Saturday, July 13, 2013

YouTube To Soon Be Overpowered By Fitness Channels

Yesterday I was watching the channel IceCream fitness and I asked my self this - how did a video of a guy talking about things like steroids and shit got 60 000 views. The video is really nothing special and has bunch of jump starts and repeated sentences. What's going on? 

Then I look at other fitness channels and it hit me - YouTube is slowly but surely becoming overpowered by those fitness channels Everybody thinks that his or her advice is very useful and deserves a video. Not the case. I've never watched a fitness video on YouTube from start to end. It's simply too annoying, especially when everything could be summarized in a few sentences. The videos are purely made and I am 100% sure they are making YouTube look bad and cheap.

One exception to this would be the over hyped CT Fletcher who is a poster boy for steroids effectiveness at old age and can say motherfucker many times. His videos are really well edited and have cool effects including lightning angles and stuff. One of the reasons his popularity has increased so much. The Ice Cream fitness guy can make 100 videos every day and will still have less subscribers than CT Fletcher for the same reason. With that being said I think Jason Blaha in reality helps more people that CT Fletcher mainly because he is telling the truth instead of making stupid teenagers, who have their parents pay the supplement bill, believe that they can get big biceps if they curl every day for 18 months. (CT Fletcher's recipe for big biceps.)

My question is this - when will YouTube change it's name to

Here you see the HodgeTwins - youtube legends in the fitness circle.  They have over 2000 videos on youtube and all of them are cheap as one dollar car. Thanks for the spam guys. Since a lot of people send me questions about whether certain individuals are naturals my answer is: No, the HodgeTwins are not natural and the reason for their physqiues is not the way they train or the supplements they take and definetely not "black man genetics".