Monday, May 13, 2013

Kiyoshi Moody - Fake Natural Bodybuilder

I just finished reading an interview with "natural bodybuilder" Kiyoshi Moody. He claims natural status but of course he is full of it. He competes at 5'10 and his bodyweight is 195 lbs. While the weight may not seem like a lot, especially if you have a background in permabulking a.k.a being 20% BF and thinking you are 10% BF, it actually is given the quality of the mass.

People deserve to know that you don't need compete at 250 lbs to be a steroid abuser. There are many little Asian lifters who weight 170 lbs at heights such as 5'5 to 5'9 and still use a lot of anabolics and look great. Never forget that Frank Zane was Mr. Olympia at 185 pounds.

The quality, the hardness, the thickness and the overall density of the muscle mass presented by this fake natural at this level of conditioning (4% BF) is unreachable naturally.

The funniest thing about this dude is the fact that in the off season he actually weights 175 lbs - 180lbs. In other words prior to a competition this "freak of nature" gains 20 lbs of muscle and loses fat. Of course this means only one thing - he starts juicing more intensely before a show. Mr. Natural also has a supplement store and promotes bodybuilding supplements. God only knows how many poor kids were screwed thinking they will get as huge as this guy by buying crap from his store.

The natural weight of this "freak of anabolics" at 6% BF is about 170lbs with much less thickness.

Kiyoshi Moody - you cannot lie to