Tuesday, November 26, 2013

16 Powerful Bodybuilding/Weight Training Images

Irongangsta.com presents 16 powerful images that speak louder than words about bodybuilding and weightlifting in general. Interpretations are up to you. Some of the photos are very old and show how bodybuilding looked like initially. It's interesting to see that the sport was quite narcissistic since the very beginning.The supplements scams have not changed much either...

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

- George Santayana 

Eugen Sandow - the first world famous bodybuilder wearing old school "posing trunks"

Bodybuilding - Gay Since 1867 ? You decide.
The first issue of the famous bodybuilding magazine Muscular Development (MD) - printed in January, 1964

Yes, steroids were already available at that time.

MD selling pipe dreams since 1964 ? You decide.
Steve Reeves presenting the smallest male waist in a professional photo before Adobe Photoshop.

Is bodybuilding narcissistic ? You decide.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Weider - union that built an empire
Sean Connery (number 21) competing in an old/retro bodybuilding contest. 
By the way this is the way natural bodybuilders actually look.
African bodybuilders performing biceps curls with homemade dumbbells
Richard Sandrak - one of the youngest bodybuilders in the world.
Passion or craziness ? You decide.
Vince Gironda's gym
Mike Mentzer Cheat Curling 225lbs/102.5kgs
The gym that was aboard the famous 'Titanic' of 1912
Ronnie Coleman performing a heavy leg press. "Yeah, buddy!".
Sergio Oliva - best arms in bodybuilding ? You decide.
Back in the day and in modern times...

Rudy Gambacorta - craziest muscle control ever ?
Yes, he is natural.
Ernie Franz deadlifting  in his early 50's.
Notice how the underhand arm is bend - this may cause a bicep tear.
You can avoid it by using a hook grip.

One of the famous Charles Atlas comic books. This one actually represents the reason why 99% of men lift weights. For more on the history of bodybuilding read here.