Saturday, March 29, 2014

Facebook Likes Are A Scam

In April 2011, I started I didn't know much about making web-sites and used WYSIWYG to build it. I was somewhat more passionate about lifting at that time. I was also naive and thought miracles were possible. Like every web-site I decided to to have a Facebook page. I didn't do any promotion and after 3 years I had about 200 likes. 

In comparison I built IronGangsta 1 year ago and with small promotion I reached about 1 200 likes. However, there is not difference as far as user interaction goes. So, 200 real likes equal 1 200 likes reached with legal Facebook promotion. 

My conclusion is that likes mean absolutely nothing for small sites like the ones I have. It's quality over quantity and Facebook is highly overrated.

P.S. I was in a car crash today. I'm fine and so are all the others. Don't worry. At least I got an interesting idea about destiny which I will present in a next post. 

Thanks for the support to all people who visit this site.