Thursday, April 3, 2014

Destiny Is Predetermined | We are Preprogrammed By God

What if I tell you that everything that happens to you has been decided a long time ago? 

What If I tell you that you have close to no saying in the outcome? 

What If I tell you that our destiny is predetermined?

Will you get mad?

What we call human destiny is formed by: a) our genetic characteristics and b) our actions which are decided by the first one. 

You don't choose who you are. It was decided by something or someone else a long time ago. You can cry all you want but can't choose your country, family, native town or even the color of your hair. All of this has been predetermined by the formula we call existence. That very same formula is based on the domino effect - you push one unit and everything else follows. 

If you go back in your life and start analyzing how you came to the point where you are right now, you will see that one thing let to another and every little part was important. For example, I can tell you the points that lead to me writing this text at 1 a.m. in the morning Eastern European time.

I've always had problems with my posture. I have pictures of me when I was 7-8 years old and I already had Quasimodo back. When I was about 17 years old I decided to improve my back muscles and I typed: "posture exercises in Google". I found the blog of a girl who was recording her progress on pull-ups and dips. I started training. For the first few years I tried P90X and other home workouts. I developed some strength but I didn't know much about lifting and I was falling for every marketing trick. I remember buying protein powders, creatine, vitamins, fish oil and other kind of useless stuff. Nothing happened. When I was about 22 years old I joined a gym. I started lifting weights and I read a lot more. I've read all there is to read on the Internet about training. Everything. Seriously.

I got to the point where I saw how I was mislead into believing that I could achieve the bodies in the magazines. Didn't happen. I just got fat doing all that bulking. That's why I was so angry and started a web-site: where I bash Rippetoe and many other experts.

Later on I made because I wanted a web-site which was accessible from all places. I also wanted to be able to write about different topics and not just training, although I've learned a lot about life from the lifting community. I believe that the whole world is as fake as the Photo-shopped steroid users on the cover of FLEX magazine and other equally stupid media.

And here I am writing this post because I had poor posture. The funny thing is that my poor posture is due to my introvert character and general lack of confidence. So, it's probably safe to say that if I had the confidence of a King, you would not be reading this.

My whole point is that whatever you do, you can't escape the natural law created by GOD. I believe in GOD, but I have really hard time determining what it is. What I know so far is that he/she/it/them is not the old man in the sky. It's something much more intelligent. It's like a perfect formula and everybody is a part of it. The actions of every human being affect the end result, even though every one of us is solely responsible for his personal choices.

We think we are driving a car but we are not. We are in a train headed to the same place. We have the illusion of free will, but you don't choose anything, not even the pants you bought yesterday. I know you bought them because you liked the girl in the commercial, and you liked her because she reminded you of your ex..I can go on forever...

Don't misunderstand me! I don't think we should all kill ourselves because everything is sort of predetermined. No! We are here to live and to learn. Predetermined or not our lives are ours to live. They are a gift, a learning curve that everyone has to go through. Why? I don't know, but giving up is not the answer. In fact, by telling you that everything is kinda predetermined I wan't you to love yourself even more. I want you to understand that the only enemy we have is our own inner part and all external competitions are worth nothing. 

So, you are good at tennis...who cares.