Sunday, May 18, 2014

What is the point of getting married when you don't even exist?

So, you want to get married don't you? A prince or a princess....yeah right.

What does it mean to get married?

In the human world getting married means: spending a lot of money on a ceremony and signing a contract. Of course, there is also the added 'benefit' of 'entering an union with the love of your life' but that's not as important right now.

Question is, how do you get married when you don't even exist?

You are a fake person and you don't even exist. Why? Because the fact that a piece of paper says something does not mean much in the real world. Do you really think THE CREATOR can remember so many names? It seems much more practical to label humans as sheep and call it a day.

The fact that a document says that you are united with someone else holds value only in the world of business. Beyond that - it's meaningless. That makes the act of getting married meaningless also regardless of how much you love your partner.

Most people get married for practical reasons. They want to feel secure that their social debt has been paid and their child won't be a 'bastard'.

But my wedding day was the happiest day of my life...

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. The way I see it you either love someone in the REAL WORLD or you don't.

A piece of paper, a diamond ring stolen from Africa or whatever mean truly nothing. It's humans who need paper work, nature doesn't.