Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Ectomorph

As you know people like to divide bodytypes into three groups - ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Today I will present you the ectomorph.

The ectormorph bodytype has the following characteristics:

- small/slim and long bones;
- usually tall but not always;
- pencil neck;
- not very wide shoulders;
- long torso;
- average or fast metabolism;
- usually has hard time doing lifts like bench presses but rocks at dealifts;
- good runner;

There are many other characteristics but those are the main that come to mind. 


Q: Should ectomorphs train differently?

A: No, being an ectromorph does not mean that you are ill. It just means that you have more fragile, elegant bone structure. You should train "normally". There are no magic routines for ectomorphs and anybody claiming otherwise is wrong and usually wants to sell you some over hyped bullshit program. 

The muscle mechanics of an ectomorph are the same one observed in the other bodytypes. One special quality of the ectomorphs is that usually they are torso dominated people or in other words they have strong back/chest and weaker arms/legs. That's due to the fact that having smaller bones equals less muscle mass. On the other hand ectomorphs usually have better lines and like I said look more elegant, aesthetic.

Just train.

Q: Should ectomorphs eat 12 times a day?

A: How much you eat depends on your metabolism and goals. The fact that you are an ectomorph does not mean that you have fast metabolism. Many ectomorphs have average metabolism and are prone to gaining fat. Usually they are the skinny fat type. I recommend that you don't follow the advice of people telling you to eat until you puke. Eat as much times as you want, just make sure you match your calories according to plan.

Simple guideline :

Cutting colories = Bodyweight in pounds x 8-10 (at bodyweight of 180 you will consume around 1400-1800  minimum  calories a day a when trying to lose fat)

Bulking (gaining weight) = Bodyweight in pounds x 17 (at bodyweight of 160 that's about 2700 calories a day)

Note: This is just a guideline. The numbers are not set in stone.

Q: Will ectomorphs ever be big?

A: Yes and no. Ectomrophs just have that elegant look and unless loaded with steroids you won't be huge but that's true for all other bodytypes as well. Ectomorphs can achieve absolutely sick bodies and many of the most aesthetic bodybuilders out there such as Flex Wheeler, Vince Taylor and Serge Nubret were ectomorphs. 

Q: Why do ectomorphs suck at bench pressing?

A: People with small bones have harder time benching due to small wrists and usually long arms. Long arms make benching more difficult because of hte increased range of motion. Having bigger bones really helps and is one of the factors determing weight classes - lifters with thicker bones are usually in heavier weight classes. 

Q: Why ectomorphs are fine deadlifters?

A: Long arms help tremendously in the dealift by reducing the range of motion - smaller range of motion means more weight on the bar. Also the deadlift is less dependant on bodyweight than the squat and the bench press.

Q: Why do ectomorphs have such sick abs?

A: Ectomorphs usually have the best abs due to their long torso. Simple as that.