Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Alon Gabbay - You Are Not Natural !

Alon Gabbay is one of the many self-proclaimed "natural bodybuilders" who are not really as natural as you may want to believe. It's not a suprise that most professional fitness models use drugs such as Trenbolone in order to achieve the advanced they present to the naive teenagers lurking bodybuilding sites. IronGangsta is here to tell you the truth as it is - sometimes it hurts but in the long term it will save you a lot of money and time. 

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha 

Here's how Alon Gabbay looks:

According to the information presented on the Internet the stats of Mr. Alon Gabbay are as follows:

Body stats: 

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 187 lbs
Bodyfat: 10.0%
Arms: 17.3 inches

Note: This information is from 2010 because I couldn't find anything more recent.  

The first thing that I find really awkward about those stats is the body fat percentage - 10%. I don't think he is 10%. Maybe 8% in some pics but definetely not 10%. Anyway in most photos Alon Gabbay is presenting condition between 5% and 8% body fat. 

As you probably already know former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane used to weight 185 pounds at 5'9. In other words Alon Gabbay and Frank Zane are the same heigh and have about the same weight at very similar condition. Here's Frank Zane:

Some of you may argue that Alon Gabbay "has nothing on Frank Zane" but this is not our main focus right now. Obviously both guys represent very similar muscular development at the same heigh. However Mr. Alan Gabbay has reached that size much younger and that's why he lacks what most people would call "muscle maturity". Natural bodybuilder is not supposed to be as big as Mr. Olympia title holder who used to abuse a lot of drugs including growth hormone and steroids. Somethink to think about !

Alon Gabbay and Jeff Seid - both look very good but are not natural bodybuilders

IronGangsta has no problems with Alon Gabbay taking steroids to achieve that kind of muscular development. However, we do have a problem with pipe dreams being spread around. We don't like that and that's why we tell you the truth - similar body cannot be achieved without the use of anabolic drugs of some kind. 

Actually you will need lots of them.

We are are sorry your "dreams" may be broken but you deserve to know the truth even if it hurts and is hard to accept - it's better in the long term.


  1. You should have posted the video of Alon showing is naturally veiny arms lol!

  2. Hi!
    I came across your blog today (via rookiejournal which is great) and enjoyed reading it.
    What's your take on Hugh Jackman?

    1. Most likely low doses of steroids but similar physique is possible for some to achieve naturally. However it can't happen in a few months. Keep in mind that he did some pumping before every shirtless scene so that makes him look bigger. Thanks for stopping by ! We hope this site is helpful to you.

    2. Thank you so much for your replies! I don't want to be a request junkie (and I hope that I'm not double-posting, as I don't see my comment from a few minutes ago!), but could you say something about:
      1. Martin Berkran of LeanGains fame:
      2. Avi R. Lehyani or any other big-ass vegan bodybuilder

      Hope my comment doesn't go straight to the spam folder because of the links (or your boredom with requests!).

    3. Don't worry ! We will take a look at those guys too. IronGangsta has no spam folder !

  3. yep alon gabbay is one of those fake natty german fags. he is dumb as fuck too. i guess thats why hes trying to make a living off of his channel. there are actually a lot of fitness channels in the german scene, all of them claim to be natty, none of them are. they all know and support eachother thats why so many people are believing them. after all the bodybuilding community is not the most sophisticated one and people tend to fall for those lies easily. i personally think its sad that those ugly dipshit fags are in such a strong position to influence people but whatever.

    1. I agree 100% with that comment - very well said - thanks for the support.

    2. He is not German. I think he is French or Israeli or both.

  4. GREAT POST 100 % agree too and great site !

  5. Alon Gabbay is one of the biggest pieces of shit in the 'natural' bodybuilding community. The way he constantly boasts about his status as a natural and repetitively mocks people for seeing the truth is hugely immoral and twisted. I put him right up there with Mike O' Tren. Not to mention he did/does gay 4 pay to compensate for his steroid addiction.

    Burn in hell Alon

  6. I bet you're a fat fucking envious.
    you've never been to a gym.
    and all you do is post stuff like this.
    not have a girlfriend, because you're a loser
    Alon Gabbay, has 10 years coaching idiot.
    if Alon steroid use or not, does not matter because he has a lot of money and many women have something you do not.
    because you're a fucking loser.
    buy yourself a life and stop criticizing others.
    everything is possible in this life

  7. the suplement, not are STEROIDS
    30% exercise, 60% food, 10% break
    10 years training hard and one I achieved that body naturally.