Friday, March 29, 2013

Liar Day: CT Fletcher Natural 22 Inches Arms

I know I have already talked about CT Fletcher but yesterday I saw his more recent videos on YouTube where he trains different lifters. In the above video he states that he achieved his arm size - 22 inches naturally by training his arms every day for a year and a half.

Of course this guy is a liar. There isn't a single person on this planet that can achieve 22 inches arms at low bodyfat training naturally. It does not matter what kind of training you do. Even if it was possible to sustain some sort of intense arm routine everyday (it isn't and mastrubation does not count) you would still not grow 22 inches arms.

You are probably asking yourself this:

But why faggot? You always hate. You are jealous that he achieved naturally what you would never achieve even with Ronnie Colemanesque steroid intake. U mad?

You want prove. I get it. Here's a prove. Ronnie Coleman measured 23 inches arms (5-7%BF) at his peak. He was using grams of testosterone and enough growth hormone to create a second person out of himself. This guy is 51 years old and claims to have 22 inches arms naturally at around 8-11% BF. Do you really think this is possible? A man at his 50s having arms almost as big as a professional bodybuilder on all the drugs in the world. You think it's possible if you train your arms daily? Try it.

Why would he lie?

It's pretty simple. PIPE DREAMS SELL. Miracles, spiderman, batman, larger than life bullshit sells. It's that simple. If I post a video of myself training arms on YouTube I will get 10 hits in 5 months because my arms are tiny pieces of shit compared to this guy's pythons. (Sorry, arms I love you please don't hate me.)

In other words this guy gets tons of hits on YouTube and makes money out of the AdSense program. That's it. It's that simple. If he says that he did at least 50 cycles over the years he may get arrested because steroids are illegal in the USA and other countries. Also he would lose credibility because most people out there are naturals who like to believe in pipe dreams, who like to believe that the routine which will get them to the desired miraculous physique is somewhere out there and this motherfucker has the answer. Yes, he does have the answer but it's not contained in this video. The answer to 22 inches lean arms is this: some training, heavy abuse of hormones for years, some food. That's it. That's how all the guys with 22 inches arms did it. That's how it's done. In reality natural arms would be 18 inches top and most likely those 18 inches would not be in condition. Most people should be happy to have 16 inches arms at 8% BF which actually looks great. So, if you have decent arms genetics you can achieve 6 inches smaller arms than this homo. Keep in mind that I am talking about something like 8% BF which is pretty fucking rare in a gym where most people are natural because most naturals think 20% BF is 10%BF.

Naturals are delusional. I had the opportunity to train in one powerlifting gym where there was all kind of drug abusers - 275 shredded bodybuilders, 500lbs + benchers, 700+ deadlifters...etc. I also had the opportunity to train in a small gym where all the lifters were natural. The naturals were like I said delusional. Once I was in the locker room and a short man was rushing to drink some water. He took his shirt off and started flexing (oh man I become gayer and gayer with each post). He was easily 25% BF but still the fucking moron was admiring his fat ass arms. If he had to get to 8% he was looking at losing 40lbs of pure phucking phat. 40lbs is a small child.

You want to believe CT FLetcher's bullshit. Be my guest. Do it. Train arms every day. Do it. After all I am just a phucking piece shit that stops you to have those 22 inches arms. Punch me in the face and get them pythons. (You are welcome to ask me how to deal with tendonitis after a month on this program.)