Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I Hate Lyle McDonald

Lyle McDonald is famous "guru" in the field of nutrition and weightlifting. He has published a lot of books regarding dieting. He is most famous for his Rapid Fat Loss book which is designed to reduce your bodyfat in the fastest possible way. Needless to say his stupid diet is simply PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) which has been around forever. Yes, it works but not because of this nerd.

I don't like Lyle McDonald for the simple fact that he disrespects his forum members, potential clients and pretty much anybody who disagrees with him. In other words he is a douche bag. Recently I received messages from many people complaining from his behaviour. He always bans people when they call him out. Always. I've never deleted a single comment from this site or Never. 

The main problem with Lyle McDonald is that he is one hell of a nerd who was always looking like the average 98 pounds weakling. At the same time he is writing routines about bulking up, getting "shredded", getting stronger...etc. He is constantly reporting how much progress his clients are making. Truth be told quite a lot of people actually fail using his methods, himself included. He only posts the successful stories. That's normal. I would do the same. No doubt.

Lyle McDonald acts like a super tough guy yet from the looks of it he deadlifts about 140 kg in competition and it seems quite hard for him. 

Lyle McDonald never reached his muscular potential - as you can see his head is too big for his body, probably his biggest body part. The funny thing is that when people looking like him or even a little better ask him for advice he usually tells them to "eat more sandwiches". 

Many people including the guru Alan Aragon (above picture) are backing Lyle McDonald for one very simple reason - marketing. 

Very rarely the "gurus" will argue. Why? Because they profit more by advertising their own bullshit and backing each other. Before you ask - no I am not a guru and I will never be. That's too gay. 

Lyle McDonald when are you going to reach a bodyweight of 135lbs? Maybe "eat more sandwhiches?"


5'8, 130lbs 12%BF

P.S. Why don't you use that picture on the cover of your books?


  1. lol! your articles are cool and spot on!

  2. Waah, waah, waah. Yeah, I'm a big meaniehead.

    I still enjoy all you guys who keep a 15 year old picture of me in your spank banks.

    A shame I'm better known than you will ever ever ever be in your wildest dreams.

    Good article about drug detransformations by the way.

    1. I doubt you look any different than that. And we both know how stupid and pathetic you actually are. So, fuck off online thug wannabe. Try following your principles for once. Oh wait....

  3. "He is constantly reporting how much progress his clients are making. Truth be told quite a lot of people actually fail using his methods"

    That's the stupidest thing I've seen you write. While I agree he does disrespect his members and goes overboard. Most of his programs e.g. GENERIC bulking program offer customization for people who need more volume or more intensity instead of cookie cutter shit. Your attack on him not being big himself is valid, but stupid because it doesn't make his information any less correct.

    1. are really mad aren't you ?

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    1. I've never read a book from Lyle. Just some of his online articles. Only parts. Too boring.

      Once he said Layne Norton is natty.

      I don't care about his ideas after that.

      Look, I hated Lyle and the whole industry much more when I wrote that. I've moved on. I don't really care anymore.

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