Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mischa Janiec (Polska Genetics) Is NOT Natural

I've been asked whether Mischa Janiec a.k.a Polska Genetics is really a natural bodybuilder as he claims.The answer is of course: NO

Mischa Janiec is 6'2 (about 190cm) tall and weights 230lbs or 105kg. I don't know his bodyfat percentage but 14% looks about right. At the same time Arnold Schwarzenegger used to compete at 230lbs and 5-7% BF. It turns out that you can get close to Arnold's level pretty easily if you have "polska genetics". sorry, my friends, but it's not the case. 

Mischa Janiec is no stranger to synthetic hormones a.k.a steroids a.k.a "juice". The "wonder kid" has solid amount of cycles behind his back since it's physically impossible for a human being to reach that level of muscular development without some help. For more clarity you can read this post: Bodybuilding Dirty Little Secrets.

Mischa Janiec and other "natural" bodybuilders such as the HodgeTwins, Matt Ogus, Scooby1961...etc are following the same plan for making money:

Step 1:  Use moderate amount of steroids to build a physique that is far above average but not that big that even the kids can say that you are not a natural bodybuilder. About 200-220lbs at 5'10-6'3 seems about right if you also have bodyfat between 8-12%. 

Step 2: Create a YouTube channel where you repeat all the bullshit about bodybuilding such as: creatine does that, crossfit does this, how to do pull-ups, how to make your dick go up...etc. Same old, same old. Make sure that you have a stupid catch phrase like: "Do whatever da f* you wanna do !"

Step 3: Make you own website and keep claiming you are a natural bodybuilder even though you are no stranger to needles in your gluteus maximus area.

Step 4: Unite with other fitness channels part of the online bodybuilding mafia. After all if liars do not back each other who will do it for them.

Step 5: Make shitload of money.

That's it and your boy Mischa Janiec is doing the same thing. He will never admit to you he is not a natural bodybuilder (like everybody else) since by having a natural status you naturally (hahaha) attract more people to your channel and more people equal more traffic which equals more revenue from advertisement which is the actual the goal of all.