Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Problem With Steroids

Steroids are always a hot topic and pretty much everybody on this planet who has been somewhat training for more than a few years has at least thought one time about doing the stuff. Yes, I know you googled steroids many did I.

Nothing in nature can be hidden or lost. Let's take a look at the water cycle (pun intented) for example. Water changes its form but it never disappears. 

Same is true about steroids. Steroids are basically hormones. When you put steroids into your body under any kind or form your male hormone testosterone increases you since this is the hormone responsible for muscle growth and many other things considered "alpha" you get bigger. Nice, right?

You are probably thinking this: 

Professional bodybuilders abuse steroids for decades. I will do just one cycle and gain 10-15 pounds. It's not gonna hurt me.

The problem is this. After you stop using steroids your hormones are back to normal in best case scenario. Most people will even produce less testosterone because when you go on "the juice" your natural production is decreased. However let's say that you are back to normal, no side effects, no nothing. You just gained 15 lbs of pure muscle. What happens next?

Like I said you cannot cheat nature and that's what happens after you go off - you shrink back to what you were prior to injecting that sweet gluteus maximus because your testosterone levels are too low to maintain your extra muscle mass. Doesn't matter who you are, how thick are your bones, how big is your nut. You will eventually shrink. You can't fight nature. You can try but you will always lose. So, what do you do?

Correct. You do one more cycle and then one more and then one more. Eventually you either quit and go on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Terapy) or you use high dosages all the time. Both options sick in my opnion.

The truth about TRT

Today I read on some stupid site how awesome TRT is and how testosterone levels of man decrease with each generation and kids born after 2000 will have the hormonal profile of Pamela Anderson and what not. Bullshit. 

TRT sucks because it's like drug addiction. When you are on you feel good. When you are off you feel like shit and probably look like a girl. Wait, most of the steroids fuckers out there probably would look like a girl without it. So if you want to be injected some synthetic testosterone in your butt while flexing your fake muscles in front of a bunch of fags do your thing. 

Of course I guess if you are old you have "nothing to lose" but that's the actual purpose of TRT - to use it when you need it and not because you were a stupid meat head when you were 20 and now your nuts are the size of Keira Knightley's nipple.

Option number two is to stay on higher doses all the time, like professional bodybuilders. No, they don't go off. When do you think was the last time Branch Warren took a rest from all the drugs? Maybe when people were using Windows 3.11? 

Someone once said to me: Bodybuilding is 70% gay by default. I didn't believe him. Now I do.

When you stay on high doses all year you get the same benefits you get from TRT but this time you add extra kidney and livers stress. Yeah, you big. 

So, in the end of the day steroids become a vicious cycle. You get big but you have to keep them in your system, at least one cycle from time to time, just to keep some of the gains. Don't blame me, blame nature. Nature does not want us to have something for nothing. We always pay for what we do - it may be our health, personal life or whatever but in order to get something in life we always pay some sort of a price.

So while I cannot stop you from using I can just tell you the truth.