Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Truth About Mark Rippetoe's "Novice Effect"

Mark Rippetoe a.k.a Rip is the one who made "the novice effect" popular. According to Rippetoe the novice effect consists in insanely fast strength and mass gains observed in beginner lifters. He likes to use his boy Zack Evetts as an example. Below you can read one of the most delusional statements ever made by a weightlifting "coach".
"We have a member here at WFAC who gained 55 pounds in 11 weeks. I shit you not. Zach Evetts started with us here in late August of 2009 and by November 12 when I weighed him and  measured his bodyfat he had gained a total of 55 pounds of bodyweight and a little over 31 pounds of  lean body mass (LBM). This calculates to a LBM gain of 2.84 pounds per week, approximately the rate  of growth seen in young farm animals. Little baby pigs grow about this fast, and lots of people make money by raising baby pigs.No, Zach was/is not taking steroids; being an extremely broke 20 year old college kid, he can barely afford his gallon of milk a day. And yes, he gained about 24 pounds of fat, none of which you can see very well and all of which will come off very easily when it becomes an issue."

The truth however is extremely painful for the Rippetoe monkeys to understand. Yes, it's true that when you are a beginner you are adding weight to bar fast but that's because you start with very light weights and your muscles as well as CNS learn to be more efficient during the lifts. Also your form improves over time. The mass gains however are simply not true and the above paragraph just speaks volumes about how moronic and blind Rippetoe is. 

The truth about Mark Rippetoe's novice effect is: get to 20-25% BF fast and never take your shirt off just to look "big". That's Mr. Rippetoe's Novice Effect in a nutshell. On top of that people don't really get much stronger on his program. Let me explain.

Zack Evetts started with 145 lbs squat at about 170lbs bodyweight. He ended his "linear progression" at about 315 and 225 lbs.

Let's see:

145lbs at 170lbs BW is exactly 0.85 BW squat. He could've easily taken his squat to 200lbs at that very same bodyweight and that would've been 1.17 BW squat.

315 squat at 225 bs is 1.5 BW squat. While his squat doubled on paper the truth is that most of the "strength increase" is due to the massive weight gain. Anybody can be stronger when he/she is 50lbs heavier. 
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Why Muscle Growth Fails To Happen

I am not very gifted when it comes to building big muscles. That's why I had to try all kinds of training methods just to fail every time. Nothing worked for me - high reps, low reps, light weight, heavy weight, medium weight, supersets, drop sets, pre-exhaustion. You name it, I've done it all - probably more than once. 

After years of failure I came to the conclusion: everyone who is somewhat decent/impressive looking is on steroids. It may sound like loser's mantra but to this very day I was never wrong when it comes to detecting guys on steroids. Every time I thought someone is on steroids I was right. Every single time. And I am not talking about Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler - I am talking about the everyday warriors I see in the gyms I've visited over the years. Today for example I added one more number to the successful list. A guy in my gym who was frequently training legs with stupid weights like 180 pounds squats, 100 pounds lunges and 150 pounds Romanian deadlifts came out and said he was on winstrol and deca. To me this was not a surprise because his legs were enormous despite the light weights and he was also holding tremendous amounts of water weight. This very same guy, although impressive for the average gym, could pass for natural any day on YouTube where ignorant teenagers and insecure young male adults sucking to Arnold think it's all about: lifting heavy and eating right. 

But let's go back to the topic: Why muscle growth fails? Muscle growth fails because of the average hormonal profile. In other words the average level of male hormones allow only so much muscle to be built. And we are actually talking about something like 20-25 pounds on top of your no trained bodyweight, and that's generous. Training can make your muscles somewhat thicker and bigger but after a very short period the magic goes away. Of course if your lower back can deadlift 500lbs it will be thicker than the non-trained version of YOUR lower back which deadlifts the newspaper. However in terms of actual volume - that's a different story. The difference will not by as insane as you would think. For example, my calves are small but I have no doubt that I can lift more weight on the calve machine than my father who has big calves.

To this day nobody can truly explain "hypertrophy". In my opinion the researches dedicated to the topic are too "dirty" since they are sponsored by supplement companies who have financial profits in mind. Hypertrophy is this mystic process that makes your muscle bigger. Scientist would like you to believe that they got it all figured out but right now the number of skinny guys in the gym is higher than ever. Something must be wrong. Why people fail to look like the Hodge Twins after years of training? Black man genetics? Give me a break. 

Muscle growth fails because it's physically impossible after a certain point. It's just not natural. The same way it's not natural to grow taller every year. Eventually it has stop. "Causing micro traumas in your muscles" can only do so much. After that you have to jump on the harmonized train. Kinda sad when you think about it.

A lot of people will come to you with "the perfect routine". They can all suck it. Yes, I've written routines but they are just examples that somewhat worked for me. I don't think there are magic routines. After all most routines have the same moto "add weight when you can and step back when you feel you have to."

What to do?

Well, you can jump on the hormone train to get bigger. The other option I usually recommend to gym warriors suffering from depression caused by poor muscle gains is to simply set a physical goal such as 20 pull-ups by Christmas, bodyweight bench press by my birthday...etc. By setting a goal and achieving it you will feel much better than crying in the dark that you have not added an inch you your arms following Mr. I-am-on-steroids-but-I-will-deny-it-cause-I-am-a-big-insecure-monkey's routine.

Here is a video where you can see people who are 100% natural:

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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Truth About Professor X On T-Nation

I hate T-Nation with a passion. Actually I hate T-Nation more than I hate steroids. A lot more. It's mainly because of the insane amount scams you can see on the site. I can write a book about 200 pages long on the issue but today I will just focus on one of the most famous posters on T-Nation - Professor X.

Professor X is what I would call delusional insecure wannabe. He is really famous for his advice: "eat till you puke and get heavy ass f*". He is about 260-300 lbs at 6' and of course claims he is natural. That's why most people listen to him. He is big. But the truth is as follows:

Professor X is not a natural bodybuilder and is also overweight by bodybuilding standards. 

Professor X is welcome to shut the fuck up and
stop giving misleading advice to newbies.
The advice of Professor X is horrible and only good if you are on steroids. If not you will simply get as fat as him but without the muscle.

At 280 lbs this guy has to lose solid 50-60 pounds to get to competition level of leanness. That makes him 220-230 lbs at 6'. And we all know that Arnold (6'2 tall) abused steroids since a very young age competed at 235lbs. That's why Professor X is welcome to shut the fuck up, once more.

P.S. Most of the big posters on T-Nation are getting some shady deals with T-Nation in order to spread bad information and keep ignorant individuals believe in massive lies and supplements which are as useful as money when you are dead.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lifting Weights Does Not Burn Many Calories !

Here's a mad fact: lifting weights burns very little calories. A sets of heavy Rippetoe style, ultra epic, religious, no-homo squats burns less calories than mastrubating for 20 minutes does. 

In order to determine how much calories are needed during an exercise such as squats we first have to determine how much work we are doing during, let's say, 100kg/220 lbs squat.

Work = Force x Displacement

Displacement - during a regular squat perfomed by an average person the weight moves about 50 cm up and 50 cm down. This means that the total displacement is 1 m.

Force = applied pressure

F = Mass x G (gravity)

# Earth's gravity causes an acceleration of 9.81 m/s per second 

So, during a 100 kg squat the force is:

F = 100 x 9.81 = 981 N; this means that the work is:

W = 981 N x 1 m = 981 J  

(1 J = 0.24 cal )

So the work during one 100 kg squat is 235.44 cal or about 0.235 kcal.

However we also have to find the effieciency of the human body during all this.

The efficiency of human muscle has been measured (in the context of rowing and cycling) at 18% to 26%. The efficiency is defined as the ratio of mechanical work output to the total metabolic cost, as can be calculated from oxygen consumption. This low efficiency is the result of about 40% efficiency of generating ATP from food energy, losses in converting energy from ATP into mechanical work inside the muscle, and mechanical losses inside the body.

From Wikipedia

Now, let's calculate the average efficiency:

18 + 26 = 44; 44/2 = 22

So, the average efficiency of the human muscle structures is 22%. This means that the human body loses 78% of the energy during generation of force. Said in simple terms in order to perform work which requieres 1 kcal we need to consume 4.5 kcal.

Let's find out how much calories we need in order to burn 0.235 kcal given the fact that the average efficiency of the body is 22%.

0.235 / 0.22 = 1.07 kcal

This means that one 100kg squat burns 1 kcal. 

In other words to burn 1 apple or 150 kcal you need to perform 150 squats with 100kg.


P.S. Rippetoe's workout is about 2-3 exercises x 15 reps = 45 reps = about 50 calories or less burned during the movements themselves. No wonder his athletes look like this.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Layne Norton With Gynecomastia !

Today I found a few photos which will be proudly added to the evidence proving that Layne Norton should change his name to Liar Norton.

We proudly present Layne Norton, ultra-natural bodybuilder and his gynecomasita a.k.a bitch tits. Observe the nipples of this protein-powder-only bodybuilder. There are clear signs of gynecomastia - not to be confused with man boobs due to being fat. 

Gynecomasita is a breast tissue formation caused by usage of anabolic steroids and the hormonal imbalances that come with it.


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Monday, June 10, 2013

Bostin Loyd Tells What He Used To Win 2013 NPC Contra Costa

This kid is one of the few people out there willing to tell the truth about bodybuilding. While his approach is extreme and I recommend that you spend your lunch money on something else other than muscle candies it's still interesting to see how the "people who look like they lift" actually live. All of this makes me sad for some reason and yet I am happy that instead of becoming another Matt Ogus or Jeff Seid Bostin Loyd tells the truth.

Attention: If you do something similar you may die. Don't do it. Or at least when you do it and die go slap Joe Weider's ghost.

Here's IronGangsta's Guide To Spotting A Fake Natural

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jeff Seid As Natural as Ronnie Coleman

Yesteday someone asked me: "what do you think about Jeff Seid ??he is not too big and he is only 18 years old..." in the comment section to this post: Natural Liars.

The answer is: Jeff Seid is not natural. 

Why? The answer is right in front of your eyes. This guy has too much quality muscle and low bodyfat all year around at such a young age - 17-18 years old. You can't achieve that naturally, certainly not your average white boy. Also Jeff Seid is professional fitness model and the number of natural professional fitness models equals zero.

Jeff Seid claims 17.5 inches arms at 5.5% BF at 17-18 years of age.


So, let's see. This guy has arms as big as Frank Zane's arms at similar bodyfat. Frank Zane was three times Mr. Olympia. Hm? Makes sense that Jeff Seid is "all natural, protein powder, bra".

I know some of the hardcore Jeff Seid, Matt Ogus and what not dick riders are going to come at me with phrases like: But, I want hardcore evidence??!!!

Well, here's my hardcore evidence: how come the guys who do the exact same thing as those natural bodybuilders never get to their level? Same nutrition, same routine, same supplements? Similar genetics?...and yet they never ever come close to something looking like that? 

Never seen those guys? Simply got to your local gym or register on a famous forum. They are everywhere.

No, Jeff Seid is not natural. He is using all kinds of drugs such as winstrol, anavar, tren, primobolan and growth hormone.

I am too old to be tricked by idiots like Jeff Seid. I've been in this game for too long. 

Without YouTube all those manlets like Matt Ogus, Jeff Seid and company would only be known in the local gay bar and online sites for gay web-cam shows.

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Born To Deadlift, Back Thickness, Buff Mofos in the House

The deadlift is one of those exercises that have almost mythical status for the following reasons:

- so little people actually do it that it becomes a myth;
- there are so many people killing their backs doing deadlifts that it becomes a mythical back destroyer;

There is one undeniable fact when it comes to deadlifting - it does build a thick back and you would normally need 4 exercises to match that effect without deadlifting. There are many famous deadlifters today but I don't care much about them. For me the king of deadlifting will forever remain - Bob Peoples. He was born and lifted in an era when steroids and other miracle drugs were not widely used. He got brutally strong with no to small usage of muscle elixirs. (I doubt he was 100% clean but compared to today's pharmaceutical porn he was clean as a whistle.)

Why does the deadlift build such thick backs?

It's quite simple - the deadlift hits hard (as in very hard) muscles such as the spinal erectors that otherwise do not receive much attention from exercises like pull-ups, rows...etc. Who has a thicker (not to be confused with wider) back - a gay that can do 20 pull-ups or the guy that deadlifts (insert heavy weight of choice). My bet is on the guy that deadlifts. Why? Pull-ups focus mainly on the lat's while the erectors, traps and other muscles are "hit" to a much smaller degree. The deadlift "owns" every single muscle fiber (exaggeration) in your spinal erectors, lats, traps...

 Long arms help in the deadlift

Q: I want back like Bob Peoples what should I do?

A: Deadlift or rack pull. Heavy and consistently and still there is no magic formula.

Q: Why was Bob Peoples' bench press weak?

A: Long arms.

Q: Should I follow Bob People's routine?

A: No. Do your own.
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Scooby Wants To Kill Me

Recently I registered on the forum of Scooby1976 and tried to troll like there is no tomorrow. Scooby got real mad and decided to ban me forever. He was particularly mad at me for pointing the truth about him:

- he is a homosexual; That's why it easier for him to give up on fertility since as a homosexual you cannot have kids since you don't like women and you need at least one to have a kid.

- he has been on steroids for years; (not very light cycles actually - 700mg -1500mg of Test)

- usage of growth hormone; every rich old bastard uses GH - from Sylvester to Arnold;

Scooby is more muscular and leaner in his 50s than he was in his 20-30-40s. Possible naturally? Only on Not here.

I actually received some death threats but I am not 100% sure it was Scooby himself or some of his pupils. 


Suck it Scooby. IronGangsta Knows !

                                                     2007                                                    1990


Just make sure you do your skateboard squats and triceps kickbacks at home and don't forget to be a "vegan" too.
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