Sunday, May 5, 2013

Layne Norton And Steroids - Life Built On Lies

Recently I received a message which was quite similar to a death threat because I said Layne Norton was not a natural bodybuilder. Of course, it was all a joke but it gave me a good topic to write about today - Layne Norton - the natural liar.

Layne Norton is not natural since he is exactly 26 pounds over his natural bodyweight at contest shape. Yes, exactly - Layne Norton would be 170 pounds at most if he was natural. Since he is not natural and is using anabolic steroids Layne Norton gets to be 196 lbs at 5'10 on stage and 230lbs 10% BF during the off-season. Unheard numbers for a natural. To give you a simple point of reference Serge Nubret was 200 at 6' and the was far from natural. Only an ignorant person would fall for the scientific storm shit produced by Layne Norton regarding his natural status and way of training. 

One of the reasons why Layne Norton claims he is natural is the need to make money out of it - by selling pipe dreams and pushing products to ignorant people. Layne Norton is not only not natural but his genetics are even below average when it comes to building muscles - one of the reasons he is so bitter. His body structure is awful and been even on juice cannot hide the fact. Another reason why he claims natural status.

196lbs 4% BF 5'10

Layne Norton - Natural Liar

AAS User 

Frank Zane, well known bodybuilder and abuser of steroids, competed at 185 lbs/5'9/4-5% BF and looks much better due to having better structure and response to drugs

185 lbs, 5'9


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  2. You are so right on his body structure, I would be pissed if after all the drugs, food, training and whatsoever I'd be looking the way he does.

  3. This article is epic fail, judging someones natural status by their weight. WTF comparing serge had bigger bigger everything by a big number. Arms 22inch vs laynes 18inch. Not to mention leg size. The person who wrote this article is either fat and or skinny and just a jealous hater.

  4. He looks natural to me. Sounds like a hater wrote this...!!

  5. You're such a faggot whoever wrote this! I will guarantee you that Layne would do a Polygraph test without concern about failing it! He's got a Phd in Nutrition for God's sake! He's got more knowledge on how different macros work for him and how it affects his body! You're just a complete idiot and you've clearly shown that in this article. Go back into being a couch potato...