Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CrossFit - Sex And Money Is All That Matters

I've been training for a long time now although I had some large pauses in my training "career" due to mainly low motivation. I've tried all kinds of training but one thing I never did was CrossFit. 

To me Crossfit is the perfect way to make yourself vomit and feel like you worked really hard while in reality it's not as it seems. Yes, Crossfit complexes are hard as hell but in the end of the day anything can make you tired till the point of vomiting - try this - masturbate 10 times a day while alternating both hands in order to develop symmetrical arms. I bet you will feel tired. 

Does this mean you worked hard ? Kinda. But did it get you anywhere ? Je ne pense pas...I am also pretty sure your dick will be swollen in the morning. (not 100% sure)

My point ? Being tired has nothing to do with progress. 

Imagine that you are a working bee (check the link to see what I mean) and you are working 3 hours overtime each day. Where does that get you ? It really depends on the situation and mainly the company you are working for. If you work in a company where actual growth is impossible killing yourself for the sake of killing yourself is stupid. On the other hand if you see opportunities in front of you it makes sense to actually get your stuff together and work hard in order to reach the next level. 

To me crossfit is like working for a company where there is not option for actual growth and career development. 

There is too much accent on making vomit so that you can post pictures of you on Facebook.
Six pack - not so hot on girls
Who made more progress the person who worked on getting his/her pull-ups up by 20% or the person who did 50 different exercises and puked ? Well, I would rather be the first person unless of course I have good company to do the first option with. Otherwise I have better things to do.

Another "cool" thing about Crossfit is the phenomenal form used by the athletes.

I doubt things will change because Xfit seems to be making a lot of people very reach. Even Mark Rippetoe used Crossfit to promote his super overrated book Starting Strength. Once he got all the advertisement he needed he simply started talking trash about Crossfit and forgot that he became a millionaire thanks to it.