Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting Lean In 3 Months

The following strategy is designed to take you from something like 23-25% BF to 10-11% BF in about 12 weeks or three months.

Note: For females add 5-7% to the above values.

Also small females may need to add 2-3 days of cardio during the last weeks instead of reducing the calories because eating something like 500 calories a day for weeks would be a torture. 


While on this plan you will NOT gain a single pound of muscle unless you are beginner. This program is designed to get you to decent bodyfat levels. Unless you use PEDs you won't be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Sorry.

This approach will get you lean faster but is mentally pretty hard.

Week 1: Multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 9. So, let's say you weight 200 lbs. 200lbs x 9 = 1800.

Those are you calories for 4 days out of week 1. The rest three days eat as usual. NOT more - just as usual.

Exercise plan does not change. You still train the way you trained the previous weeks.

Week 2:

Eat around 1800 calories for 5 days. The week-end eat as usual. Exercise program does not change.

Week 3:

Eat around 1800 calories for 6 days. On Sunday eat whatever you want. Exercise program can be kept the same depending on how you feel but you can also reduce the sets. Don't train more than 3-4 times a week.

Week 4:

Welcome to hell. Keep calories at around 1800 for the whole week. You can have a cheat meal for breakfast 2-3 times a week but overall calories should not go over 1800 by much.

Reduce training days to three and cut isolation exercises completely.

Week 5:

Same as week 4 but on Sunday you can cheat a little.

Week 6:

Reduce training days to 2. Keep weights the same and sets really low. No cheats. Calories are the same as Week 5.

Week 7:

Same as week 6.

Week 8:

Welcome to the real hell.  Same as week 6 but add two days of 30 minutes cardio of choice. No cheats.

Week 9:

You can end your diet here if you have your goals reached. It depends on how fat you started.

You can also take one week off and keep eating plus 1000 calories to your calculated caloric intake for the previous weeks.

Week 10:

Cut training days to 1. Reduce calories by 500. In our case that leaves 1300.

Week 11:

Same as week 10.

Week 12:

Reduce calories by 500 more. In our case that leaves us with 800. Enjoy hell. All the calories should come from protein.

Note: you can add an extra week at 800 calories if needed.

Week 13:

Eat at maintance levels. Usually about 1000 calories on top of the caloric intake for the whole cutting cycle.

Note: If you have some sort of health issues that may become problematic due to this diet DON'T DO IT.

Possible side effects: 

I think most people will be fine. The last three weeks are hell. No doubt about it. Actually all 12 weeks are hell. Once again if your body tells you to stop. STOP!

Keep protein at about 1gram per LBM. This means that if you are 200lbs and 20% BF your LBM is 160lbs. You will need about 160-200 grams of protein to keep your mass. No more is needed.

This is how I cut weight. I had to lose 30-35 lbs on two occasions and that plan worked both times. I got from 23% BF to 10% BF.

Are there other ways? Yes. No doubt about it but this one sure as hell works.

If you have any questions ask in the comment section.

Disclaimer: This type of dieting can cause health issues. Consult your doctor before engaging in similar activities. This blog does NOT carry any responsability for your actions. Be careful! Stay safe!