Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bodybuilding Is a Shallow Sport

The reason why bodybuilders don't make that much money, even at the top, is quite simple - money come from people who watch the shows and supplement companies sponsoring the events. The top prizes in bodybuilding are a complete joke given how much financial support bodybuilders need for their preparation - steroids, foods and growth hormone. Why is that ?

Bodybuilding is not a popular sport. It's considered a stupid cult by the general public. Are you surprised that most people find shaved oiled man with testicles the size of a peanut pathetic ? 

Not, really.

The life of a pro-bodybuilder can be summarized in the following sentences:

Get-up, take all the drugs you take, eat. Train. Shoot insulin in your belly, go home, eat, inject more drugs, take something to have an erection, log online and talk shit to the haters, lie to teenagers so that their parents buy supplements and get paid... 

Eat Clen Tren Hard

There was never ever anything particularly profound about bodybuilding. It's a shallow activity meant to cover for emotional holes, fears and hurt egos. 

It's not doing a good job so far.