Friday, July 12, 2013

The Show Must Go ON

Have you ever wondered why despite the fact that everybody knows that all impressive physiques you are ever likely to see out there are essentially guys on hormones people never stop believing that the secret is just around the corner. There are many reasons for that and we can stay on that topic for a very long time. Today however I will present just one reason/aspect - The Fake Image.

The Fake Image 

The Fake Image is quite popular in the world of bodybuilding. A good example would be Scooby. What is his fake image? His fake image is:

He wants people (mostly moronic teenagers) to see him as a person who has achieved his physique through centuries of hard work in the gym and steady diet. Since he looks impressive (in the muscle world) despite the fact that he actually looks like shit in the eyes of normal people (I've shown pictures of Scooby to my sister and my mother and they both think he has breast implants - both said it independently of each other) people take hims seriously. His fake image is essentially the image of an older guy who has the experience and all the secrets. He is also an example how weightlifting can make you immortal and allow you to keep your youth forever. Quite similar to Tony Horton's image although he is less fake.

You need fake image to survive in this muscle game because vision is everything. The funny thing on the other hand is that if you tell openly that you are on steroids you will have much less subscribers - example Jason Blaha has 20 000 subscribers compared to the millions of subscribers Scooby has. Of course this also has to do with his personality and the fact that his channel started much later than Scooby's online porn manifest. 

Without fake image it's hard to attract people. For example I have over 500 pages on and after two years I have only 150 something likes on Facebook. I bet my ass that if I took some tren and got some pictures of me with shredded 8 pack and 17 inches arms I would have attracted more people. No doubt about it. However I know that steroids want make my life better and I am not willing to risk my balls and hair for biceps.