Monday, March 3, 2014

The Gay Mafia In Bodybuilding

There are a lot of homosexuals in the sport of bodybuilding. The sport is, after all, based on men wearing a thong and flexing their muscles on stage. While this may seem like a dream come true for many women and sort of a striptease experience, the majority of the crowd consists of males. It would be foolish and naive to believe that there are not many homosexual people among the fans. It's like going to McDonald's and expect not to see overweight people.

There are many homosexuals who occupy important position in the bodybuilding industry – magazine editors, promoters, personal coaches, CEOs of nutritional companies and many more to count. Homosexual secret societies are not at all limited to just bodybuilding. They are everywhere – in every sector and every industry.

Unfortunately, there is a lot happening behind the curtains that the eyes of the masses never see. To get to the top, you have to pay the price and sometimes it involves things and actions that are not necessarily moral or honorable. One of those things in bodybuilding is G4P (gay for pay, described in details HERE) which consists in the offer of homosexual related services for money – a phenomenon widely spread not only in bodybuilding, but in many others branches. To understand how all of this operates, one must first learn how ordinary people are being poisoned and manipulated into turning their backs to true human morals and rights.

The 3D world we live in is based on material possessions – paper money, houses, sex, muscles, drugs, food...etc. Those are the things that we NEED in order to live today. Enlightened, but unfortunately also evil, individuals have figured how to use those desires to enslave the unaware population of the planet. In every sector where there is money and fame, there is also poison waiting for you. Venom meant to crush your soul and spirit.

When you want to poison a person you don't place a bottle of poisonous substance on the table and label it “danger”. No! You place the poison in food or water – something that we consider good. This is the bite and today the poison is paper money and fame. People are convinced that the celebrities live pure lives and ordinary men should aspire to reach those levels no matter what:“get rich or die trying”. This is how the rat wheel keeps on spinning.

In this life you cannot have something for nothing. No! When an athlete or a musician signs a contract with a popular team or record label, they are selling themselves for fame and gold. The performers (singers) you see today can be described very well with a verse from Charles Bukowski's poem: The Man At The Piano.

the man at the piano
plays a song
he didn't write
sings words
that aren't his
upon a piano
he doesn't own

The idea in this case is that the performer is just a front, a puppet – a phony paid to do a job. Virtually, all of the celebrities you see on TV are sellouts used to spread the ideas of evil and corrupt psychopaths, and it just happens that many of those people are homosexuals who often abuse their position of power and knowledge. You may think that they are selling you a candy “for a good price”, when in fact they are taking much more from you than you think.

Of course, it would be stupid to say that all of this is precisely due to the sexual orientation of the individual. It's not. There are many straight men who do actions from the same level. What is characteristic for homosexuals, however, is that for some reason their actions often remain undetected. In brief, the gay mafia a.k.a. The Velvet Mafia is in a way even more “stealth” than the “straight” mafia. The people part of that circle seem to always have each other's back, and a group of 10 united individuals is STRONGER than a group of 100 divided ones, although the number of homosexual people is much higher than we know.

Before labeling this article as homophobic understand that all I wanted to say was this: bodybuilders often forget what TRUE money is and sell their dignity, soul, moral principles and body for fake success in this care deprived world. WE all do it, and this is just their way.

We are all just another man at the piano.