Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Super Minimalistic Routine

My current routine is super minimalistic. Some people may even call it lazy but since I've been training for a long time I've done my share of "non-minimalistic" routines and the opinion of other rarely matters to me when it comes to training. I've been doing just two exercises and it's working pretty good so far. Unlike what experts like Tony Horton say variety can work against by distracting you from your main goals.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” 

― Confucius



It does not get simpler than that. I've been doing only deadlifts and dips for months. I cannot afford to train 4 times a week. I also don't want to. 


What about my biceps?

Dips do hit biceps despite what people think. Same goes for bench press (especially wide grip). I don't care about muscle imbalances that much. I think such topics are mostly mental masturbation because everybody is thinking like a bodybuilder (muscle symmetry). 

What about my quads? 

What about them? Deadlifts do hit quads - not as hard as squats but that's perfect if you have bad knees. My knees are fine but I don't give a fuck about squats anymore. 

What about this or that?

Many people start a routine and think they will be doing it until they die. Not the case. Things change despite our inner desires.