Saturday, December 21, 2013

10 Great Gift Ideas For Bodybuilders

Christmas is almost here and the gift shops are overloaded. People are hungry for presents or at least they try really hard to look like they are. Question is how do you make the right purchase?

One of the common ways to come up with an idea is to investigate the hobbies of your target and buy him or her something related to that particular activity.

Today will present you different ideas for Christmas gifts targeted at the fitness and bodybuilding crowd. It gets pretty funny in a moment! Stay with me!

1. Mirror

Bodybuilding is a great activity for narcissistic people, they say. One of the things that absolutely every fitness enthusiast does is looking for muscle gains and fat loss in the mirror on regular basis. For that reason a thoughtful gifts would be a funny mirror that makes him or her look fat, skinny, short, tall or just crazy. Get ready to protect yourself! Bodybuilders don't like similar jokes even if they laugh along with you!

Where are my gains?

2.Trip To Viagra Falls

Bodybuilders and fitness models are known for abusing anabolic steroids. One of the side effects is decrease of natural testosterone production. Many males experience problems with their erection when they are not cycling muscle building drugs. This is why a trip to Viagra Falls can sometimes save the day.

3. Condometric

Bodybuilders are measuring freaks. They just want to know the length of everything from the size of their arm to the size of their gluteus maximus. This is where the condometric comes to save the day. 

Condometric is a special condom which provides vital information for every bodybuilder – the size of the penis in erection.

Note: The condometric uses the metric system which means that you will need a converter in order to find your size in inches.

4. Trip to the madhouse

When you are a bodybuilder it's pretty easy to get crazy. You have to inject a lot of steroids, eat six meals a day, train...etc. All of that can make you crazy. Don't be surprised if you receive a trip to the madhouse as a gift. After all you deserve it since you work pretty hard for it everyday.

5. How To Pass The Polygraph Test For Dummies

Natural bodybuilder would really benefit from reading the book: How To Pass The Polygraph Test For Dummies.You  need to educate yourself on that subject if you want to be a true a true “natural” bodybuilder. Get your copy today!

Don't let this happen to you!

6. Toilet paper holder

Strength athletes like to eat a lot. Many claim that eating like a champion will make you one. One of the sides effect that comes with consuming so much food are the frequent visits to the rest room. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is currently “bulking” make sure to buy her or him a cool toilet paper holder. It's not confirmed with certainty but there are rumors of special discount for people who follow Mark Rippetoe's muscle building diet known as GOMAD. Go for it! The results are amazing as you can see here!

If you pay extra the manufacturer can provide custom
toilet paper holder with bodybuilding physique!

7. Spelling Dictionary

According to an extended research made by many bodybuilding enthusiasts are having really hard time spelling basic words such as: admire, steroids, brother, you, jealous, faggot, serious...etc. For that reason a spelling dictionary seems to be a useful gift. Knowledge is power.

8. Borat mankini

Bodybuilders love their posing trunks. If it was possible they would most likely wear their posing outfit them everywhere they go. Unfortunately the popular posing trunks are often mistaken for regular g-stings and wearing them in public seems to cause a lot of problems. There is a solution.

The modern borat mankini are an updated version of the classic posing trunks. This is a great gift for a bodybuilder who wants to show his physique everywhere while also having slick and sexy looking outfit.

9. Webcam

Bodybuilders like to use webcams in order to show their physique to people around the globe. Sometimes you even get paid for doing so. Fitness lovers find that cool. A new and sexy webcam is a great addition to the arsenal of every bodybuilder. Many have become Internet sensations and millionaires for giving bodybuilding advice on the Internet. All you need to start is a webcam. Buy yours today!

Make sure your pencil is sharp before recording  webcam shows!
10. Flair Hair Visor

Unfortunately many bodybuilders are bald. Some say it's a common side effect that comes with steroid usage. While there is no effective cure for baldness every bald bodybuilder could benefit from a modem looking flair hair visor. The cool thing about that particular product is that you don't have to be bald in order to use it! Get it for a friend or yourself! No time for hesitation! The sexy look you always wanted is just around the corner!

Would you rather give these gifts or receive them?