Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why You Should Not Train Like Serge Nubret

Serge Nubret is a legendary bodybuilder known for his aesthetic physique and flawless conditioning. However, as all professional bodybuilders he was delusional and not honest with the "little kids". Truth be told Serge Nubret's training had very little to do with the way he looked. He was famous for doing high reps and insane amount of sets per body part - training pretty much the whole day since he also liked to do sit-ups for 2 hours each day as cardio. He also liked to boast about how he only ate horse meat which to me is a complete disrespect to an animal such as the horse but this is a different story. You should only follow his schedule if you want to fail as a bodybuilder, waist enormous amount of time and money. 

Nobody grows from pumping light weights. The real secret of Serge Nubret is called negma parabolin which was a powerful anabolic steroid no longer produced in its original form. Serge Nubret loved this drug since it was one of the most effective "supplements" out there. He even imported it in the USA since all bodybuilders liked to share their magic elixirs. Here is a little post coming from a supposed training partner of Serge Nubret:

 "Yep, its true, for the most part, surge and i use to do sit ups for hours non stop, he did 1600 of them one time and made his ass raw from it, he dieted very hard, was always hungry, we use to use izameride, a really clean meth, thyroid, and about 3 different anabolics, triacana, some of his stories about what he used and the amounts he used them in freaked me out, and i told him wow its a wonder you're alive, he just giggled, he was very committed and serious." 

So, while I cannot stand behind the above quote 100% there is no doubt in my mind that pumping gets you nowhere. Every bodybuilder out there likes to think of himself as something special, some kind of unseen before specimen who should do everything different. However when it boils down to the true essence that represents the difference between an average fitness maniac and IFBB pro from the past or today it's not training, diet, supplements...etc. It is drug protocols and response to anabolics that make the difference.

Serge Nubret had way beyond average genetics when it comes to upper body and this made him one of the bodybuilders with the most unique physiques out there. There are a lot of people who believe there is a secret, mysterious way to train and once they see a new secret coming from guys like Serge they always buy it and start following the next moronic bodybuilding program presented by just another delusional narcissistic pathological lair which is pretty much every professional bodybuilder. 

No, you will not grow naturally if you start following Serge's program - the only thing you will achieve is damage your personal life and get you further away from your true purposes in life due to spending too much time in the gym hoping for those miracle muscles to pop. 

I've been there many times. I've done those mistakes many times and I am telling you - it only ends one way.