Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is Matt Ogus Natural

Matt Ogus is claiming lifetime natural status as a bodybuilder. The truth is he has been a drug addict for many years and is far from a natural.

Matt Ogus is no stranger to anabolic steroids. He is only 5'6 tall (if that) and weights about 155-160 shredded. He also has that steroid thickness to his look. His weight naturally is probably 140 pounds (top) and much less thicker.

Ogus is risking a lot of problems if he admits steroid use on youtube - his account my be terminated and he will lose a lot of money. Truth be told to he is simply another talentless drone uploading talentless videos while having a life based on lies.

I have one question for his fans: What did you actually learn from his pointless clips? 


  1. I appreciate you're blog.

    Well said, "what did you learn from his pointless clips?"

    Nothing!!! and I always ask myself what I learned

  2. Eat right , lift right like Arthur Jones taught and you will get as big as your genetics will allow . Everyone was a big bullshitter except Jones who spoke the truth . Reminds me of Jn 8 : 32 [Niv] bible .