Sunday, May 11, 2014

Human Made World - Success Is Not Always What It Seems

There are two worlds that we know of - the human world and the real world. The human world is a world made by humans. Humans have set the rules, the working mechanisms, the laws and the outcome. An example would a kid that receives A for great work at school. It seems nice and cute but what really happens is this: the kid receives an approval that means something only in the human world and nothing in the real world. Nature does not care about your grades. You employer may care, but the real life is way beyond that.

To give you a further perspective I will use the popular company example. What is a company? A company is a business venture which trades money for work. The so-called employees sign contracts which are in fact trading agreements. We trade time and effort for money which we later trade for food and other commodities. A company is company because some kind of a document says so. Outside of the human world there's no such thing as a company. It's part of the legal human world but it's in fact an illusion. Just like the law.

An athlete who has successfully won a medal may be considered a hero in the human world but in the real world his success means nothing. If a bodybuilder wins Mr. Olympia, it does not mean that the person has succeeded in the real world. The only thing it means is that the person has successfully covered the requirements in the fake human world to receive a medal.

People who realize all of that may feel depressed. That's why we want to remain stupid because when you know things you feel sad. Being stupid equals being a kid and kids can be manipulated easily because they are stupid. Retarded cartoons made by perverts seem to be doing that job since the beginning of time.

That's why people who are outsiders always seem to be more interesting. They don't care so much about the human world which is important to us, but we tend to forget about the other world which is without a doubt way more valuable.

It seems that people are constantly chasing rewards coming solely from the human world. That keeps us in a lower state of mind and unfortunately that makes us easily controlled also. When you don't see the big picture you are a slave to the 'averagism'  around you. The only reward we get from behaving like everybody else is that we become just like everybody else.

Some rich and famous people do in fact realize this and either kill themselves or go crazy. Normal people usually ask themselves why would a loaded with money celebrity commit a suicide and the answer is: because of stupidy and lameness or because of failure to fulfill the need for success in the real world with things from the human world.