Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You See What They Want You To See

Today I was looking for something to write and I found a pretty cool subject. It turns out that Scooby has been getting death threats and therefor decided to post the following video:

/note: the nipples of Scooby show clear signs of gynecomastia removing surgery done more than once/

For those at work here's a summary:

I thank all you loyal subscribers, I have always thought of you as family. If you have benefitted from my years of fitness advice, all I ask is that you pass it on. Take some young, awkward, kid with low self confidence and take them under your wing. Teach them about fitness, nutrition, and lifting. Teach them that fitness is a lifestyle, not a checkbox, and that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Some unfortunate events which resulted from my 4chan doxing require that I maintain a much lower public profile for the safety of my family. The only way to communicate with me in the future will be the above website, all social media will be turned off ... and unfortunately that includes the AskScooby forum Sad

If you want to continue to see my videos and participate in the VideoSkype office hours, you can subscribe here at the link at the top of this description. 

This is a very important issue that needs to be given national exposure.


Many people believe that Scooby is an honest hard working man who has been training for decades and that's why  he looks the way he does. At the same time many kids are convinced that he does it all for free - not the case. Scooby has made a great deal of money from advertisement on YouTube and his other sites (really a shitload of money). Anyway the reason I am writing all this is to present you the actual perspective:

Scooby May Or May Not Be Receiving Death Threats - he says he is but who can really know besides him? I myself have received death threats from a  guy claiming to be Scooby himself. But how can I know if that's really him ? I don't and I don't care. 

The true reason, in my opinion, for Scooby's "retirement" hides in the following:

"The only way to communicate with me in the future will be the above website, all social media will be turned off..."

The "above site" he is talking about is:

This is Scooby's new site. Now I have a simple question - if you are going to publicly announce your "retirement" why would you also publicly announce your new website if you "want to keep a low profile"

If you want to hide why would you publicly announce your new home address?

The answer is: ATTENTION ! Scooby is launching a new web-site and wants attention because attention means traffic and traffic means money in the world of Internet. For quite sometime everybody is going to be talking about Scooby's new web-site. That's his goal. He wants to build audience for his new project and is using fake drama in order to achieve the above goal. 

Well done, Scooby ! 

Scooby's new web-site has a "Join" option which is a paid membership - quite similar to the the paid membership at It seems that the fitness gurus want to create some sort of cults and have money coming directly from "clients" every month instead of advertisements. I am not a fan of cults. 

Scooby's new web-site will have paid membership.

Some of you are probably going to ask: But why did he stop his forum?

The answer is obvious - the previous forum was free and it makes no sense to have a free forum running when you are going to be charging for similar/identical information on another web-site. If for example Apple were selling iPhones for free but with a different name who would buy an iPhone ? Besides, Scooby can always restart the forum, although I doubt it. 

Obviously the above claims cannot be proven unless I hire a private investigator to check what's in Scooby's head and whether he really got death threats or not. However I was not born yesterday and you just can't fuck with like I am some sort of a brainwashed kid waiting for Santa to come.

In the end of the day it's all about the buck. I felt obligated to explain the truth to you. And don't get scared by the following but: 

Please if you are going to post very long comments consider using the forum.