Monday, July 15, 2013

Unrealistic Expatations - Give It To Me Baby One More Time

I have talked about having unrealistic expectations many times on this blog and Today I decided to cover the same topic once more because I saw an interesting discussion on (no link on purpose...u mad son?). 

Bret Contreras a.k.a the GLUTE GUY has posted a video of his first powerlifting meet. Here it goes:

The guy immediately got criticized by the Starting Strength fat fucks:

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While I don't really care to defend the Glute Guy I find it amusing how people on Starting Strength have lost all contact with reality. And numbers such as 350 squat, 250 bench  500 deadlift are not considered respectful. 

Reasons can be found here:

To be honest the majority of people I've seen in the gym cannot squat 350, cannot bench 250 and definitely cannot deadlift 500 pounds. I've trained in many underground gyms. One of them was considered a powerlifting gym and a lot of high level powerlifters from the town were training there. All of them were on steroids. They were deadlifting 750 lbs +, benching 600lbs+ with a shirt and squatting 700-800lbs with equipment. In other words pretty strong guys. Besides them virtually all people I've seen including local bodybuilders would consider 350 squat and 250 lbs bench a good number. To give you a better perspective I've seen a guy who is 275 lbs and very tall ( 6'4 ) struggle with 300 lbs bench for a double. Yes, he was on steroids and was obsessed with powerlifting. 

So, why is that?

Virtually all articles on sites such as T-Nation, Starting Strength...etc are talking about guys lifting insane poundages. When everybody around you talks about 500lbs bench presses it's really hard to take a 200lbs bench press seriously. At the same time there are guys who are ectomorphic and have really long and thin bone structure. A good example would be Snoop Dogg or Chris Rock. Guys like them will need a few years to bench 200-220 lbs. If they don't give up, get on a cycle or simply join the Starting Strength fat fuck community.

"Reality. It hits you like a cold slap in the face."

In the end of the day however the consequences are paid by the brainwashed Starting Strength guys. 

Keep Dreaming Guys. It's All About How Bad Do You Want It ?