Friday, June 21, 2013

The Truth About Professor X On T-Nation

I hate T-Nation with a passion. Actually I hate T-Nation more than I hate steroids. A lot more. It's mainly because of the insane amount scams you can see on the site. I can write a book about 200 pages long on the issue but today I will just focus on one of the most famous posters on T-Nation - Professor X.

Professor X is what I would call delusional insecure wannabe. He is really famous for his advice: "eat till you puke and get heavy ass f*". He is about 260-300 lbs at 6' and of course claims he is natural. That's why most people listen to him. He is big. But the truth is as follows:

Professor X is not a natural bodybuilder and is also overweight by bodybuilding standards. 

Professor X is welcome to shut the fuck up and
stop giving misleading advice to newbies.
The advice of Professor X is horrible and only good if you are on steroids. If not you will simply get as fat as him but without the muscle.

At 280 lbs this guy has to lose solid 50-60 pounds to get to competition level of leanness. That makes him 220-230 lbs at 6'. And we all know that Arnold (6'2 tall) abused steroids since a very young age competed at 235lbs. That's why Professor X is welcome to shut the fuck up, once more.

P.S. Most of the big posters on T-Nation are getting some shady deals with T-Nation in order to spread bad information and keep ignorant individuals believe in massive lies and supplements which are as useful as money when you are dead.