Monday, November 4, 2013

Money Is Hidden In Supplements

Like I said previously in this post money won in bodybuilding contests is really not very impressive. The real financial benefits for bodybuilders and other people involved in the "muscle" industry are hidden in the supplement business. That's what makes the bodybuilding world turn. Without supplements there will be almost no money in the sport and many professional bodybuilders, fitness athletes, crossfit athletes...etc will have to find another source of income. There is a reason why every retired bodybuilder tries to launch his supplement line which is of course the same thing but with different packaging.

This is why bodybuilding supplements are so in your face. Don't fall for this crap and stay away from supplements unless you want hypocrites and people without morals and principles to get real rich from you.

The "natural" bodybuilders are also making supplements look like magic pills when their real secret are anabolic steroids. Guys like the person in the video below are a living proof that supplements are pointless and the only way to make "gains" presented by the popular "natural" bodybuilders is to inject synthethic hormones in you.