Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mike Tyson: I used fake willie to fool drug-testers and fought on cocaine


Mike Tyson claims he fought while high on drugs and used a fake penis to fool dope testers.

“I was a full-blown cokehead,” says Tyson in his autobiography, ‘The Undisputed Truth’.

Former world heavyweight king Tyson claims he spent a large chunk of his career addicted to cocaine and marijuana.

Tyson, 47, admits taking drugs before his shock loss to Londoner Danny Williams in Louisville in July 2004 in his memoir published yesterday.

He claims he first tried cocaine aged just 11 and wrote: “The history of war is the history of drugs. Every great general and warrior from the beginning of time was high.”

The New Yorker, who retired in 2005, also admits devising a fake penis, or his ‘whizzer’ as he called it, to avoid failing drugs tests.

Tyson says he came up with the idea before his fight against Lou Savarese at Hampden Park in June 2000 and one of his team would bring it to each contest.

He admits he had taken ‘blow’ and ‘pot’ before the bout and filled his ‘whizzer’ with someone else’s urine to dupe the testers.

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Comment: As you can see professional athletes are willing to do all kinds of things to get ahead. I think the question whether Mike Tyson used steroids is a rethorical one.