Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Detransformations In Bodybuilding Part 2

A few months ago I wrote the post: Best Detransformations In Bodybuilding. It became a huge hit. Actually, it's the most visited page and there are a lot of links to it from bodybuilding sites all over the world. To be honest, I did not expect that at all and I've put way more effort in other posts but it is what it is. Today, I decided to present you a few more bodybuilding detransformations that may surprise you. I received a lot of hate e-mails thanks to the previous post and I will be very happy if this one continues the legend. 

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." 

Saul Bellow 

Dorian Yates

This is a high level body detransformation successfully achieved by six times Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. 300 pounds man transformed into a regular dude who barely looks like a bodybuilder with his shirt on. 

Remember: The reason why bodybuilders are so big are things like: proper nutrient timing, high intensity training, brown rice, chicken breast and of course the favorite of many, from Arnold to Yates, - visualization (the process of imagining that your muscles are getting bigger from nothing).

Bob Paris

This is Bob Paris or one of the bodybuilders with "the most aesthetically pleasing physiques in the world". It turns out that he has successfully detransformed himself into a regular person due to, most likely, not using large doses of steroids and aging.

Remember: It's all about genetics and drugs are just "the finishing touch".

Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone is one of the many "uncrowned Mr. Olympias" out there and is considered to have amazing genetics. Is this really true? 

Watch this video and tell me! All I know is that successful detransformation is successful and that red underwear looks really good on him.

Victor Martinez

Have you ever wondered how a professional bodybuilder would look after 7 months on prison food and routine consisting of chin-ups and sit-ups? Look at the picture above and focus on the right side! Here's what Martinez has to say on the subject.

Remember: You get really big in prison! {More}

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: Love Story

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Johnny knew he was fat as hell because of all the milk he drank as recommended by Coach Phat Toe. There was no point denying the obvious. His rear got so big that even the pants of his dad were small for his monstrous gluteus maximus.

'Fuck you, Phat Toe! You stupid fucktard!', said Little J while desperately trying to get into the biggest pair of pants he found.

Johnny was really angry at Coach Phat Toe but he was even angrier at himself for getting further away from his goal to get the physique that was going to get him all the girls. Little J decided that from now on he was only going to listen to people who have already accomplished his goal instead of paying attention to the “wannabes.”

'I am going to get in shape and girls will be 'miring¹', screamed Johnny.

The young man opened the fridge. There were about 8 bottles of milk he was supposed to drink today as part of the eating regimen recommended by Coach Phat Toe. Little J was a naive young man but he was not easy to con when it came down to business. While most spoiled kids would have thrown all that milk in the garbage Johnny decided to sell it. He removed the old labels and used the super computer of his dad to print new ones that were saying:

Muscle Milk For Mama's Man: Get Stronger Now!

Johnny even placed an image of a bodybuilder in posing trunks on the label. The finished product looked very professional. In about an hour Little J was already in front of Crap Is Golden Gym.

Johnny was screaming: 

'Save a kitten! Buy Muscle Milk for Mama's Man!' 

Unfortunately, nobody seemed interested in the product of Johnny because it looked just like regular milk. Why would anybody buy regular milk from Johnny for twice the price? This is when Little J came up with an exceptional idea. He went to the closest supermarket and bought the biggest box of liquid chocolate he could found. Then he went back home where he carefully inserted equal amounts of liquid chocolate in all 8 bottles of milk. He shook each bottle for about 5 minutes. The end results were amazing and Muscle Milk For Mama's Man looked very exotic and had that “What the hell is this?” look to it.

The next day Little J. took his new creation back to Crap Is Golden Gym. This time however he decided to first do a little cardio before going outside to sell his new production. Johnny was already 10 minutes deep into his run on the treadmill when suddenly he heard a female voice:

'Give me something to drink! I am dying here!'

A girl from the CrossFit² group was severely dehydrated. However, Crap Is Golden Gym had a policy according to which sharing water between customers was not allowed. The main idea behind such rule was to force everybody to buy beverage from the bar. Johnny acted on impulse, grabbed one Muscle Milk For Mama's Man and gave it to the woman. She attacked the bottle like a hungry wolf and drank the whole thing.

'Thank you!', said the CrossFit girl.

Suddenly, almost from nowhere, a big man arrived to the scene of the accident and asked:

'How are you baby? What happened? I was in the locker room sharing supplement powders with the boys.', said the big man and kissed the CrossFit girl.

'Honey, I am so happy you are here. I was really thirsty and almost passed out but thanks to this young man I feel fine. He gave me a great drink', said the girl with the most spoiled voice in the world and pointed towards Johnny who was holding the bottle of Muscle Milk For Mama's Man. The big man impolitely took the bottle from the hands of Little J and started reading the label. After about 40 seconds he said:

'If my girl turns into the Hulk because of your elixir I am going to break you in half and donate your fat cells to a sumo wrestler. Do you get it? Tell me you get it!'

This is when the CrossFit girl stopped him and said:

'Honey, leave him alone! He saved me. Let's go shopping!'

Then the couple headed towards the exit while Johnny couldn't take his eyes off the CrossFit girl.

'She is going to be mine one day.', said Johnny through his teeth.

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¹ 'miring - short for admiring: i.e. you mirin son?

² CrossFit - CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Johnny's Adventures In The Muscle World: The Beginning

Johnny was a young college student who really liked erotic movies. He was watching similar productions on regular basis in order to learn new techniques. One day during his educational hour he was hit by a profound revelation - all male actors presented muscular physiques. Johnny stood in front of the mirror and stared at himself critically. He did not like what he saw. It was time for a change and nobody was going to stop him from attaining the physique of a movie star.

Since Johnny was not very well educated on the subject he decided to approach his mother for advice.

'Mom, what should I do to get them muscles, like in biology class?', he asked politely while looking at the floor in a poor attempt to hide his shame.

'Just do your push-ups, son.', answered his mother and kissed him on the cheek.

Johnny started doing push-ups on regular basis. After two weeks he looked in the mirror once again and he was still very far away from the look that was going to get him all the girls. This is when he decided that his mother was obviously very ignorant when it comes to gaining muscle mass, after all she married a rich fat banker.

Johnny knew he had to sacrifice something in order to achieve his goal. He decided to use the Internet for research on muscle mass development instead of continuing with his regular educational hour. He typed "how to get big muscles and get the girls real fast" in Google. The search results were long to say the least. Johnny did not have a lot of time and lacked patience. He clicked on the first page that said: "Drink Milk, Squat and Get the Girls by Coach Phat Toe". According to the article the best way for a boy to become a man and get all the girls was by squatting* heavy weights and drinking milk - "like all baby mammals do". Johnny was sold. Problem was Coach Phat Toe's recommended dose was 1 gallon a day. That was a a lot of milk and Johnny needed a job in order to cover his expenses. 

Little J. started working part-time in a local strip club as waiter and bought all the of milk he needed for a month with his first salary. The white liquid was like his new teddy bear - together forever! There was one problem however. Coach Phat Toe required from his students to perform squats with a heavy barbell on their backs. In order to perform the exercise correctly Johnny needed a squat rack*. There was only one training facility able to provide such machinery - The Crap Is Golden Gym. Little J's first training session was scheduled for the beginning of next week. 

It was a cold Monday morning but that did not stop Johny from getting up early and going to the gym. The little dreamer took the bus and in about 40 minutes was in front of Crap Is Golden Gym. He passed through the front door and stared at the people there. It was a worrying sight in front of him - everybody was bigger than him.

 'So, this is where all porn actors train.', thought Johnny. 

Despite feeling extremely frustrated due his scrawny look Johnny went to the squat rack which was the equipment he needed to perform the routine of Coach Phat Toe. Unfortunately, that piece of machinery was already occupied by two funky metro sexual men. They were doing the so called biceps curl which is an old exercise meant to turn your arms into pythons. Rumours are famous bodybuilders like Arnold did that movement everyday to get "swollen" arms. Since Johnny felt like he does not belong in that place he decided to wait for the two funky looking men to finish their routine. He had to watch them flex their biceps for about 25 minutes. What made the whole experience even weirder was the fact that between the sets they were touching each other's biceps in order to see who has the harder one.

'What a camaraderie!' though Johnny.

It took Johnny about 1 hour to do Coach Phat Toe's routine. The hardest thing for Johnny was to do the exercises correctly but he managed to survive. The milk was also very helpful and gave him a lot of energy to go through this painful activity.

A few months passed and Johnny was already seeing results from his work. Other people started to notice his body transformations as well. His mother was even worried for him - her son was getting fatter, especially in the lower body. One day she had no choice but to tell him the truth:

'Johnny, you look fat. Please, stop drinking all that milk.', she said.

Johnny did not know how to react and went to his room crying. He immediately undressed himself and started examining his newly transformed body in the mirror. It was scary. He had man boobs and a big fat gut. He was already crying and thinking:

'Lord, I got my squat to 405lbs as Coach Phat Toe recommended. Why am I not looking like an erotic actor?'

Over the next few days Johnny got very depressed and stopped training. He even lost motivation to watch his regular educational hour. However, he was not going to give up on his dream so fast.

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*”squat” - the squat is an old exercise used to strengthen the lower body. There are many different variations and the movement can be performed with or without added resistance. The most common way to perform squats is by using a barbell. In order to perform barbell squats you also need a squat rack where the barbell is placed before and after the exercise. 
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ariella Palumbo Tells The Truth About Female Bodybuilding

Ariella Palumbo, the girlfriend of Bostin Loyd, decided to reveal some truth regarding female bodybuilding in this video (click on the link to watch). According to her female competitors should only take small doses of anabolic steroids with very little side effects in order to avoid unenjoyable phenomenons such as growth of facial hair, voice deepening, enlargement of the clitoris and many more to count.

Women are estrogen dominate and have very little testosterone in the first place. When you introduce even a few milligrams of synthetic male hormones to the woman body scary things can happen. Despite all of that it's pretty obvious that most female competitors are on steroids. After all they talk and look like men. Unfortunately, there are many who find all that perfectly normal and even attractive. IronGangsta is here to tell you the truth once again – in order for a female to want to look like a man she must have deep emotional problems and voids to fill.

Every human being goes through different traumas which affect him/her even if it's not obvious on the surface. I would not be surprised if the majority of those female bodybuilders did not have a strong father figure in their life and are trying to overcompensate by becoming a strong man themselves. Actually, the same is true for male bodybuilding as well. Lou Ferrigno said in one of his interviews that he has observed the absence of a male figure in the life of many professional bodybuilders.

Whatever the problem is you can only ignore it for so long before it comes back to haunt you bigger and stronger. You can't fill an emotional void with fake muscles and muscle wonder drugs - you only make it appear more obvious.
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

There's no such thing as problems, Mr. Green, only situations...

The above quote is from the movie Revolver which presents the constant inner battle we fight with our egos. The main idea behind the film is that serving the ego stops us from being free. According to the ancient texts the ego is the reflexion of what others think of us. As always, it all starts with the body.

The way we look is the first thing people notice about us. Our body language, age, weight, height, facial aesthetics and all other physical details speak volumes about who we are. Both negative and positive physical characteristics of every human play an enormous role during the formation of the ego. However the unfortunate defects we are born with seem to have an extremely negative impact and are often making the ego a source of endless emotional pain.

Life is cruel and there are some things that are really hard to be considered positive no matter what. However, people often confuse problems with "situations". Let's say that you are extremely short - 5'1. Obviously you will never be the next NBA sensation but does this mean that all hope to be an elite athlete is lost? No. Most gymnasts are actually very short since having small levers helps in the sport. If you look at that particular scenario as a situation chances are you will feel better about yourself and experience positive outcome.

In order for a problem to be considered a situation there has to be a certain goal so that all efforts are focused in the right direction instead of just wondering around. When you have a set goal and build a solid plan while taking into consideration all obstacles and disadvantages you can sometimes make a problem turn into a situation with a positive outcome for you. In the above example the goal of that particular person was to be a professional athlete and he/she was able to turn his/her inherited disadvantages into advantages.

It would be foolish to believe however that magic can always happen. It's just not possible. Despite what others say sometimes there is not much you can do. If you are fat you can lose weight. If you are skinny you can gain weight. If you are weak you can get stronger but what if you are a male with extremely disappointing genitalia size? To this day there is not an effective solution to this particular dilemma. What do you do? Similar situations are the hardest to overcome since you just have to accept yourself the way you are without letting others hurt your self-worth because of something you cannot control. If you are able to successfully work in that direction you would be on the road to turning another problem into a beneficial situation that helps you achieve inner piece by teaching you how to accept your weaknesses. All of this can seem to be an impossible task but in times likes this I always remind myself the following quote of Bruce Lee: "A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at."

Maybe one day.

P.S. There are no perfect people! Otherwise make-up companies would have reported bankruptcy a long time ago.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

10 Great Gift Ideas For Bodybuilders

Christmas is almost here and the gift shops are overloaded. People are hungry for presents or at least they try really hard to look like they are. Question is how do you make the right purchase?

One of the common ways to come up with an idea is to investigate the hobbies of your target and buy him or her something related to that particular activity.

Today will present you different ideas for Christmas gifts targeted at the fitness and bodybuilding crowd. It gets pretty funny in a moment! Stay with me!

1. Mirror

Bodybuilding is a great activity for narcissistic people, they say. One of the things that absolutely every fitness enthusiast does is looking for muscle gains and fat loss in the mirror on regular basis. For that reason a thoughtful gifts would be a funny mirror that makes him or her look fat, skinny, short, tall or just crazy. Get ready to protect yourself! Bodybuilders don't like similar jokes even if they laugh along with you!

Where are my gains?

2.Trip To Viagra Falls

Bodybuilders and fitness models are known for abusing anabolic steroids. One of the side effects is decrease of natural testosterone production. Many males experience problems with their erection when they are not cycling muscle building drugs. This is why a trip to Viagra Falls can sometimes save the day.

3. Condometric

Bodybuilders are measuring freaks. They just want to know the length of everything from the size of their arm to the size of their gluteus maximus. This is where the condometric comes to save the day. 

Condometric is a special condom which provides vital information for every bodybuilder – the size of the penis in erection.

Note: The condometric uses the metric system which means that you will need a converter in order to find your size in inches.

4. Trip to the madhouse

When you are a bodybuilder it's pretty easy to get crazy. You have to inject a lot of steroids, eat six meals a day, train...etc. All of that can make you crazy. Don't be surprised if you receive a trip to the madhouse as a gift. After all you deserve it since you work pretty hard for it everyday.

5. How To Pass The Polygraph Test For Dummies

Natural bodybuilder would really benefit from reading the book: How To Pass The Polygraph Test For Dummies.You  need to educate yourself on that subject if you want to be a true a true “natural” bodybuilder. Get your copy today!

Don't let this happen to you!

6. Toilet paper holder

Strength athletes like to eat a lot. Many claim that eating like a champion will make you one. One of the sides effect that comes with consuming so much food are the frequent visits to the rest room. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is currently “bulking” make sure to buy her or him a cool toilet paper holder. It's not confirmed with certainty but there are rumors of special discount for people who follow Mark Rippetoe's muscle building diet known as GOMAD. Go for it! The results are amazing as you can see here!

If you pay extra the manufacturer can provide custom
toilet paper holder with bodybuilding physique!

7. Spelling Dictionary

According to an extended research made by many bodybuilding enthusiasts are having really hard time spelling basic words such as: admire, steroids, brother, you, jealous, faggot, serious...etc. For that reason a spelling dictionary seems to be a useful gift. Knowledge is power.

8. Borat mankini

Bodybuilders love their posing trunks. If it was possible they would most likely wear their posing outfit them everywhere they go. Unfortunately the popular posing trunks are often mistaken for regular g-stings and wearing them in public seems to cause a lot of problems. There is a solution.

The modern borat mankini are an updated version of the classic posing trunks. This is a great gift for a bodybuilder who wants to show his physique everywhere while also having slick and sexy looking outfit.

9. Webcam

Bodybuilders like to use webcams in order to show their physique to people around the globe. Sometimes you even get paid for doing so. Fitness lovers find that cool. A new and sexy webcam is a great addition to the arsenal of every bodybuilder. Many have become Internet sensations and millionaires for giving bodybuilding advice on the Internet. All you need to start is a webcam. Buy yours today!

Make sure your pencil is sharp before recording  webcam shows!
10. Flair Hair Visor

Unfortunately many bodybuilders are bald. Some say it's a common side effect that comes with steroid usage. While there is no effective cure for baldness every bald bodybuilder could benefit from a modem looking flair hair visor. The cool thing about that particular product is that you don't have to be bald in order to use it! Get it for a friend or yourself! No time for hesitation! The sexy look you always wanted is just around the corner!

Would you rather give these gifts or receive them?

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

“The Cream” Always Rises To The Top & The Rich Get Richer

Despite the global trend to ban smoking in public places, the intensified campaigns meant to reveal the dangers of this harmful habit and the tendency to prohibit certain types of cigarettes and attractive packaging, tobacco manufacturers continue to accumulate larger profits. Louis Navellier, one of the investors on Wall Street, believes that currently the time is extremely advantageous to buy shares of major companies producing tobacco related products.

Cigarettes and alcohol are a very profitable business, especially in times of economic crisis. People who feel financially threatened by the growing economic crisis are more likely to buy a greasy hamburger, drink more than the reasonable amount of alcohol and smoke a lot. They know that this is unhealthy but these simple things reduce stress to which they are subject, says Navellier.

The expert added that even after the crisis is over and people start to put money into healthy lifestyle such as fitness clubs, clean food and reduce or completely quit smoking and drinking, tobacco magnates such as Altria, Philip Morris and British American Tobacco will never reduce their profits.

Ronald Reagan Cigarette Advertisements

That particular quote itself reveals the true thought process of pretty much every rich man out there – You are stupid but you makes us richer ! Keep Doing It ! The following video you are about to see is part of the movie Assault on Wall Street which presents the problems that arise with rich bankers and Wall Street brokers, business advisers...etc. It's all about “screwing the little man” so that  the cream rises to the top.”

For most smokers, the most important thing is to find their preferred brand of cigarettes – the cooler the picture, the better. Serious cigarette addicts protest against the increasing price of cigarettes but few of them actually quit. Most smokers tend to give up many things, but not smoking. It's a highly addictive activity.

And although in this case we talk about mental rather than physical dependence, the sacrifices made by smokers are quite significant. And this is only a small part on which the tobacco companies rely.

For the last 10 years the pressure on tobacco product manufacturers has heavily increased but they still continue to report extremely large profits. In America and Europe the excise on cigarettes have went up tremendously. The lawsuits started by relatives of smokers who died of lung cancer reported growth as well. The Marlboro Man* himself has passed away in this manner and his family received a big compensation but all of this never turned into an actual anti-advertising of the brand.

The Marlboro advertising campaign is said to be one of the most
brilliant advertising campaigns of all the time

Despite the sanctions in the U.S. and Europe, the global market is still a good investment. Philip Morris sold its huge production in over 180 countries worldwide with profit calculated in billions. 

Only for the last 2012 Altria, the owner of the Marlboro brand, has declared profits on the Asian market worth 6.24 billion - 45% more than in 2011.

The smartest move made by tobacco giants is the production and sale of products meant to actually help customers quit smoking. The idea of course is simple - as all ingenious ideas are. You want to smoke ? Here are some cigarettes. You want to stop ? Please come buy some chewing gum, patches, pills, bracelets, electronic cigarettes...etc. Of course the price of all those products is still very high.

Tobacco corporations have also oriented very quickly towards the production of the so called medical marijuana. The drug was legalized in order to stimulate the nervous and digestive systems of people suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other forms of neurosis. The medical marijuana is also recommended to many cancer patients. And as we can guess, the supplies of the product were taken by bad boys from the tobacco business.

Cigarette companies know where the money is.

So, if you want to invest your money in stocks that will bring you very good profits - bet on the winning horse of the Marlboro Man!

*The Marlboro Man – The Marlboro Man (actually Men) is a figure used in tobacco advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes. The Marlboro advertising campaign is said to be one of the most brilliant advertising campaigns of all the time. The most popular Marlboro Man became a cowboy that led to the “Marlboro Cowboy” and “Marlboro Country” campaigns. Ironically all three men who played Marlboro Man died of lung cancer.


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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is It Drugs Or Genetics?

There are a lot of athletes involved in the sport of “natural” bodybuilding and fitness who like to claim that the majority of their success and domination is due to “superior” genetics for building “quality” muscle mass and maintaining low body fat percentage. Is this really the case ? Do they really have “God given genetics ?”

“Natural” bodybuilders such as Dr. Layne Norton, Jeff Seid, Matt Ogus, The Hodge Twins...etc like to attribute their success in the muscle world to the same old factors: good genetics, consistent training and “solid” nutrition. Similar claims are not surprising since admitting usage of illegal drug products would be an action that may cost them a lot of financial benefits while causing potential trouble with the state authorities, depending on the country you live in. Who would do that ? The option to hide behind the genetics card seems to be much more convenient and much more profitable in the end of the day.

Truth be told most of those guys mentioned in the above paragraph have average genetics like you and me. If you look at some before photos you see a regular male who transform himself into smaller version of Hulk. At the same time the majority of the people who follow the routines of those same muscle Gods usually never reach similar success – not even close. When that happens the usual response of the “superior” individual would be:

“Sorry, I have great genetics and you don't. I rock. You suck.”

How would that make you feel? Like a loser? Well, don't worry! The truth is that the person insulting you like that has one very simple secret: 

“Eat Clen Tren Hard !”*

A good example in this situation would be the famous idol of the youth - Aziz Shavershian a.k.a Zyzz who was aspired to achieve a great physique – “No Matter What !” Zyzz was able to transform himself from an average weak teenager into a muscle monster. Take a look:

Obviously the boy in the before picture does not show any signs of “having God given genetics”. However after many steroid cycles Zyzz became an Internet sensation and role model for others thanks to his new great physique and somewhat narcissistic and eccentric personality.

This is how powerful anabolic steroids are. In case you are not convinced please read the following post as well:Best Detransformations In Bodybuilding. Of course all of this does not mean that genetics are not important - they are essential ! Muscle shape is something that cannot be changed. For example some people have short arm flexors (biceps) and therefor larger “biceps peaks” while there are also individuals who were born with long biceps and therefor have smaller biceps peaks. (More on that subject can be found here.)

Genetics are also very important when it comes to handling the side effect of anabolic steroids. Some people experience much worse problems caused by the usage of similar substances. Beyond that everything is pretty much speculation and the “genetic card” seems to be used as an answer to everything. It's not !

Of course there is another side to every story and it's obvious that some people seem to be more gifted when it comes to creating a “sexy” body but there is more to genetics than just – physical aesthetics. Will Smith, who is an extremely successful man by today's standards and values, has a famous quote:

Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.”

This is another scam that “successful” people like to throw at the “peasants”. If you read the autobiography of Will Smith you will see that a lot of his success had to do more with luck and favorable circumstances than hard work. He was a millionaire before reaching 20 years of age but was soon close to bankruptcy after spending the majority of his money without giving much thought. He was able to bounce back up with the hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show was successful because it was built around the natural charisma of the actor which is as you know “genetic”.

The idea is that if Will Smith did not have the looks, the charisma and the sense of humor his success would have not been possible. Couple that with being born in America and having the right contacts and you have a recipe for money making machine. 99% of the factors that were just mentioned have nothing to do with hard work but more with the way you were born. Do you think that Will Smith would have been a movie star if he was born in Africa? Probably not, at least not a Hollywood movie star. Will Smith's case is a perfect example that in order to succeed you need both – the right genetics to make in your industry as well as the motivation and favorable fortune to be in a place allowing you to express and develop your true character. How many are born with that chance?

It seems that today people are too lazy to think for themselves. Media, TV, Hollywood, modern music, fairy tales...etc have caused an extreme damage to the critical thinking of the society. We tend to believe in highly unrealistic goals and phenomenons. Actually “the man” wants us to believe that the sky is the limit and all you need to do is “work hard” and "you will too achieve your dreams." Well, please, tell that to the Chinese workers in Foxconn who work day and night at the factory plants of Apple. It seems that hard work has failed for them because none of them is happy or rich.

Truth be told that's how the rich get richer – by selling the wrong formula to the “little people”. The very same process is observed in the muscle industry – steroid using athletes tell teenagers and adults that the secret to success is – taking your supplements, training hard and eating well. Power that with good amounts of old cliche quotes, preferably from the books of Paolo Coelho, and you have a recipe for hard working employees who are the ones  making rich people richer.

Genetics are obviously extremely important because our genes define who we are. There are many types of genes some of which are not really physical traits. Obviously nobody chooses the following: gender, family, height, zodiac sign...etc but there are also other genetic factors such as: time and place of birth. Similar “specifications” have already made a lot of choices for us. Obviously somebody who is 5'1 tall will never be the new Michael Jordan. It's impossible to happen. For that reason this person will most likely not play basketball on professional level – choice already predetermined by his/her genes. When it comes to the muscle industry it's quite similar. However since extreme hypertrophy is impossible to happen without high concentration of muscle building hormones everybody who looks like a model from a muscle magazine is abusing large amount of drugs. Some may use less, some may use more but in the end of the day, regardless of good or bad genetics, all muscle Gods look like an average person without their magic elixir.

*”eat clen, tren hard” - this is a popular urban phrase which is a purposely misspelled version of “eat clean, train hard” and is meant to describe the idea that many are using illegal drugs such as Trenbolone (tren) and Clenbuterol (clen) in order to achieve their physical goals instead of doing it the legal way – by Eating Clean And Training hard.
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Physiques Of World Class Athletes Compared Side By Side

In the book Athlete Howard Schatz has compared the physiques of world class athletes competing in many different sports.

It's obvious that the body shape of each competitor is highly dependant on the sport he/she plays. Some are big, some are small but that's the price you have to pay in order to be competitive. 

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

- Jim Rohn 

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Placebo Effect And Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements have been around since the very beginning of the “sport”. Initially the idea behind muscle building elixirs was started by Joe Weider who many people consider the Father Of Bodybuilding. Of course, like it happens quite often, bodybuilding supplements are nothing more than poor products in a shiny packaging backed up by powerful marketing and advertisements. All of that is still true to this very day. Question is: 

Why are people buying supplements despite their miniscule effects ?

One of the answers is : Placebo !

Placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect. (Wikipedia)

The powerful muscle men who advertise different supplement lines, the well directed advertisement as well as the extremely unrealistic claims on the labels actually make many people believe that the magic powders are working and really helping you achieve “the physique you've always dreamed of”.

Imagine that your father gave you something special as kid – a watch, medallion, ring...etc and told you that you will always be stronger when you wear it. If you love your father and consider him an important part of your life chances are you will fall for that especially as a child. People are not machines. We have emotions and similar “tricks” do work on us. The same stays true for supplements in which you want to believe because after all “ if it's working for them it should work for me, I am a human too”. The companies actually do count on that thinking and their ultimate goal is to make you certain that they have the secret formula leading to “the body you always wanted” and the only way to achieve it is by using their products since “our busy lifestyle does not allow us to get enough essential nutrients and therefor hardcore lifters need powders”.

In case you don't know there is a lot of money involved in the supplement business. When there is money involved in the game – there are always lots of scams and unwritten rules. For example there are many studies sponsored by producers of supplements. In other words the sellers are sponsoring studies meant to prove the effectiveness of the fancy products you see on the shelves. When you couple fake research with support and advertisement coming from the muscle Gods you can actually make some serious profit when you target the right audience – in most cases people between 16 and 30 who try to “get the most out of life”.

Well, it works.

Truth be told bodybuilders don't count on fancy powders to built their muscle mass. In order for serious body transformation to occur they use anabolic substances such as steroids, growth hormone and insulin. Many high level muscle men don't even use supplements – not even protein powders or creatine ! They just consider them ineffective or even useless. At the same time pretty much all bodybuilders advertise similar products because advertisement of Trenbolone like drugs does not make you money and is obviously illegal.

Many bodybuilders consider egg yolks and lean fish a much better source of protein than whey powder that quite often just makes you produce more CH4 but since there are retired bodybuilding legends on the cover and companies “have made detailed research” in order to come up with the “best product” customers desperately want to believe that magic is going to happen when they ingest the miracle elixir which is often just a mix of whey (many people use whey as exclusive food for pigs) and sugar (many weight gainers contain tons of sugar). If you really like that you can keep spending your money on fancy bottles with semi-naked men and women on the label. In the meanwhile real food is waiting in the supermarket for less money. Unfortunately, there are no muscle men on the labels.

Probably that is the problem, or is it ?, December 2013
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pull-ups - All Kinds Of Them

Pulls-ups represent one of the oldest and most effective exercise. For that same reason I've included them into my top exercises I would do on a Deserted Island. Today I decided to present you a collection of images showing people doing all kinds of pull-ups. This exercise can be done by almost anyone and there are enough variations to make you busy for the rest of your life. Here are just a few. 


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