Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why CEOs Are Psycopaths..f**k Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the rest....

You can't be a popular CEO unless you are a serious psychopath willing to have sex with aliens, gorillas, dinosaurs and all kinds of things in order to reach the highest realms of success. It just doesn't happen.

Why? Because while climbing the latter of success you are forced to witness a million of injustices, turn your back, close your eyes and pretend like nothing happened. You have to be senseless and ruthless.

If you are not willing to be such a person, there are plenty of humanoids that will be happy to take your place and eat your heart out.

In order for a person to become very rich (millions, billions, trillions) a lot of people have to make a sacrifice.

The money of every single CEO out there is made on the back of poor people from the so-called developing countries. Do you really think Steve Jobs was unaware that people were working 36 hours shifts and being paid 1 dollar day to produce the magic piece of crap called iPhoooony? He was well aware of that fact and didn't care. If he cared, he would have revolted and left his job. He didn't do any of that and stayed until the end while getting his balls sucked by brain dead Apple zombies. That's the exact behavior one has to have in order to make it as a CEO.

The same holds true for all the rich businessmen you see on TV.

It usually starts with the same old story - they started from nothing and became the richest men in the world. Nice, but this never happens and never will.

Every major company has been started by well selected and controlled people with others backing them up. They just want you to believe that their success was accomplished ghetto style.

The next time you read someone's net worth on the Internet and it's in the millions you should know that it was made through stealing - direct or indirect.

What is direct stealing?

Direct stealing is consciously taking something that does not belong to you. When someone is exploiting poor people and selling their work for more without sharing the profit, he/she is a direct stealer.

What is indirect stealing?

Indirect stealing is usually done by people who are too stupid to realize they are stealing from other people. A good example would be the spoiled sport celebrities who are paid millions in order to hit or scratch a ball. They consider themselves successful but they are in fact robbing people without even realizing it.

The fact that someone pays you a lot of money does not mean that you deserve any of it. An example would be Tiger Woods who gets paid millions to hit a ball. He receives the money from his sponsors while the working bees in the factories live in houses without water and electricity. This is indirect stealing.

So...can't you be a good CEO?

You can be a good CEO but it will be very hard to survive living in the satanic environment. You see, those who realize all of this usually either get killed or quit after failing. It's a spiritual battle that's hard to win when the whole world including the blind zombies are against you.

Everything's controlled by the bad people. It's like a bite by a vicious dog - you just can't get out of it without sacrificing a lot. That's why most people don't even bother or simply join the evil forces.