Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Typical Idiots You Meet On Bodybuilding.com

Number 1: The Liar

The liar is a regular visitor of bodybuilding.com. This guy is usually a former skinny kid who found steroids but prefers to claim that his muscles were built through hard work and dedication. This individual will deny his steroid addiction even on his death bed.  

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”  

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Number 2: The Noobs

Noobs form around 50% of the population on bodybuilding.com. They come in all kinds of shapes - skinny, fat and skinny fat.

The Skinny Noob

The Fat Noob

The Skinny Fat Noob

Skinny fat is something between skinny and fat !

Those individuals are usually still ignorant and stupid enough to believe that physiques like the ones displayed by the liars are possible naturally a.k.a without the usage of steroids. The noobs suffer quite a lot of pain because of their little to no experience in this shit game called - bodybuilding.

Number 3: The Delusional Lifters

In this category usually fall guys who have worked pretty hard and achieved some sort of development but still believe the lies of the liars. Many of those dudes become permabulker a.k.a fat guys confusing fat and muscle. These guys is usually afraid to skip a single day in the gym. The delusional lifters are losing precious time believing in a pipe dream meant to satisfy their egos without giving the needed sense of mastery.

Number 4: The Professional Bodybuilder 

Occasionally there are professional bodybuilders who register on bodybuilding.com to promote their bullshit supplements! Those guys simply lie to the face of the ignorant noobs who believe supplements offer something valuable.

Number 5: The Business Man - 5%   

The business man is a guy who promotes his business on bodyduilding.com. This person is usually a nerd similar to Lyle McDonald and likes to be part of Internet battles where he measures his dick with other online marketers and wannabes.

Number 6: The Bitch Who Wants You To Stare At Her B*

I will let you figure this one by yourself. 

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