Tuesday, December 17, 2013

“The Cream” Always Rises To The Top & The Rich Get Richer

Despite the global trend to ban smoking in public places, the intensified campaigns meant to reveal the dangers of this harmful habit and the tendency to prohibit certain types of cigarettes and attractive packaging, tobacco manufacturers continue to accumulate larger profits. Louis Navellier, one of the investors on Wall Street, believes that currently the time is extremely advantageous to buy shares of major companies producing tobacco related products.

Cigarettes and alcohol are a very profitable business, especially in times of economic crisis. People who feel financially threatened by the growing economic crisis are more likely to buy a greasy hamburger, drink more than the reasonable amount of alcohol and smoke a lot. They know that this is unhealthy but these simple things reduce stress to which they are subject, says Navellier.

The expert added that even after the crisis is over and people start to put money into healthy lifestyle such as fitness clubs, clean food and reduce or completely quit smoking and drinking, tobacco magnates such as Altria, Philip Morris and British American Tobacco will never reduce their profits.

Ronald Reagan Cigarette Advertisements

That particular quote itself reveals the true thought process of pretty much every rich man out there – You are stupid but you makes us richer ! Keep Doing It ! The following video you are about to see is part of the movie Assault on Wall Street which presents the problems that arise with rich bankers and Wall Street brokers, business advisers...etc. It's all about “screwing the little man” so that  the cream rises to the top.”

For most smokers, the most important thing is to find their preferred brand of cigarettes – the cooler the picture, the better. Serious cigarette addicts protest against the increasing price of cigarettes but few of them actually quit. Most smokers tend to give up many things, but not smoking. It's a highly addictive activity.

And although in this case we talk about mental rather than physical dependence, the sacrifices made by smokers are quite significant. And this is only a small part on which the tobacco companies rely.

For the last 10 years the pressure on tobacco product manufacturers has heavily increased but they still continue to report extremely large profits. In America and Europe the excise on cigarettes have went up tremendously. The lawsuits started by relatives of smokers who died of lung cancer reported growth as well. The Marlboro Man* himself has passed away in this manner and his family received a big compensation but all of this never turned into an actual anti-advertising of the brand.

The Marlboro advertising campaign is said to be one of the most
brilliant advertising campaigns of all the time

Despite the sanctions in the U.S. and Europe, the global market is still a good investment. Philip Morris sold its huge production in over 180 countries worldwide with profit calculated in billions. 

Only for the last 2012 Altria, the owner of the Marlboro brand, has declared profits on the Asian market worth 6.24 billion - 45% more than in 2011.

The smartest move made by tobacco giants is the production and sale of products meant to actually help customers quit smoking. The idea of course is simple - as all ingenious ideas are. You want to smoke ? Here are some cigarettes. You want to stop ? Please come buy some chewing gum, patches, pills, bracelets, electronic cigarettes...etc. Of course the price of all those products is still very high.

Tobacco corporations have also oriented very quickly towards the production of the so called medical marijuana. The drug was legalized in order to stimulate the nervous and digestive systems of people suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other forms of neurosis. The medical marijuana is also recommended to many cancer patients. And as we can guess, the supplies of the product were taken by bad boys from the tobacco business.

Cigarette companies know where the money is.

So, if you want to invest your money in stocks that will bring you very good profits - bet on the winning horse of the Marlboro Man!

*The Marlboro Man – The Marlboro Man (actually Men) is a figure used in tobacco advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes. The Marlboro advertising campaign is said to be one of the most brilliant advertising campaigns of all the time. The most popular Marlboro Man became a cowboy that led to the “Marlboro Cowboy” and “Marlboro Country” campaigns. Ironically all three men who played Marlboro Man died of lung cancer.