Monday, September 2, 2013

Facebook Addiction More Dangerous In 2013

Facebook is a dangerous tool. The success of this evil web-site is due to only one thing - people's need to spy on their "friends" and make sure they are not "better than them". The main reason why myspace was blown away by Facebook was the fact that the latter is better for online stalking and less work and creativity is required to design your profile. People just want to know what the cute girl or boy they like is doing. Facebook mobile helps too.

However all that power has it's price - addiction.

Facebook can become a highly addictive activity. The ease of online communication can be quite harmful since it's easy to get lost in the web space and completely forget that there is an analog word out there which may not be updated quite often but still remains the main scene where the cool things happen. 

Facebook's emoticons may be cute but they are just that - emoticons. Nothing more, nothing less.

Keep calm, close Facebook and go out for a run without your phone !