Tuesday, November 19, 2013

T-Nation Once Again Using Results From Steroids To Promote Its Supplement Line

In this article on T-Nation.com is presented an insane body transformation which, according to the authors, happened without the use of anabolic substances besides large amount of supplements. 

To people with a little more experience it's quite obvious what actually happened and truth be told most likely supplement have very little to do with it.

As usually it's the same old...

“There are three types of lies - lies, damn lies, and statistics.” 

― Benjamin Disraeli



with that ?

Workout Supplement Protocol

Pre-Workout   Finibar™

Plazma™    1 bar
6 capsules
1/2 dose (37.5 g)    30 min. prior to workout
30 min. prior to workout
15 min. prior to workout
Workout   Plazma™
Plazma™    1/2 dose (37.5 g)
1 - 2 doses (65 g each)    Finish the second half of the first dose.

Drink throughout the workout.

Post-Workout   Mag-10®    1 pulse (35 g)    Immediately post-workout
Other Supplements

Brain Candy®   Brain Candy® is another staple. It's amazingly powerful. What works best for me is mixing the original and caffeine-free versions together. I'll drink half of that concoction in the morning and the other half around 3:00 PM.

Rhodiola    Rhodiola is a great supplement that I like cycling into my routine. I usually run a bottle, 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule before training. When I run out, I'll wait about a month, then start again. I feel it works best like this.

Metabolic Drive®  I always keep Metabolic Drive® Protein on hand. I'll mix two scoops, half a cup of dry oats, and a tablespoon of raw almond butter for a really great easy meal.

Superfood    Superfood is perfect for adding to a shake. I challenge you to find a better mix!

Flameout™  I get my daily fish-oil intake from Flameout.™ Since fish oil has a blood-thinning effect, and my blood platelet count is low, I take just 2 grams a day.

Elitepro™ Minerals  I take Elitepro™ Minerals every night. It's also my go-to supplement for a good night's sleep.

Since I am tired of repeating the same thing over and over again I will just say it in one sentence this time:

That guy used steroids to transform his body and now T-Nation is using his tranformation to sell useless supplements to ignorant people.

You should all know by now that T-Nation Does Not Have Your Best Interest In Mind.