Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Muscle Industry In One Photo

The muscle industry has always followed a pretty easy to understand scheme. Muscle men are usually not the smartest guys afterall. The main source of income are the naive teenagers and young adults who believe that a body like Jeff Seid's is just around the corner. People buy useless supplements, follow moronic routines and usually get nowhere near their initial goal. 

At the same time the real secret to bodybuilding success, whatever that is, are anabolic steroids. In order to afford them many professionals are willing to do whatever it takes - sometimes even prostitute and G4P (gay for pay). Many IFBB pros end up dead or with severe health problems. Smart guys like Joe Weider on the other hand just get richer and richer. It can all be summarized in one photo:

Somethings will never change but at least now you know.