a quick Bodybuilding Detransformation.

Bodybuilding detransformations are meant to illustrate that bodybuilding is pretty much all drugs. The muscles of the IFBB pros dissappear into the nothingness soon after they stop injecting. Whether you believe it or not, bodybuilding is a sport completely based on drugs since day one. 

After 1930 there is no a single natural bodybuilder.

“How strange when an illusion dies. It's as though you've lost a child.” 

What happened?

Arnold decided to collect some more money by making another substance deprived soft porn like training video. Notice that he looks deflated like a balloon. That's how he looked on low doses of steroids. The video above says more than you think and reveals how shallow and artificial the bodybuilding culture is, and how little integrity even the so-called "legends" had. 

The clips shows an infective way to train. I would even say that this is one of the worst ways to train. Training videos like this this cause cause serious disinformation. Unfortunately, if we put the technical part away and focus on the moral side, it does not get any better. From the video it turns out that Arnold is a hypocrite. This is not a shocker. Integrity deprived videos like the one above were probably his preparation for the political scene. He never trained like that. Never. It's a gimmick and he knew it at the time. He didn't care. The same way the bodybuilders don't care when they sell protein powders to the little kids. All they care about is money and justify their behavior by saying that if you don't know what's going on you deserve to be robbed. This is a statement that only a blind person would do.

If I am a doctor and sell you a pill that doesn't work and you remain sick, should I justify my behavior by saying: "You should know better?".

The cool thing about bodybuilding is that you get to learn a lot about the world because the same principle applies everywhere. The idea is, of course, that the celebrities are liars and the society has been brainwashed into worshiping individuals who are not worth much. 

Everybody wants to be famous and success is always measured in money. If you are not making money out of what you are doing, you are no good. On the other hand if you are making money even from not so moral activities, you are treated as a king. Having a small cigarette kiosk on the street is considered a low life, while being the CEO of Philip Morris is respected, even thought in both cases the money comes from the same place - from those who are supposed to "know better".

The sellouts think that they can escape justice. They believe that they can get away with doing harm to other people. They believe they are GODS. But they are wrong and are ultimately slaves to their own egos. If natures has taught us something, it's that balance is achieved at all costs. Nigh and day, young and old, hungry and fed, drinking and hangovers, work and sleep...everything comes with an opposite. That's how balance is achieved. 

You do bad, you get bad - maybe not in this life; but sooner or later we pay the price under one form or another. We are here to learn a lesson and that cannot be changed.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Is working hard for a living a requirement for a happy life?

The story goes like this:

    An American businessman was standing at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. The American complimented the Mexican on the quality of his fish.

    “How long it took you to catch them?” The American asked.

    “Only a little while.” The Mexican replied.

    “Why don’t you stay out longer and catch more fish?” The American then asked.

    “I have enough to support my family’s immediate needs.” The Mexican said.

    “But,” The American then asked, “What do you do with the rest of your time?”

    The Mexican fisherman said, “I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, take a siesta with my wife, Maria, stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine and play guitar with my amigos, I have a full and busy life, senor.”

    The American scoffed, “I am a Harvard MBA and could help you. You should spend more time fishing and with the proceeds you buy a bigger boat, and with the proceeds from the bigger boat you could buy several boats, eventually you would have a fleet of fishing boats.”

    “Instead of selling your catch to a middleman you would sell directly to the consumers, eventually opening your own can factory. You would control the product, processing and distribution. You would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to Mexico City, then LA and eventually NYC where you will run your expanding enterprise.”

    The Mexican fisherman asked, “But senor, how long will this all take?”

    To which the American replied, “15-20 years.”

    “But what then, senor?”

    The American laughed and said, “That’s the best part. When the time is right you would announce an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich, you would make millions.”

    “Millions, senor? Then what?”

    The American said slowly, “Then you would retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village where you would sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, take a siesta with your wife, stroll to the village in the evenings where you could sip wine and play your guitar with your amigos…”

Note: This story has many versions.

What do you think?
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Thursday, March 6, 2014 Is Still The Biggest Disinformation Agent

“We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality.” - Judy Garland

If you control media, you control people. Period. When the eyes don't see and the ears don't hear – it does not exist. Today, I posted information on the forum of explaining logically why Layne Norton is not a natural bodybuilder. Received a ton of “reps” in a matter of minutes, only to be banned and my thread to be deleted. is no different than the corrupt and paid “journalists” in the mainstream media. Here are the three main reasons why is one of the biggest disinformation agents in the world of bodybuilding. has power and reach

I had a link to one of my posts and in a matter of minutes there were 200 new visitors, which means that there are thousands of people on every single hour of the day. This is power, because mainstream information reaches more people, and logically affects the mindset of the majority. is exploiting and misinforming beginner bodybuilders

I've read a lot of the threads in the teen section only to find out that most people there are so deep into the matrix that they won't be able to see the truth, even if Jesus descended from heaven and told it to them. The majority of the topics are still about creatine, protein powders and other equally pointless ideas such as: “is my forearm too big for my dick”, “how to make a girl that does not like me like me”, “should I inject amino acids in my ass”, “can I have the physique of Ronnie Coleman if I drink my sperm”, “should I shave my nails”, “what size thongs do you wear”, “why is there no scoop in my 10lbs bag of whey protein”, “does mom think I am gay”, “I want to fuck mom but my sister is hotter”, “is Dorian Yates natural”, “can I become Gregg Valentino if I drink sun oil”, “Christmas countdown”, “I have small arms and I am going to kill myself”and too many more to count.

3. BIG BROTHER is watching you

By the looks of it you are banned on unless you glorify the placebo effect of supplements. The minute someone tries to break the dogma a ban occurs. Unless your opinion has been approved by the BIG BROTHER it's considered unworthy. How is that different than Stalin's regime ?

The moto of is: bow, blow and keep the flow.

Some people are so deep into the rabbit hole that they wouldn't be able to recognize reality, even if it bites them in the ass. They continue to bow to self-proclaimed experts like the Hodge Twins or other YouTube “brahs” who don't have a drop of integrity and would blow anybody for a small amount of FEDERAL RESERVER NOTES.

To be honest, I've been in similar position when I didn't know any better. It took me a lot of time to learn very SIMPLE truths. Thanks to the amount of deception I encountered in the muscle world I was able to open my eyes about many other avenues which are technically not related to weights at all. But the principles are the same.

BIG BROTHER is watching you.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Gay Mafia In Bodybuilding

There are a lot of homosexuals in the sport of bodybuilding. The sport is, after all, based on men wearing a thong and flexing their muscles on stage. While this may seem like a dream come true for many women and sort of a striptease experience, the majority of the crowd consists of males. It would be foolish and naive to believe that there are not many homosexual people among the fans. It's like going to McDonald's and expect not to see overweight people.

There are many homosexuals who occupy important position in the bodybuilding industry – magazine editors, promoters, personal coaches, CEOs of nutritional companies and many more to count. Homosexual secret societies are not at all limited to just bodybuilding. They are everywhere – in every sector and every industry.

Unfortunately, there is a lot happening behind the curtains that the eyes of the masses never see. To get to the top, you have to pay the price and sometimes it involves things and actions that are not necessarily moral or honorable. One of those things in bodybuilding is G4P (gay for pay, described in details HERE) which consists in the offer of homosexual related services for money – a phenomenon widely spread not only in bodybuilding, but in many others branches. To understand how all of this operates, one must first learn how ordinary people are being poisoned and manipulated into turning their backs to true human morals and rights.

The 3D world we live in is based on material possessions – paper money, houses, sex, muscles, drugs, food...etc. Those are the things that we NEED in order to live today. Enlightened, but unfortunately also evil, individuals have figured how to use those desires to enslave the unaware population of the planet. In every sector where there is money and fame, there is also poison waiting for you. Venom meant to crush your soul and spirit.

When you want to poison a person you don't place a bottle of poisonous substance on the table and label it “danger”. No! You place the poison in food or water – something that we consider good. This is the bite and today the poison is paper money and fame. People are convinced that the celebrities live pure lives and ordinary men should aspire to reach those levels no matter what:“get rich or die trying”. This is how the rat wheel keeps on spinning.

In this life you cannot have something for nothing. No! When an athlete or a musician signs a contract with a popular team or record label, they are selling themselves for fame and gold. The performers (singers) you see today can be described very well with a verse from Charles Bukowski's poem: The Man At The Piano.

the man at the piano
plays a song
he didn't write
sings words
that aren't his
upon a piano
he doesn't own

The idea in this case is that the performer is just a front, a puppet – a phony paid to do a job. Virtually, all of the celebrities you see on TV are sellouts used to spread the ideas of evil and corrupt psychopaths, and it just happens that many of those people are homosexuals who often abuse their position of power and knowledge. You may think that they are selling you a candy “for a good price”, when in fact they are taking much more from you than you think.

Of course, it would be stupid to say that all of this is precisely due to the sexual orientation of the individual. It's not. There are many straight men who do actions from the same level. What is characteristic for homosexuals, however, is that for some reason their actions often remain undetected. In brief, the gay mafia a.k.a. The Velvet Mafia is in a way even more “stealth” than the “straight” mafia. The people part of that circle seem to always have each other's back, and a group of 10 united individuals is STRONGER than a group of 100 divided ones, although the number of homosexual people is much higher than we know.

Before labeling this article as homophobic understand that all I wanted to say was this: bodybuilders often forget what TRUE money is and sell their dignity, soul, moral principles and body for fake success in this care deprived world. WE all do it, and this is just their way.

We are all just another man at the piano.
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Social Darwinism – Evil Rules The World

For thousands of years the top positions in the human society have been occupied by evil and ruthless representatives of man kind willing to do anything for power, money and physical pleasure. Their religion is satanism and is based on social Darwinism. To understand social Darwinism one must first become familiar with the concept of evolution.

The idea behind evolution is very simple – those who adapt to the changes prosper and survive, and those who can't fight back are left to die because of their “weakness”. In order for an individual to adapt to new changes he must develop some sort of a physical trait or skill in order to survive. Those who can do it pass the test of natural selection. For example, if a lion is thrown in the ocean, it will die because the animal does not have the physical capabilities to live in water environment.

Social Darwinism represents a somewhat modern version of the human evolution but is not based precisely on visible physical changes. There are other decisive factors such as: country and family of birth, social status, education and more. Rich people in position of power are looked at as the stronger ones who have passed the test of evolution, while the rest is being labeled as working force or simply slaves.

If you don't have the right education and don't know the right people, you don't have much choice but to work low paying jobs and continuously be exploited for the greater good of a few evil men. Do you think that the Chinese population enjoys producing all the products in the modern world? Do you think they enjoy being treated worse than animals and tortured, so that a spoiled kid in USA or Western Europe can play on his iPhone for a few days before breaking it, because it's not the right color? Hell, no! But they are placed in a situation where all sources of information are being carefully monitored, and when that's done the reality of the individual can be made whatever you want it to be. That's how whole nations are forced to believe in the purity of evil totalitarian regimes which are nothing more than a different term for slavery. To illustrate this point more vividly for those who are into rap music, I will use the rapper Eminem.

There is a relatively popular conspiracy theory that the Eminem we see today is a fake clone and the real slim shady died about a decade ago. Whether this is true or not, I don't know, because I was never friends with Eminem – but it's a 100% possible. The music industry would want to keep him alive since he has already built a large amount of followers and there is more money to be made. Business as usual. Obviously, those who are close to Eminem should be able to tell the difference between him and a clone, but regular people like us can be pushed into believing whatever, and all of this is achieved by altering the source of information through the so-called forth estate – the media. And who owns the media? You tell me.

There are enough resources in the world to feed and dress everybody on this planet – including the animals. Every country, even if small, has enough to produce energy, food and other goods the human society depends on to survive. However, there are evil secret societies who prefer to hold the whole human world hostage, mainly through limiting access to the PROPER information and spreading fear of authorities and governments. Africa, for example, is an incredibly rich continent but instead of letting it develop and prosper, the currently rich countries are constantly robbing it and exploiting the people. The same holds true for all poor people from the entire world – they are being exploited beyond belief for the greater good of those on top of the human food chain. Most are so caught up in the game that will never realize what's actually going on.

Poor countries are enslaved through the fake monetary system and energy monopoly. For example, Russia controls the gas supply of pretty much every poor country in Europe. Everyday there are talks about gas diversification, but the truth is that it will never happen since pretty much every gas company in the region is owned by the Russian Gazprom anyway. Why would a powerful country like Russia ever give up its power? It will never happen, and the small states will continue to bend over for the big brother while selling their power plants and gas fields for pennies. But I guess that doesn't mean much to you, because you have a new iPhone to play on, and nobody cares about that “boring stuff“.

All of those problems are due to the satanic elite which has taken over the world a long time ago. Satanists are evil despite what they want you to believe. They present themselves as some sort of rational and logical peoplem, whose only goal is simply to move humanity forward, but what is happening is the complete opposite – they are holding us back by further encouraging illiteracy and social inequality. Satanists want humans to become merciless animals who only care about themselves and those around them, while completely neglecting everything else. While they have some success, their plan will never work and will fail miserably, sooner or later, just like all tyrant have fallen. Sadly, the pile of shit has gotten way too big and while we are alive nothing will change for the better. You can't fix such a big problem in just one human life. It took centuries to get here and will take even more to get out.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014


We've been conditioned to accept as normal movies in which the main character, Chuck Norris for example, kills half the population of China with one finger. Films are meant to entertain, and the spectators just don't want to see smaller than life productions. Looking for realism in Hollywood films is like looking for money in the garbage container. On the other hand documentary films are supposed to be dedicated to education and facts. However, most of the popular documentaries presented by International TV channels have turned into a slightly more boring version of regular Hollywood movies.

A good example of fake documentary is Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. Let's see what we have here: a man in the “wild” who often has to drink his own urine in order to survive through all kinds of cataclysms. He is being filmed by a mysterious camera man who is supposedly living well while recording videos of people drinking their own piss. N-i-c-e! What the public is not allowed to see is the fact that there is a whole camera crew behind every show, a doctor and probably even a therapist who takes care of this fake Robinson Crusoe. The whole thing is no different than a reality show which is no different than a regular movie. The success of Man vs. Wild have been tremendous and I wouldn't be surprised if the used underwear of Bear Grylls sells for a few mills at a private auction. He is already selling books, knives, tomahawks, screwdrivers, nuts, nails, condoms for the wild..etc. for fifty times their stock value. Tell me more about how you learn about real life from documentaries! Please.

Documentaries are subject to corruption just like regular Hollywood drama because it's expected that they will educate people about how the world works. It happens from time to time but there are also scrips and real actors hired to re-create the scenes. This is how you put people in the “mood” to accept what they as real. For example, documentaries talking about near death experience will usually show emergency rooms, ER doctors, surgeries and what not to make the presented material more realistic and entertaining. Mystic music and voice effects will be used to dig even deeper into the human brain and manipulate the visual senses of the individual. If you remove all of the sorcery all that's left are interviews with people who may or may not be completely insane. At the same time what is presented as fact could also be misleading since nobody has the time to check whether the person talking is actually the one he pretends to be.

Suspicious “facts”, quotes used out of the context, actors, sound & visual effects, hidden symbols and misleading messages could be much more dangerous than a science-fiction Hollywood movie which does not claim to be real anyway. The directors and the sponsors count on people's general laziness, lack of education and marvelous ability to absorb stupid things. The official cover-up story is that everything is supposed to be made more professional so that the spectator can really feel the world that's presented on the screen. The manipulation is so powerful that if the man with money wanted to invent a new kind of animal species, they could do it with enough propaganda and distortion of the facts. Who will check if it's real? As always the problem comes down to the naivete of the general population.

Below are a few clips exposing Men in the Wild:

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


People are animals, aren't we? But we are the special ones. We think. We understand and recognize past, present and future. Animals don't. They only live in the moment. Most don't even remember what they've done a few minutes ago. It's like an eternity to them and all they recognize is how they feel now.

Animals don't judge us for who we pretend to be but for what we do. They don't care if you are gay, lesbian, poor, ugly, stupid because you being that does not affect them in any way. Well, if you stink they will probably start to criticize you on that one but I am pretty sure they will still be open about it – the truth or nothing. Animals don't lie cause they can't.

People rule over animals because we can build exceptional machinery to kill them. Probably to this day nature is still regretting blessing us with those opposable thumbs, big brain and articulate speech. Those were meant to help us create, not destroy, but like a knife it goes both ways.

Unlike animals we know that 2 + 2 equals 4. We understand what's happening around us much better. All other creatures rely solely on instincts and care very little for how the rest works. Animals can be manipulated through various ways into doing anything. How else would an elephant agree to be part of a circus and be pushed around by some monkey? But don't start to think too highly of yourself because people can be manipulated just like animals. That's the dream of every dictator – ruling over animals.

The low IQ sitcoms like to joke about North Korea but first it's not funny, and second the fact that you don't live under obvious totalitarian regime does not mean that you are not mind controlled. Tell me more about that invisible man in the sky? How is he doing? Have you seen him lately? Did you pay your taxes? Tell me baby girl cause I need to know.

The dream of every dictator is people to be animals. The less questions we ask, the better. The happier we are with being slaves, the better. The dumber we are, the better for our masters. We, just like animals, are being controlled through food. If you don't work, you will starve, says the world government. Therefor we are trained to work. If you dare to fight against the institutions, you are sent to prison. Therefor we are trained to obey. The paradox is that, unlike animals, we are able to understand the problems and yet we don't act and continue to feed the system which was carefully designed by the oppressors. We behave like animals even thought we see as humans.

Animals are doing the best they can with what they have. We are geniuses who refuse to use their gift or simply use it for the wrong purposes, like a scientist working on military weapons. Animals may seem mentally inferior to us but at least they are living to their true potential. They are who they are and we are what they told us we are.

Unlike the passionate activists I don't think animals are better than us. At least not all of them. When people start talking about how pure and innocent animals are they are usually referring to the cute puppies, the pussycats, the little lions on pictures...What about the crocodiles, the komodo dragon, the piranha, the scorpion, the cobra snake..? Those animals are cruel and have absolutely no sympathy towards anything. As hard at it is we have to forgive them. If an alligator eats your grandmother what are you going to do? Kill all of them? Sue it? The only thing I would personally do is: see a free therapist (me) and write in my diary.

You can't judge animals – they are not quite conscious of their actions. Unfortunately, the same stays true for many people. According to scientists psychopaths who kill and torture have a damaged part of the brain and do not feel emotions like compassion. They can't feel sorry for their victims the same way we don't feel sorry for hitting the wall. But what about the smart guys? The military leaders? Are they all psychopaths with missing brain parts? Sadly, yes.

The world management is very smart: it never does its own dirty business. There are people like us willing to do it with a smile on the face. Why would anybody with a well working brain fight senseless wars? Where are our missing parts? Hollywood, we want our brains back! War offers no profit for the ordinary man. None. All military action is a strategically elaborated plan to re-share the riches of the world and re-enslave the herd.

The difference between humans and animals is that we are able to understand and theoretically make a choice. Unfortunately, due to the tragic events occurring for the last few thousands of years we have been trapped in a cruel meat grinder, where sometimes we are the product, and other times we press the button. Nothing will change while we are alive because the stone has gotten so big that even the ones who built it can't stop it. It will continue to roll towards the city and the little insects can't stop it. All that's left to be done is damage control.

{originally written for}
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