Thursday, March 6, 2014 Is Still The Biggest Disinformation Agent

“We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality.” - Judy Garland

If you control media, you control people. Period. When the eyes don't see and the ears don't hear – it does not exist. Today, I posted information on the forum of explaining logically why Layne Norton is not a natural bodybuilder. Received a ton of “reps” in a matter of minutes, only to be banned and my thread to be deleted. is no different than the corrupt and paid “journalists” in the mainstream media. Here are the three main reasons why is one of the biggest disinformation agents in the world of bodybuilding. has power and reach

I had a link to one of my posts and in a matter of minutes there were 200 new visitors, which means that there are thousands of people on every single hour of the day. This is power, because mainstream information reaches more people, and logically affects the mindset of the majority. is exploiting and misinforming beginner bodybuilders

I've read a lot of the threads in the teen section only to find out that most people there are so deep into the matrix that they won't be able to see the truth, even if Jesus descended from heaven and told it to them. The majority of the topics are still about creatine, protein powders and other equally pointless ideas such as: “is my forearm too big for my dick”, “how to make a girl that does not like me like me”, “should I inject amino acids in my ass”, “can I have the physique of Ronnie Coleman if I drink my sperm”, “should I shave my nails”, “what size thongs do you wear”, “why is there no scoop in my 10lbs bag of whey protein”, “does mom think I am gay”, “I want to fuck mom but my sister is hotter”, “is Dorian Yates natural”, “can I become Gregg Valentino if I drink sun oil”, “Christmas countdown”, “I have small arms and I am going to kill myself”and too many more to count.

3. BIG BROTHER is watching you

By the looks of it you are banned on unless you glorify the placebo effect of supplements. The minute someone tries to break the dogma a ban occurs. Unless your opinion has been approved by the BIG BROTHER it's considered unworthy. How is that different than Stalin's regime ?

The moto of is: bow, blow and keep the flow.

Some people are so deep into the rabbit hole that they wouldn't be able to recognize reality, even if it bites them in the ass. They continue to bow to self-proclaimed experts like the Hodge Twins or other YouTube “brahs” who don't have a drop of integrity and would blow anybody for a small amount of FEDERAL RESERVER NOTES.

To be honest, I've been in similar position when I didn't know any better. It took me a lot of time to learn very SIMPLE truths. Thanks to the amount of deception I encountered in the muscle world I was able to open my eyes about many other avenues which are technically not related to weights at all. But the principles are the same.

BIG BROTHER is watching you.