Friday, April 25, 2014

The Peculiar Human Connection At The Work Place

The relationship between colleagues is a weird one. You spend more time with them than anybody else and yet they know the least about you and vice versa. It's because of that fake front most people are forced to put on at work. You can't speak your mind and if you were to do so, you are either going to be fired or fired. You are supposed to go to work, do your little thing, keep your mouth shut and smile. That's it. It's simple. What don't you understand? You are also supposed to make it look like you love it. Like it's a dream come true even though your boss makes more money on your back than there are monkeys in the jungle.

Why did that happen?

Separation between people is what makes large groups weak and controllable. By dividing people you can control more of them. When they act against in group you have no choice but to submit. However, when you make them fight each other while you are controlling every one of them - you win.

Everybody's promised to be something. The modern media has convinced us that we are all going to be movie stars, sports celebrities, singers and all kinds of other "Cosmo" like professions which are supposed to be admired. What's up with all those singers these day? Every second reality show and TV format seems to be occupied by singers trying to 'make it in the industry'. What's so special about singing? Isn't that discrimination against deaf people?

I am no saying you can't be a star. You could very well be. Who am I to know that? What do I know, however, is that there's something wrong with the world. I think we are losing the spiritual front. It's all about me and me...

Back to work.

You can't connect with many people at the work place. There's more chance to connect with aliens from Mars than with the zombies fighting for promotions and bonuses. They are going to stab your back if you are honest and tell the truth. Nobody likes the truth, not even me. Especially me. Luckily, the truth doesn't care. It's there like a mountain. You can't break it...unless you are an earthquake but if you are one it really sucks for you.

Back to work.

What happens if you do da thing they call "falling in love'' at the work place? What do you do? The wise thing would be to undo it. There's no point in it. Forget about your favorite movies produced by satanic zombies. Love story is just a that - a story. Ask your mom if you don't believe me. Don't fool at the work place because the predators may catch you and when they do you are going to be fired. An additional bonus will be that the other person will tell everything there's to know about you and everytime there's a measure talk you may be confused (stupid joke is stupid)

Back to work.

What happens if you are exploited and you revolt? The other zombies will most likely not support you because you are putting them at risk and they don't like being put at risk. Why are you trying to sabotage everything and take their bread? Can't you just shut your mouth and do your work? Who are you to have rights? Who are you to be treated like a human being? THE NEXT iPHone has to be made! Don't you get it?

....this is getting too long....I have to go BACK TO WORK...