Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Truth About War

You like war, don't you?

You like your American special forces that go out there and take countries you've never heard of to the ground. After all, they are the bat guys....

You like Hollywood propaganda and war drama movies, don't you? Such love...

Well, you may or may not - but many do. A good example would be Marc Lobliner who is a bodybuilder. In the video below he states how much he loves the U.S. army.

In the video he basically states how much he respects the army and its heroism. It all seems nice and sweet but as always reality is much different.

I personally have zero respect for any kind of military actions that can be avoided. There's absolutely no heroism nor honor in attacking a country when such action can be prevented. The only thing that's accomplished this way is the suffering of millions of people.

Some are going to be killed during the war and others will starve because instead of using the money and natural resources for building homes and food production centers, all the force is used for the creation of weapons for mass destruction.

Do you know how the satanists call the military? They call them 'OUR DOGS' or 'OUR PETS'. Why? Because they are used as such. They are manipulated through propaganda and poorly understood ideas of honor and service to the country.
Here's a quote from the American diplomat Henry Kissinger: 
“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
This is exactly how your rulers see the army. The ironic thing is that the soldiers actually have labels similar to what people put on their dogs. The necklaces you see on many soldiers are referred to as dog tags. I wonder why...

The only time when military actions are justified to some point is when you are attacked and you are fighting for your independence. Unfortunately, the big dogs only attack poor countries which barely have enough to produce anything, let alone weapons.

Rich men love war

Rich men love wars. They usually sponsor both sides of the events. Yes, you heard me correctly. Rich men sponsor both sides of the war and profit from stock market shares, captive contracts and general destabilization of the world economy and values. The ordinary man is used only as meat and regardless of how many medals you have - a soldier is primarily a killer. Badges and medals mean something in the human world but the human world does not mean very much by the looks of it.

Marc Lobliner is super wrong about what he said in the video. First, he states that when you are in the special forces you are VERY SMART and 'an elite level motherfucker and a killing machine'. Later during the video he contradicts himself.

He first states that soldiers are smart and later on says that the troops are not guilty of the brutalities that happen in the senseless wars started by the corporation United States of America. If those guys are so smart, why do they allow themselves to be controlled like 'PETS' by politicians and military generals. Why? Well, you must be a pretty stupid motherfucker to do that.

I don't advise young men and women to lose their youth, skills and potentially life by joining the military. It's pointless. If you want to help your country, become a doctor, a firefighter and a peace officer but not a mad man with a permission to kill which are many among the army men, albeit not all of them.

Of course, guys like Marc Lobliner are going to support the army. After all, he has a very good life for himself. Getting paid to put needles in his rear, driving nice cars, living in a nice house. The system works well for him.

Marck Lobliner, please tell me how you would feel if hundreds of 'elite motherfucker and killing machines' were patrolling in front of your 'desperate housewives' style house and playing with your woman? This is what the guys you like do.

They are not fighting for freedom.

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”― George Carlin

Note: This is not directed only at Marc Lobliner, but at all brain limited 2D creatures born in favorable conditions who support his point of view.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

What is the point of getting married when you don't even exist?

So, you want to get married don't you? A prince or a princess....yeah right.

What does it mean to get married?

In the human world getting married means: spending a lot of money on a ceremony and signing a contract. Of course, there is also the added 'benefit' of 'entering an union with the love of your life' but that's not as important right now.

Question is, how do you get married when you don't even exist?

You are a fake person and you don't even exist. Why? Because the fact that a piece of paper says something does not mean much in the real world. Do you really think THE CREATOR can remember so many names? It seems much more practical to label humans as sheep and call it a day.

The fact that a document says that you are united with someone else holds value only in the world of business. Beyond that - it's meaningless. That makes the act of getting married meaningless also regardless of how much you love your partner.

Most people get married for practical reasons. They want to feel secure that their social debt has been paid and their child won't be a 'bastard'.

But my wedding day was the happiest day of my life...

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. The way I see it you either love someone in the REAL WORLD or you don't.

A piece of paper, a diamond ring stolen from Africa or whatever mean truly nothing. It's humans who need paper work, nature doesn't.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Human Made World - Success Is Not Always What It Seems

There are two worlds that we know of - the human world and the real world. The human world is a world made by humans. Humans have set the rules, the working mechanisms, the laws and the outcome. An example would a kid that receives A for great work at school. It seems nice and cute but what really happens is this: the kid receives an approval that means something only in the human world and nothing in the real world. Nature does not care about your grades. You employer may care, but the real life is way beyond that.

To give you a further perspective I will use the popular company example. What is a company? A company is a business venture which trades money for work. The so-called employees sign contracts which are in fact trading agreements. We trade time and effort for money which we later trade for food and other commodities. A company is company because some kind of a document says so. Outside of the human world there's no such thing as a company. It's part of the legal human world but it's in fact an illusion. Just like the law.

An athlete who has successfully won a medal may be considered a hero in the human world but in the real world his success means nothing. If a bodybuilder wins Mr. Olympia, it does not mean that the person has succeeded in the real world. The only thing it means is that the person has successfully covered the requirements in the fake human world to receive a medal.

People who realize all of that may feel depressed. That's why we want to remain stupid because when you know things you feel sad. Being stupid equals being a kid and kids can be manipulated easily because they are stupid. Retarded cartoons made by perverts seem to be doing that job since the beginning of time.

That's why people who are outsiders always seem to be more interesting. They don't care so much about the human world which is important to us, but we tend to forget about the other world which is without a doubt way more valuable.

It seems that people are constantly chasing rewards coming solely from the human world. That keeps us in a lower state of mind and unfortunately that makes us easily controlled also. When you don't see the big picture you are a slave to the 'averagism'  around you. The only reward we get from behaving like everybody else is that we become just like everybody else.

Some rich and famous people do in fact realize this and either kill themselves or go crazy. Normal people usually ask themselves why would a loaded with money celebrity commit a suicide and the answer is: because of stupidy and lameness or because of failure to fulfill the need for success in the real world with things from the human world.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why CEOs Are Psycopaths..f**k Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the rest....

You can't be a popular CEO unless you are a serious psychopath willing to have sex with aliens, gorillas, dinosaurs and all kinds of things in order to reach the highest realms of success. It just doesn't happen.

Why? Because while climbing the latter of success you are forced to witness a million of injustices, turn your back, close your eyes and pretend like nothing happened. You have to be senseless and ruthless.

If you are not willing to be such a person, there are plenty of humanoids that will be happy to take your place and eat your heart out.

In order for a person to become very rich (millions, billions, trillions) a lot of people have to make a sacrifice.

The money of every single CEO out there is made on the back of poor people from the so-called developing countries. Do you really think Steve Jobs was unaware that people were working 36 hours shifts and being paid 1 dollar day to produce the magic piece of crap called iPhoooony? He was well aware of that fact and didn't care. If he cared, he would have revolted and left his job. He didn't do any of that and stayed until the end while getting his balls sucked by brain dead Apple zombies. That's the exact behavior one has to have in order to make it as a CEO.

The same holds true for all the rich businessmen you see on TV.

It usually starts with the same old story - they started from nothing and became the richest men in the world. Nice, but this never happens and never will.

Every major company has been started by well selected and controlled people with others backing them up. They just want you to believe that their success was accomplished ghetto style.

The next time you read someone's net worth on the Internet and it's in the millions you should know that it was made through stealing - direct or indirect.

What is direct stealing?

Direct stealing is consciously taking something that does not belong to you. When someone is exploiting poor people and selling their work for more without sharing the profit, he/she is a direct stealer.

What is indirect stealing?

Indirect stealing is usually done by people who are too stupid to realize they are stealing from other people. A good example would be the spoiled sport celebrities who are paid millions in order to hit or scratch a ball. They consider themselves successful but they are in fact robbing people without even realizing it.

The fact that someone pays you a lot of money does not mean that you deserve any of it. An example would be Tiger Woods who gets paid millions to hit a ball. He receives the money from his sponsors while the working bees in the factories live in houses without water and electricity. This is indirect stealing.

So...can't you be a good CEO?

You can be a good CEO but it will be very hard to survive living in the satanic environment. You see, those who realize all of this usually either get killed or quit after failing. It's a spiritual battle that's hard to win when the whole world including the blind zombies are against you.

Everything's controlled by the bad people. It's like a bite by a vicious dog - you just can't get out of it without sacrificing a lot. That's why most people don't even bother or simply join the evil forces.

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