Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Of The Craziest Gyms On Earth

You think your gym is weird ? Well, today I will present you some of the craziest places where you can train, bodybuild, lift weights or whatever you wanna call it. Next time you go to your local facility you will probably hate it a little less. Enjoy.

"Just remember there is someone out there who is more than happy with less (or more) than what you have."

Jane Fonda Kit House: Home Powered By Exercise

 'Jane Fonda Kit House' is home powered by people who live in it. That way exercise is guarantee !!!

From Huffingtonpost,

Architecture firm Elii Studio has created the Jane Fonda Kit House, a prototype of an off-the-grid residence that is powered by the sort of physical activity that the actress and fitness guru champions.

So, how does this work exactly? The kinetic energy generators turn appliances on throughout the small house once you start sweating on one of the "domestic fitness furniture" pieces. For instance, if you want to cook dinner for four, you'll have to hop on a stationary bike and workout for your meal (no pain, no gain, guys!)


Kachalka Gym /Ukraine/

This gym may look like "chit" but it attracts hot chicks for some reason. 

This gym sure as hell enjoys some popularity.

How much ya bench ?

Yes, there are girls there.

How much ya curl?

Pec flies for the "chesticles".

So, what is your excuse not to leg press ? 

How many sane people do you see in that picture ?