Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lies, Lies, the world of iron they never end

I just watched a video of an amazingly strong man - CT Fletcher. I am not going to lie - this guy is much stronger that I would ever be. So, I don't question his strength at all - he is brutally strong. However his claims that he is natural made me sad for two reasons.

1. Many people would believe him and would think that it's actually possible to bench press that much weight while not being super fat. No it's not possible. Truth being told there isn't a single lifter out there that holds any kind of world record and is 100% natural. Not a single one. Why? Drugs can add a lot of pounds to your lifts, right? So, if I can have a world record naturally imagine the weight I would be able to lift if I was on hormones. Probably 100 pounds more. This is a ton more weight.

2. There is a misconception about what can be achieved naturally. There are all kinds of guys who claim natural and are at least on TRT. Virtually all of the guys you are likely to hear about did the stuff.


This guy claims natural but he is on so much drugs you wouldn't believe. Skip La Cour - just another fucking liar.
Jim Cordova - natural? Of, course. As natural as sex between animals and humans.

Jeff Willet - all natural if you don't count the     drugs.

Layne Norton - natural born liar

Herschel Walkers - this guy claims he eats one meal a day and does only body weight. Best troll in the "muscle world". I hope you know by now that he is on drugs. Hint: look at traps. Black guy genetics you say? Ok. Have a nice day.

Lies, lies they never stop. The main reason why so many people claim natural is to attract people because we all like to believe in pipe dreams. If PEDs are removed all those natural stars would look like a man selling newspapers on the street. Don't believe me? Wait and see.

A true natural bodybuilder looks closer to this:

This guy is Kazuyuki Miyata and is actually a fighter but really good example. Here he is 5'7 and 146 lbs. This is about as ripped and as big it gets for an average person naturally at his height.

He may have used something to get cut. I don't know but his physique is 100% achievable naturally.

Sorry. I would like lies to be true but they are not.

Another example is the gymnast Jordan Jovtchev - 5'4 135lbs. He is a little top heavy and his legs are smaller because he is a gymnast but this is about as much muscle as you can hold naturally at his height and bodyfat levels. Most gymnast are drug free. The more technical the sport the biggest possibility for an athlete to be natural. 

Funny how all naturals are outside of the iron sports. Why would that be? The cool thing is that if you actually get to your potential naturally - YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY with your accomplishment. No doubt about. No doubt.