Saturday, October 5, 2013

Don't Be Afraid To Stop Training

For a very long time I have observed the following phenomenon in bodybuilding: bodybuilders seem to be afraid to stop training. They think their bodies will turn into garbage after they stop lifting weigths for a few weeks, miss a meal or don't take their supplement stack. All of this is of course not true. 

Let me tell you this - as a natural bodybuilder you will look pretty much the same after you stop training for a few months. The thing that will actually have negative impact on your physique would be a bad diet or the lack of steroids (if you were taking steroids in the first place). Training comes last. Many people will hate what I will say but there are 100s of skinny people backing me up as an example: 

- hypertrophy (muscle growth) is a side effect of training, not it's main purpose

Hypertrophy is a very limited process. There is only so much muscle you can gain. Sorry, but this is the truth and morons who buy every new supplement out there and train six times a week prove it. Give up already ! It ain't gonna happen despite what the HodgeTwins are selling you. They are all fakes ! 

Random picture !

Don't be afraid to stop training if you need to. Unless you start eating twice as much as before or twice as little chances are you won't see a difference in your body composition for a very long time. There are teens out there who cannot sleep well if they miss a protein shake. (Note: Your dick size is not dependant on protein.)

Sick but true. 

Live To Live, Don't Live to Lift