Saturday, June 21, 2014

NOBODY Should Care About The Football World Cup

'World Cup 2014 Brazil' is already going strong. People are betting and obsessing over the end results. The beer is cold and the cheerleaders don't wear panties. It's all good. Let's kill the other team....Yeah....

{insert ill constructed football chant of choice}

What if I dare to tell you that you've been doing it all wrong? Will you get really mad? Whether you get mad or not it's still true. The World Cup sucks and you should not be caring much about it.

So, why does the World Cup suck so bad and why am I such a hater?

It seems that these days anybody who has an opinion is labeled as a hater. Nice. We love that. However, there is a difference between a hater and just a mean person. A true hater is someone who hates the system and cannot find peace while the world is so fucked up. A mean person on the other hand is someone who just hates everything because he/she failed to find a way to install his lazy butt in a secure position with lots of cash and sexual opportunities coming from nowhere.

In other words: a real hater is more of an idealist rather than a jealous person.

The World Cup sucks because it shows how stupid the monkey copies have become. We lose tons and tons of money, energy and human potential on a stupid event which does not create real wealth. Sure, you can watch and test your mind a little bit, but there is no substance behind it and there is no way of justifying the fact that while those footballers are receiving millions, there are people suffering for somebody else's happiness.

Did you know that 'England's £90 World Cup shirt  is made by Nike's Indonesian workers earning just 30p an hour' ? So, once you know that could you explain to me what's so pure about that World Cup circus? Maybe the fact that whole countries have to be robbed and exploited so that some lazy ass 'slave-holder' can watch 90 minutes of people running after a ball? Don't you think that those who produce the real wealth of the world should be the ones receiving most of the money? Once again, what's their to celebrate? The fact that some brain dead monkey was hit by a ball which just happened to pass between two wooden pillars afterwards? Yeah, go hug daddy and mommy and tell them what a man you are.

The reactions of the players after a goal are priceless. We should not blame them, however, they just don't know any better. They scream around like they've saved a life, like they've accomplished something when the only thing that happened is that they've been used as everybody else to satisfy the mean and twisted system.

Fuck da system.

How much does a soccer player make a month? Most of the popular players get paid monthly salaries that could not be matched by ENTIRE COUNTRIES for the same period of time. Does this makes any sense to you? Is it just me who finds this borderline beyond retarded?

'Bread and circuses'

Of course, the whole point of this meaningless and soulless team masturbation around a ball is to distract people and take them even further away from the reality of life. You have to remember my friends that the devil appears as an Angel, not as an evil Redman holding a fork and ready to stick it deep inside your flash. No! The devil is brilliant. You cannot get to this part of the championship by being stupid.

You see something that is supposed to be beautiful and you are deceived by the fake light. You just can't see clearly. That's how the whole thing operates. They show you the goods and you say 'yes' - without ever reading the contract.