Sunday, October 6, 2013

They See Me Rollin' They Hatin'

Recently I received some hate comments from Mr. Lyle McDonald a.k.a The Keto Guy. It seems that Mr. Science Boy has a huge ego and cannot take a simple joke without getting really mad. I guess that's who he is. 
I am not the first person on the Internet who got in a "fight" with the guy. Actually, I do agree with a lot of the stuff he says and I approve the way he argues with sellouts like Christian Thibaudeau from T-Nation. 

Here is the comment Lyle McDonald left on my post: Why I hate Lyle Mc Donald.

I'm happy you like my article Lyle

He also started this thread on his forum: Best Detransformations In Bodybuilding.

Thanks for the attention, Lyle ! And since you are wondering who I am: I will tell you: I am IronGangsta.

Remember that.