Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are The Hodge Twins Natural?

Since today I am on the natural/unnatural topic I decided to answer one of the questions I have received over the last months. Are the Hodge Twins Natural?  (Note: The Hodge Twins are brothers who make bodybuilding related videos on YouTube).

The information I have is that the Hodge Twins are 6'2 200lbs, shredded - 7-8% BF. Great stats and certainly they can pass as naturals but it's not that simple. Statistics are not everything. I know about a guy who is 6'2 and competed as a natural bodybuilder at 188 lbs. Now you are probably thinking - 6'2 188lbs - this guy is natural. Not really. He was 188lbs competition weight and ultra shredded. I mean ultra shredded. Did I say he was ultra shredded? Oh wait here's a pic of him.

That's him at both pictures. As you can see 188lbs at 6'2 with insanely low bodyfat looks insane. Striations on delts, triceps cut to the bone and what not. I found a picture of him with shredded glutes but the Branch Warren picture I posted yesterday is gay enough for this week. Back to the point...

That size at that condition is super hard to achieve naturally. I cannot say it's impossible it just does not happen to the average gym homo. I just wanted to prove that bodyweight is not always relevant because this guy while being "only" 188lbs is also probably 5'% BF and water depleted. In normal condition he would be 210-220.  

That means that the stats are not always enough to figure out if somebody is natural or not. As far as the Hodge Twins are concerned I would say that I honestly don't know. Stupid answer but I just don't know. I have one suspicion however - they are close to 40 (according to the information I could find on them) and most of their gains happened after 35. This is quite weird because it's a well known fact that testosterone levels reduce as we age. Of course the bones get much thicker and what not...daddy strength...but in the end of the day - young is young.  So, that's one possible point to look at when wondering whether they are natural or not.

Let's take a look at one of the brothers: 

Those arms are easily 17-18.5 inches. BF levels (from what I see is) 7-9%. If that guys are truly maintaining 200lbs 7-9% BF at 6'2 at 40 years old I seriously doubt they are stranger to cell tech.

However just because people would label me hater I would say it's  possible with great genetics and consistent work for years but won't happen to most people without a little under the counter supplements and that's probably the case with the brother too.

Note: Since I will probably receive tons of comments saying that I am a stupid hater worth as much as a bottle of Coke Zero (not the worse but still crap) I will just answer by saying this: Old news ! 

Thanks for reading my blog.