Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Alternatives To Barbell Rows?

This is an e-mail I received once upon a time:

Strained my lower back last winter playing sports, and it'salmost recovered. I have recceived permission from my doctor to lift again. 
With that said, barbell rows are giving me problems. There's no pain, but my lower back is usually fatigued or tired from doing legs the day before. My upper day is: 
Incline 4x8 
Lat pulldowns (might switch to underhand grip) 4x8DB Flat Bench 3x8-10BB
Rows 3x8-10CGBP 2x12
Lateral raises 2x10DB 
Curls 2x12
What would be the best thing for replacing rows? i'm thinking either pull ups or DB rows.

First, add one day of rest between your leg and back day !

You can substitue barbell rows with the following exercises:

Chest supported T-bar rows

Hammer Strength Rows

Seated Cable Rows

One Arm Dumbbell Row

Sternum Pull-ups