Thursday, February 27, 2014

Social Darwinism – Evil Rules The World

For thousands of years the top positions in the human society have been occupied by evil and ruthless representatives of man kind willing to do anything for power, money and physical pleasure. Their religion is satanism and is based on social Darwinism. To understand social Darwinism one must first become familiar with the concept of evolution.

The idea behind evolution is very simple – those who adapt to the changes prosper and survive, and those who can't fight back are left to die because of their “weakness”. In order for an individual to adapt to new changes he must develop some sort of a physical trait or skill in order to survive. Those who can do it pass the test of natural selection. For example, if a lion is thrown in the ocean, it will die because the animal does not have the physical capabilities to live in water environment.

Social Darwinism represents a somewhat modern version of the human evolution but is not based precisely on visible physical changes. There are other decisive factors such as: country and family of birth, social status, education and more. Rich people in position of power are looked at as the stronger ones who have passed the test of evolution, while the rest is being labeled as working force or simply slaves.

If you don't have the right education and don't know the right people, you don't have much choice but to work low paying jobs and continuously be exploited for the greater good of a few evil men. Do you think that the Chinese population enjoys producing all the products in the modern world? Do you think they enjoy being treated worse than animals and tortured, so that a spoiled kid in USA or Western Europe can play on his iPhone for a few days before breaking it, because it's not the right color? Hell, no! But they are placed in a situation where all sources of information are being carefully monitored, and when that's done the reality of the individual can be made whatever you want it to be. That's how whole nations are forced to believe in the purity of evil totalitarian regimes which are nothing more than a different term for slavery. To illustrate this point more vividly for those who are into rap music, I will use the rapper Eminem.

There is a relatively popular conspiracy theory that the Eminem we see today is a fake clone and the real slim shady died about a decade ago. Whether this is true or not, I don't know, because I was never friends with Eminem – but it's a 100% possible. The music industry would want to keep him alive since he has already built a large amount of followers and there is more money to be made. Business as usual. Obviously, those who are close to Eminem should be able to tell the difference between him and a clone, but regular people like us can be pushed into believing whatever, and all of this is achieved by altering the source of information through the so-called forth estate – the media. And who owns the media? You tell me.

There are enough resources in the world to feed and dress everybody on this planet – including the animals. Every country, even if small, has enough to produce energy, food and other goods the human society depends on to survive. However, there are evil secret societies who prefer to hold the whole human world hostage, mainly through limiting access to the PROPER information and spreading fear of authorities and governments. Africa, for example, is an incredibly rich continent but instead of letting it develop and prosper, the currently rich countries are constantly robbing it and exploiting the people. The same holds true for all poor people from the entire world – they are being exploited beyond belief for the greater good of those on top of the human food chain. Most are so caught up in the game that will never realize what's actually going on.

Poor countries are enslaved through the fake monetary system and energy monopoly. For example, Russia controls the gas supply of pretty much every poor country in Europe. Everyday there are talks about gas diversification, but the truth is that it will never happen since pretty much every gas company in the region is owned by the Russian Gazprom anyway. Why would a powerful country like Russia ever give up its power? It will never happen, and the small states will continue to bend over for the big brother while selling their power plants and gas fields for pennies. But I guess that doesn't mean much to you, because you have a new iPhone to play on, and nobody cares about that “boring stuff“.

All of those problems are due to the satanic elite which has taken over the world a long time ago. Satanists are evil despite what they want you to believe. They present themselves as some sort of rational and logical peoplem, whose only goal is simply to move humanity forward, but what is happening is the complete opposite – they are holding us back by further encouraging illiteracy and social inequality. Satanists want humans to become merciless animals who only care about themselves and those around them, while completely neglecting everything else. While they have some success, their plan will never work and will fail miserably, sooner or later, just like all tyrant have fallen. Sadly, the pile of shit has gotten way too big and while we are alive nothing will change for the better. You can't fix such a big problem in just one human life. It took centuries to get here and will take even more to get out.