Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kali Muscle - Another Fake Natural Bodybuilder

Kali Muscle similar to CT Fletcher is a heavy steroid and growth hormone abuser. However like many other pathological liars out there he claims he is a a "natural bodybuilder" (bodybuilder who does not take steroid or other illegal substances in order to get bigger musculature)

It's seems that today everybody is "natty" and the secret to muscle is to go to prison...Not the case !

"Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live."

- Mark Twain 

In the video below at right about 4:25 he says he did not need to take steroids in order to get "swollen as a motherfucker":

Of course this is not true. He is about 5'9  and 240 lbs of "hardcore" muscle. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who admitted using steroids, was 6'2 and 230 lbs. In other words Kali Muscle is not only heavier than Arnold but he is also shorter. Serge Nubret, who was also a heavy steroid abuser, competed at a weight of 200lbs while being 6' tall. Both Arnold and Serge were considered the elite of the bodybuilding world. So, you are telling me that somehow Kali Muscle was able to surpass elite bodybuilders without using steroids ? This could only happen in your favorite fairy tale. In real life it is ALL ABOUT:

Reality is as follows: since steroids have side effects, are illegal without prescription and require more money and control to be made people are selling supplements which are pretty much useless. Since day one promoters like Joe Weider have been using the image of steroid enhanced bodybuilders to promote their magic pills. It's been working great so far.

We know, Kali !

People like Kali Muscle are going to lie to you all day long if that brings them money. That's the way it is. In the meanwhile most of them are doing "g4p" (Gay For Pay), selling supplement, doing studip you tibe videos...etc in order to earn extra.

In the link below you can see that Kali Muscle a.k.a Chuck Basher is a gay porn actor:


I warned you.