Friday, March 29, 2013

The Problem With Cardio And Calories

When you want to lose weight cardio is the first advice, right? However there is one big misunderstanding when it comes to cardio.

Cardio burns much less calories than you would think. The cardio sensors on the machines are usually wrong and not very accurate way to measure how much calories you are burning during cardio sessions. Actually it's almost impossible to know exactly how much calories you are burning during cardio manifests. 

Our body wants us to survive

The body does not give a singular fuck about how much muscled or ripped it is. Truth. The body gives however a lot of attention to surviving each day. That and the fact that in nature nothing is ever lost is the reason why extra caloric intake is stored as bodyfat. 

The body is very efficient when it comes to burning fat and uses just as little as needed. In other words if we were burning 5000 calories everytime we walk for 5 miles we would simply die becuase this is not efficient and one of the reasons why we burn much less calories than we think during cardio. 

Think for a second: if in an hour of cardio you burn 500 calories you have actually used much less extra calories because out of those 500 calories 250 would have been used just to live during that hour. In other words the reward is smaller and if you eat one banana the reward is gone. That's why diet is more effective for burning fat than cardio and faster results are seen from it. 

When you introduce 500 or more caloric deficit to your daily intake your body is receiving 500 calories less no matter what. You have a calculated, pure and real caloric reduction and you did not have to sweat like a pig to achieve it. 

With that being said cardio comes with other benefits diet will never provide - reduction of excess water, improved cardio vascular system, improved agility, stamina...etc.

Conclusion: Diet is more effective than cardio for losing weight but cardio still offers a lot of benefits outside the fat burning spectrum.
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Liar Day: CT Fletcher Natural 22 Inches Arms

I know I have already talked about CT Fletcher but yesterday I saw his more recent videos on YouTube where he trains different lifters. In the above video he states that he achieved his arm size - 22 inches naturally by training his arms every day for a year and a half.

Of course this guy is a liar. There isn't a single person on this planet that can achieve 22 inches arms at low bodyfat training naturally. It does not matter what kind of training you do. Even if it was possible to sustain some sort of intense arm routine everyday (it isn't and mastrubation does not count) you would still not grow 22 inches arms.

You are probably asking yourself this:

But why faggot? You always hate. You are jealous that he achieved naturally what you would never achieve even with Ronnie Colemanesque steroid intake. U mad?

You want prove. I get it. Here's a prove. Ronnie Coleman measured 23 inches arms (5-7%BF) at his peak. He was using grams of testosterone and enough growth hormone to create a second person out of himself. This guy is 51 years old and claims to have 22 inches arms naturally at around 8-11% BF. Do you really think this is possible? A man at his 50s having arms almost as big as a professional bodybuilder on all the drugs in the world. You think it's possible if you train your arms daily? Try it.

Why would he lie?

It's pretty simple. PIPE DREAMS SELL. Miracles, spiderman, batman, larger than life bullshit sells. It's that simple. If I post a video of myself training arms on YouTube I will get 10 hits in 5 months because my arms are tiny pieces of shit compared to this guy's pythons. (Sorry, arms I love you please don't hate me.)

In other words this guy gets tons of hits on YouTube and makes money out of the AdSense program. That's it. It's that simple. If he says that he did at least 50 cycles over the years he may get arrested because steroids are illegal in the USA and other countries. Also he would lose credibility because most people out there are naturals who like to believe in pipe dreams, who like to believe that the routine which will get them to the desired miraculous physique is somewhere out there and this motherfucker has the answer. Yes, he does have the answer but it's not contained in this video. The answer to 22 inches lean arms is this: some training, heavy abuse of hormones for years, some food. That's it. That's how all the guys with 22 inches arms did it. That's how it's done. In reality natural arms would be 18 inches top and most likely those 18 inches would not be in condition. Most people should be happy to have 16 inches arms at 8% BF which actually looks great. So, if you have decent arms genetics you can achieve 6 inches smaller arms than this homo. Keep in mind that I am talking about something like 8% BF which is pretty fucking rare in a gym where most people are natural because most naturals think 20% BF is 10%BF.

Naturals are delusional. I had the opportunity to train in one powerlifting gym where there was all kind of drug abusers - 275 shredded bodybuilders, 500lbs + benchers, 700+ deadlifters...etc. I also had the opportunity to train in a small gym where all the lifters were natural. The naturals were like I said delusional. Once I was in the locker room and a short man was rushing to drink some water. He took his shirt off and started flexing (oh man I become gayer and gayer with each post). He was easily 25% BF but still the fucking moron was admiring his fat ass arms. If he had to get to 8% he was looking at losing 40lbs of pure phucking phat. 40lbs is a small child.

You want to believe CT FLetcher's bullshit. Be my guest. Do it. Train arms every day. Do it. After all I am just a phucking piece shit that stops you to have those 22 inches arms. Punch me in the face and get them pythons. (You are welcome to ask me how to deal with tendonitis after a month on this program.)
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Creatine - Useless Piece Of Shit

As you probably know I hate supplements. I hate them for one very simple reason - they don't work. They don't work...oh wait did I say they don't work. Creatine does not make an exception - it's pure shit.

What is creatine ?

Creatine -  nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle. This is achieved by increasing the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). 

Creatine is naturally produced in the human body from amino acids primarily in the kidney and liver. Approximately 95% of the human body's total creatine is located in skeletal muscle.Creatine is not an essential nutrient, as it is manufactured in the human body from L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine (From Wikipedia - best site ever)

Why do we take creatine?

Good fucking question. The general believe behind creatine is that it allows you to train more intensely in the gym because it's is used as part of the human body's energy system responsible for explosive activities such as weightlifting Most supplement companies claim that your strength and strength endurance increase when on creatine. In other words instead of 6 reps you may end up doing 8 reps with the same weight and thus increase your workload. Or in simple terms the creatine fuels the muscle fibers, you perform better and get bigger because you do more work with higher intensity.

This is my take on all this:

Creatine is useless piece of crap than only makes you retain more water and causes diarrhea. You will look bloated less defined and maybe do two more reps when on it. Big phucking deal. The rep increase is mainly due to holding 10lbs of water and placebo.

Let's summarize:

Creatine is not effective for gaining muslce mass. You only hold water. 
#Nobody get's bigger because of 2 extra reps or using 5 pounds more.

Creatine does not make you train harder. 
#It's mostly placebo. 

Creatine blurs your definition by making you hold more water weight which can be confused for fat.

You lose money when buying creatine.
#Imagine throwing USD 20 in the toilet every month. Would you still  do it?

Creatine can be hard on your kidneys.

Creatine can cause dehydration.


That's my take on it. Want to waist your money on creatine to get 2 more reps? Ok. It's your money but it would be more effective to put the picture of a hot chich in front of you in order to boost your testosterone rather than using creatine to get diarrhea, watery face and look like you are using cocaine.

Ok. I know you have been waiting for a picture of the mentioned hot chick - here's one.

Cut the creatine and only good things will happen.

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Are The Hodge Twins Natural?

Since today I am on the natural/unnatural topic I decided to answer one of the questions I have received over the last months. Are the Hodge Twins Natural?  (Note: The Hodge Twins are brothers who make bodybuilding related videos on YouTube).

The information I have is that the Hodge Twins are 6'2 200lbs, shredded - 7-8% BF. Great stats and certainly they can pass as naturals but it's not that simple. Statistics are not everything. I know about a guy who is 6'2 and competed as a natural bodybuilder at 188 lbs. Now you are probably thinking - 6'2 188lbs - this guy is natural. Not really. He was 188lbs competition weight and ultra shredded. I mean ultra shredded. Did I say he was ultra shredded? Oh wait here's a pic of him.

That's him at both pictures. As you can see 188lbs at 6'2 with insanely low bodyfat looks insane. Striations on delts, triceps cut to the bone and what not. I found a picture of him with shredded glutes but the Branch Warren picture I posted yesterday is gay enough for this week. Back to the point...

That size at that condition is super hard to achieve naturally. I cannot say it's impossible it just does not happen to the average gym homo. I just wanted to prove that bodyweight is not always relevant because this guy while being "only" 188lbs is also probably 5'% BF and water depleted. In normal condition he would be 210-220.  

That means that the stats are not always enough to figure out if somebody is natural or not. As far as the Hodge Twins are concerned I would say that I honestly don't know. Stupid answer but I just don't know. I have one suspicion however - they are close to 40 (according to the information I could find on them) and most of their gains happened after 35. This is quite weird because it's a well known fact that testosterone levels reduce as we age. Of course the bones get much thicker and what not...daddy strength...but in the end of the day - young is young.  So, that's one possible point to look at when wondering whether they are natural or not.

Let's take a look at one of the brothers: 

Those arms are easily 17-18.5 inches. BF levels (from what I see is) 7-9%. If that guys are truly maintaining 200lbs 7-9% BF at 6'2 at 40 years old I seriously doubt they are stranger to cell tech.

However just because people would label me hater I would say it's  possible with great genetics and consistent work for years but won't happen to most people without a little under the counter supplements and that's probably the case with the brother too.

Note: Since I will probably receive tons of comments saying that I am a stupid hater worth as much as a bottle of Coke Zero (not the worse but still crap) I will just answer by saying this: Old news ! 

Thanks for reading my blog.

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Lies, Lies, the world of iron they never end

I just watched a video of an amazingly strong man - CT Fletcher. I am not going to lie - this guy is much stronger that I would ever be. So, I don't question his strength at all - he is brutally strong. However his claims that he is natural made me sad for two reasons.

1. Many people would believe him and would think that it's actually possible to bench press that much weight while not being super fat. No it's not possible. Truth being told there isn't a single lifter out there that holds any kind of world record and is 100% natural. Not a single one. Why? Drugs can add a lot of pounds to your lifts, right? So, if I can have a world record naturally imagine the weight I would be able to lift if I was on hormones. Probably 100 pounds more. This is a ton more weight.

2. There is a misconception about what can be achieved naturally. There are all kinds of guys who claim natural and are at least on TRT. Virtually all of the guys you are likely to hear about did the stuff.


This guy claims natural but he is on so much drugs you wouldn't believe. Skip La Cour - just another fucking liar.
Jim Cordova - natural? Of, course. As natural as sex between animals and humans.

Jeff Willet - all natural if you don't count the     drugs.

Layne Norton - natural born liar

Herschel Walkers - this guy claims he eats one meal a day and does only body weight. Best troll in the "muscle world". I hope you know by now that he is on drugs. Hint: look at traps. Black guy genetics you say? Ok. Have a nice day.

Lies, lies they never stop. The main reason why so many people claim natural is to attract people because we all like to believe in pipe dreams. If PEDs are removed all those natural stars would look like a man selling newspapers on the street. Don't believe me? Wait and see.

A true natural bodybuilder looks closer to this:

This guy is Kazuyuki Miyata and is actually a fighter but really good example. Here he is 5'7 and 146 lbs. This is about as ripped and as big it gets for an average person naturally at his height.

He may have used something to get cut. I don't know but his physique is 100% achievable naturally.

Sorry. I would like lies to be true but they are not.

Another example is the gymnast Jordan Jovtchev - 5'4 135lbs. He is a little top heavy and his legs are smaller because he is a gymnast but this is about as much muscle as you can hold naturally at his height and bodyfat levels. Most gymnast are drug free. The more technical the sport the biggest possibility for an athlete to be natural. 

Funny how all naturals are outside of the iron sports. Why would that be? The cool thing is that if you actually get to your potential naturally - YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY with your accomplishment. No doubt about. No doubt.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Problem With Steroids

Steroids are always a hot topic and pretty much everybody on this planet who has been somewhat training for more than a few years has at least thought one time about doing the stuff. Yes, I know you googled steroids many did I.

Nothing in nature can be hidden or lost. Let's take a look at the water cycle (pun intented) for example. Water changes its form but it never disappears. 

Same is true about steroids. Steroids are basically hormones. When you put steroids into your body under any kind or form your male hormone testosterone increases you since this is the hormone responsible for muscle growth and many other things considered "alpha" you get bigger. Nice, right?

You are probably thinking this: 

Professional bodybuilders abuse steroids for decades. I will do just one cycle and gain 10-15 pounds. It's not gonna hurt me.

The problem is this. After you stop using steroids your hormones are back to normal in best case scenario. Most people will even produce less testosterone because when you go on "the juice" your natural production is decreased. However let's say that you are back to normal, no side effects, no nothing. You just gained 15 lbs of pure muscle. What happens next?

Like I said you cannot cheat nature and that's what happens after you go off - you shrink back to what you were prior to injecting that sweet gluteus maximus because your testosterone levels are too low to maintain your extra muscle mass. Doesn't matter who you are, how thick are your bones, how big is your nut. You will eventually shrink. You can't fight nature. You can try but you will always lose. So, what do you do?

Correct. You do one more cycle and then one more and then one more. Eventually you either quit and go on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Terapy) or you use high dosages all the time. Both options sick in my opnion.

The truth about TRT

Today I read on some stupid site how awesome TRT is and how testosterone levels of man decrease with each generation and kids born after 2000 will have the hormonal profile of Pamela Anderson and what not. Bullshit. 

TRT sucks because it's like drug addiction. When you are on you feel good. When you are off you feel like shit and probably look like a girl. Wait, most of the steroids fuckers out there probably would look like a girl without it. So if you want to be injected some synthetic testosterone in your butt while flexing your fake muscles in front of a bunch of fags do your thing. 

Of course I guess if you are old you have "nothing to lose" but that's the actual purpose of TRT - to use it when you need it and not because you were a stupid meat head when you were 20 and now your nuts are the size of Keira Knightley's nipple.

Option number two is to stay on higher doses all the time, like professional bodybuilders. No, they don't go off. When do you think was the last time Branch Warren took a rest from all the drugs? Maybe when people were using Windows 3.11? 

Someone once said to me: Bodybuilding is 70% gay by default. I didn't believe him. Now I do.

When you stay on high doses all year you get the same benefits you get from TRT but this time you add extra kidney and livers stress. Yeah, you big. 

So, in the end of the day steroids become a vicious cycle. You get big but you have to keep them in your system, at least one cycle from time to time, just to keep some of the gains. Don't blame me, blame nature. Nature does not want us to have something for nothing. We always pay for what we do - it may be our health, personal life or whatever but in order to get something in life we always pay some sort of a price.

So while I cannot stop you from using I can just tell you the truth. 

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Getting Lean In 3 Months

The following strategy is designed to take you from something like 23-25% BF to 10-11% BF in about 12 weeks or three months.

Note: For females add 5-7% to the above values.

Also small females may need to add 2-3 days of cardio during the last weeks instead of reducing the calories because eating something like 500 calories a day for weeks would be a torture. 


While on this plan you will NOT gain a single pound of muscle unless you are beginner. This program is designed to get you to decent bodyfat levels. Unless you use PEDs you won't be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Sorry.

This approach will get you lean faster but is mentally pretty hard.

Week 1: Multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 9. So, let's say you weight 200 lbs. 200lbs x 9 = 1800.

Those are you calories for 4 days out of week 1. The rest three days eat as usual. NOT more - just as usual.

Exercise plan does not change. You still train the way you trained the previous weeks.

Week 2:

Eat around 1800 calories for 5 days. The week-end eat as usual. Exercise program does not change.

Week 3:

Eat around 1800 calories for 6 days. On Sunday eat whatever you want. Exercise program can be kept the same depending on how you feel but you can also reduce the sets. Don't train more than 3-4 times a week.

Week 4:

Welcome to hell. Keep calories at around 1800 for the whole week. You can have a cheat meal for breakfast 2-3 times a week but overall calories should not go over 1800 by much.

Reduce training days to three and cut isolation exercises completely.

Week 5:

Same as week 4 but on Sunday you can cheat a little.

Week 6:

Reduce training days to 2. Keep weights the same and sets really low. No cheats. Calories are the same as Week 5.

Week 7:

Same as week 6.

Week 8:

Welcome to the real hell.  Same as week 6 but add two days of 30 minutes cardio of choice. No cheats.

Week 9:

You can end your diet here if you have your goals reached. It depends on how fat you started.

You can also take one week off and keep eating plus 1000 calories to your calculated caloric intake for the previous weeks.

Week 10:

Cut training days to 1. Reduce calories by 500. In our case that leaves 1300.

Week 11:

Same as week 10.

Week 12:

Reduce calories by 500 more. In our case that leaves us with 800. Enjoy hell. All the calories should come from protein.

Note: you can add an extra week at 800 calories if needed.

Week 13:

Eat at maintance levels. Usually about 1000 calories on top of the caloric intake for the whole cutting cycle.

Note: If you have some sort of health issues that may become problematic due to this diet DON'T DO IT.

Possible side effects: 

I think most people will be fine. The last three weeks are hell. No doubt about it. Actually all 12 weeks are hell. Once again if your body tells you to stop. STOP!

Keep protein at about 1gram per LBM. This means that if you are 200lbs and 20% BF your LBM is 160lbs. You will need about 160-200 grams of protein to keep your mass. No more is needed.

This is how I cut weight. I had to lose 30-35 lbs on two occasions and that plan worked both times. I got from 23% BF to 10% BF.

Are there other ways? Yes. No doubt about it but this one sure as hell works.

If you have any questions ask in the comment section.

Disclaimer: This type of dieting can cause health issues. Consult your doctor before engaging in similar activities. This blog does NOT carry any responsability for your actions. Be careful! Stay safe!
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P90X - Muscle Confusion ? Starting Strength ?

A long time ago I wrote an article on regarding the battle between P90X and Starting Strength. Recently I've been watching a lot of Tony Hortons's video and decided to add a little more information on the subject.

On Muscle Confusion

A lot of people seem to hate on the so called muscle confusion principle which comes with P90X. Rippetoe himself said that "you don't want your muscles to be confused". In other words they need to get the message straight. However what really happens with P90X is not really muscle confusion. The program contains stretching, yoga, cardio and resistance training. In other words you improve your cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility. There is no muscle confusion. You just work on more aspects of your physical condition. If you are doing your regular Starting Strength/Barbell routine you are probably missing on some of those aspects. I still think that P90X is a better overall program than Starting Strength /Arnolds routine/ Greedy Joe Weider routine/ and will have much more drastic impact on your physique and lifestyle.

Before you start talking how Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, is weak and cannot squat/bench/dead as much as the Rippetoe crew  keep in mind that the guy is currently 54 years old and performs better than most 20 years old. He does his own programs and they obviously work for him. How many 54 years old natural athletes do you know that have striations on their quads? Seriously? How many guys do you know at any age with striations on their quads? How many guys can do what he does at 54?

I like Tony Horton because I myself did a little P90X when I was 16 years old and that was one of my first ever training sessions. However I can see why people would hate him and would classify his attitude as annoying. I can see that.

With that being said I don't think P90X is optimal for everyone. It contains a lot of bullshit exercises - kickbacks and the original version is super core heavy. I personally prefer to do my own programs and choose exercises that don't hurt my joints. I also don't think yoga and stretching are as important as Tony Horton makes them to be. Doing the exercises, especially bodyweight, through full range of motion should improve your active flexibility which in the end of the day is what counts. 

P90X sure as hell comes with annoying commercials and this shakology bullshit has to stop. I will say it once more. Supplements are nothing special and the shakology crap of Tony Horton makes no exception. Unless you go on vacation and so on you don't need crapology or any other supplement. Not even vitamins but that's another subject.

Overall I think P90X has done a lot of good to the world. No doubt about it. Huge amounts of people have improved their health thanks to it. It also affects much larger number of the population unlike the barbell programs since they are targeted mostly at young boys.

So, yes, take what you like from P90X and use it in your own program.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Do You Hate Mark Rippetoe?

Unless you are new to you know that I have posted some serious negative comments on Mark Rippetoe and his famous routine Starting Strength. That's why I receive quite often some sexy comments which politely suggest that I go fuck myself. So, today I will explain once more why I don't like Mark Rippetoe.

I don't hate Mark Rippetoe. I just don't like the guy for one very simple and obvious reason. He is wrong. Yes, he is wrong. He is not different than the supplement companies selling fairy tales to the kids that one day if they take their multi everyday massive size and 8 pack abs are knocking on the door.

He says that you can gain a shitload of muscle on his program when in fact the only thing you gain on his program is a shitload of fat.

Take a look:

Typical Rippetoe victim looks like this:

Starting stats

150 lbs, 5'10, 17%BF

After Starting Strength 6 months later

200lbs, 5'10, 23+% BF


The guys starts with 150lbs and 17%BF which means his lean mass was 125lbs.

The guys ends with 200lbs and 24% BF which means that his lean mas is 152lbs.

In other words the typical skinny fat Rippetoe victim ends up gaining 50% fat on his program. And just to illustrate what 50% are I would like you to imagine that your salary decreases by 50%. Pretty big, right? However it does not end there.

Out of those 25lbs lean mass which were gain around 5-10 lbs are water and glycogen which means that the poor kid gained only around 15lbs of actual muscle which he would have gained on a regular diet without all the fat. 15 lbs out of 50 lbs is the true muscle gain on Starting Strength for the typical skinny beginner. I would go even further and say that the particular person would have gained 5-7lbs just by eating more and not even training. There was a research which siggested that usually if you don't train and you gain weight around 30% would be lean gains. Is it true in real world and not only the labs? I don't know. Most likely yes.

This is the truth whether you like it or not. I know Rippetoe says that usually 60% of the gains are muscle but they are not. He would like them to be and it sure as hell helps him make millions out of his gay books but reality speaks louder than words.

I don't like Mark Rippetoe because I was one of those guys. I did his program back in the day and I got to be a skinny fat ass to the sky. I gained 45 lbs in 4 months and I didn't even consume the recommended 6 000 calories. On average I was eating 3000-3500 calories. I started at 149lbs and had an office job so I was not burning much calories doing squats 3x5. I was able to eat 5 000 calories only for 2 days. I could only imagine how it feels to eat 6 000 calories a day from good sources. Living in the toilet sounds fun.

Later I lost 30lbs + in around 4 months. I could have done better but I did not care much about training at that time. For that I blame Mark Rippetoe as well as all other liars who talk about eating big. I also blame myself for not knowing any better and it makes sense to me to share this information with other people so that my experience is worth something more than a bad memory.

No, thanks.

In my next post I will talk p90x vs. starting strength once more. 

I like blogspot a lot it's so much easier to post.

Thank you for reading. I hope my lameness becomes your greatness.

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Does Strength Equal Muscle ? Stronglifts 5x5 Bullshit?

I just watched a video of the infmaous Mehdi, the "creator" of StrongLifts 5x5. According to him strength equals muscle mass. Is it true however?

Yes and No. Retarted answer I know.

How, so?

Muscle size is certainly dependant on strength. Obviously strong guys seem to have big muscles but not always. There are plenty examples of people who look weak/average and still lift heavy weights. I myself was able to deadlift a lot (430lbs at BW 175, BF 19%) and still I looked like shit. My father who does not train at all had bigger muscles than me. He would probably struggle with 250lbs deadlift. Yet, he bigger.

The problem with the deadlift

The deadlift may be an indication of strength or how long your arms...etc but it certainly isn't an indication how big you are. The main reason for this is the fact that the range of motion is shorter and some people are just built for the lift. Just go to youtube and you will see plenty of people who deadlift 600lbs + and look worse than Mark Rippetoe.

The problem with the squat

The squat is a little different. Most people who squat big weights are usually big or at least very thick. However exceptions are always welcome:

This guys squats 600 lbs and looks like? guess what? Of course he uses equipement, has wide stance and does not go ATG but still 600lbs is super fucking heavy. Yet, he small.

However its hard to find guys who squat a lot and are not big/fat...overall heavy dudes.

All of this leads to the question - Why?

It's simple. The goal of weightlifting is to lift as much weight as possible while the goal of  "muscle building" is to load muscle group(s) through a large range of motion so that more fibers are "hurt" and later repair themselves. That's why you see so many powerlifters having big guts and what not. They would do anything to shorter the range of motion in order to lift more weight. That's why you may see some guys lifting impressive poundages and still having smaller muscles than people who bodybuild or whatever you want to call it. Bodybuilding = harder on the muscle. Powerlifting = lift heavy.

In the end of the day my asnwer would be yes...strength does equal size but only when the range of motion is as big as your body allows without getting hurt and the overall volume is high. 

In a nutshell the recipe for being small and strong is:

Don't eat much.
Perform low reps.
Rest a lot between sets.
Lift heavy.

The recipe for building size is:

Eat sufficiently.
Perform moderate number of reps and do multiple rep ranges.
Don't rest too much between sets.
Lift moderate weight.

I don't see why a bodybuilder would max out on any lift. It makes no sense except for ego purposes.


Take a multi.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Upper Body Specialization Routine

Everybody likes training upper body...right? I am offering you a routine that will focus mainly on the upperbody and will allow you to build a bro physique. Yes, you will still be training legs. Thanks for asking.

Day 1: Chest & Back

# Chest emphasis

Incline bench press - 3 x 6-10

Flat bench press - 3 x 6-10
Dips - 2 x F - perform as many reps as you can with good form.

# You can use barbell or dumbbells. It's up to you.

Barbell row/Chest Supported row/T-bar row - 3 x 6-8

Pull-ups - 3 x F

This is all you do on this day. Rest 1-3 minutes between sets. Keep the weight moderate. The workout should not take longer than 40-60 minutes.

Day 2:

Rest and go play some Starcraft 2.

Day 3: Legs & Arms

Leg press - 3 x 8-15

# On the leg press you can go higher in reps to get some real good pump (omg I sound homo) in the legs.

Squat - 3 x 6-8

#You can do any type of squat you won't except for hacks.

Romanian Deadlift - 3 x 8 (skip if doing deadlift on back day)

Hamstring Curl or similar exercise - 4 x 12

# Leg press is done before squats because we want to kill the legs before squatting. That way when you squat your legs will be the weak link and not your back.

EZ Bar Biceps curls - 3 x 6-10

Dumbbel curls on incline bench - 5 x 12
Pull-over or PJR pull-over - 3 x 6-10
Triceps extension of choice - 5 x 12

Day 4:


Day 5: Back & Chest

Back emphasis

Deadlift or barbell row - 2 x 8

Lat pull-downs with grip of choice - 5 x 12
Seated cable rows - 5 x 12

Incline  press - 5 x 12

Dips - 2 x F



Will I lose leg mass on this routine?

Hell no.

Why separate arm day?

Why not?

Why no shoulder day?

You can add laterals or rear delt flies. No need for additional front shoulder work.

Can I do this routine on a cut?

Yes but no.

Will I gain an inch on my arms with this routine?

Maybe but it will take time and you can do that with many routines not just this one.

Why train legs just once a week ?

It allows you to ride your bike during the rest of the week. U mad son?

What if I don't do this program?

Not giving a fuck son.

Why not training calves?

Cause calves are genetic son and why have bigger calves when you can have even bigger arms instead. 

But bros will get mad that I am not symmetrical. Phaggot.

Only cats are symmetrical son.

Why calves don't grow?

Read THIS son.

Can I add forearm shit, bro?


How long to see results?

Depends how close to your genetic potential you are son. But in general after 8 weeks you should see some gains. If not eat a little more.

Can I do GOMAD ? Ripptards recommend it.

Yes, do GOMAD if you enjoy 6 months cuts because that's what it takes to lose the 50 pounds of PHAT you gain on GOMAD.

Can I use steroids and do this routine?

Yes, but first cut your balls.

Disclaimer: This is just a routine not growth hormone.

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